<SGS>Nana farewell

  • After 19 months serving and with the rest of the original team I joined to MIA, it's my time to drop out.

    And since I don't want any speculation about my leave, I will just tell the truth: I love the game and the team, but I don't have motivation to play anymore. I was asked and tempted to stay after I announced my decision, but real life hit me hard during the past month and I need to put some order.

    I'm sure a lot of you won't even now who I am yet, others won't care, and maybe some will be happy.

    Either way, thanks to all of you. I will only talk about the good times and take them with me: the laughs, the incredible amounts of fun Aura Kingdom gave me, and the people who were worth my time.

    I want also to apologize if I ever made things wrong or if my passive aggressiveness fell over you.

    I will make a little reflexion here as a last wish, since I don't want to bore anyone. Never take things further than what this is: a game.

    Games are supposed to make us enjoy, since they offer us a world or a life we can't have in reality.

    Let's treasure that and forget about the rest.

    A big shout out to Abenthy and Mechium (and Adan!) who let me be part of this great whole mess called GS team.

    Prae and Skatch, you were the best mentors I could have asked for.

    Sair and Rio, please take care of the future generations, the team and the game as the new Senior Game Sages.

    Thanks to all of the GSs who volunteered to make things better, no matter if you are or not in the team anymore.

    Also a big thank you to the PMs and PC I was able to work or chat with, for keeping the game alive the best you know and can.

    And last but not least, to all the GMs who were once part of the team, to the actual GMs and also to the future new GMs who I don't know, but I'm sure they will do a great job.

    Please keep working hard, keep listening to each other and keep growing. And again, thanks Team for everything you taught me and for giving me this huge chance.

    Good bye, Aura Kingdom!

    May life bring us together again at some point.

    Love <3


    PS. I still like cats



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  • crynana

    Sad to see you leave, but I understand your reasons.

    I wish you the very very best and thank you for all the work you put into this community.

    PS: I like cats too cat3

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  • Im sad rudecat4

    But it was great working with you even for a short time.Thanks for your great work.

    Also thanks for your patience you showed me last couple of months.

    I wish you best of luck for future rudecat17.

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    Btw Cookies are love<3

  • You can't leave if we send you to Berlin and lock you in the office!

    It's sad to see you go, but it is the best for your outside life and I hope that you can get everything done that you need to without the added responsibilities of babysitting all of us 24/7. Thank you for everything you've done for the team and for Aura Kingdom, you'll be missed

  • Let's say good-bye, adieu

    It's time to say good-bye

    I know that in time

    It will just fade away

    It's time to say good-bye

    I stand alone and watch you fade away like clouds

    High up and in the sky

    I'm strong and so cold

    As I stand alone

    Good-bye, so long, adieu

    Oh how I love you so, lost in those memories

    And now you've gone

    I feel the pain, feeling like a fool, adieu


    Never take things further than what this is: a game.

    Games are supposed to make us enjoy, since they offer us a world or a life we can't have in reality.

    Let's treasure that and forget about the rest.

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  • After 19 months Nana, I don't think we even deserve a farewell from you the amount of bullsh*t we have put you through!!! However, we all secretly realised that this was going to happen sometime soon but were too scared to admit it!

    I hope now, that since you can freely move again, you will make something amazing of your life as you have always wanted too; don't let the little things tie you down, aim for the top!

    Farewell Nana <3

    P.S : You were secretly my favourite GS *cough*

  • Nananana my message is a bit late, although I may have expressed it already more than once, but we will definitely miss you and it won't be the same without you here! We may have not known each other personally before I've become a gs but in those few months, I've grown to respect you more than ever and admired your diligence, as well as your witty moments.

    Wish you never had to leave, but life is a beach- after a long walk with your friends on the same, you gotta swim your way through the other end of the sea to reach your goals. It's a struggle to swim with piranhas biting your feet so it's better to swim without them. See what I did there?

    But yeah, it sucks real hard but we understand! I'm hoping you succeed wherever life takes you and we'll always be here to bother and annoy you too! We love you <3 Don't take things too hard when they get stressful crynana

    GM Nana when tho

  • Goodbye, and always have fun!

    I can't say I knew you or ever spoke to you. I recall my initial reaction to you becoming a GS was "who is this?", but I believe that was my reaction to most if not every other GS as well, perhaps because I kept to myself and had a smaller awareness of who people were, and didn't ever really need to reach out to GS or take part in events. One thing I already knew was not to judge people absolutely too early, or to go with the mass uncertainty when someone was unknown to me, and from my quiet corner, you were one of the handful who I believe did a good job (although I'm oblivious to what goes on because I stay in my own little bubble).

    All the same, farewell. I know all to well what it's like losing passion to play something (it's natural and it happens), and I quit in stages over a drawn out time period because this was my first real MMO I got involved with and stuck with (far, far from my first game) and may be my last unless something else comes out in the future because it seem(ed) to be one of the best that only comes around every so often despite it's flaws, but even if that passion is largely gone, there was and is a lot of good people to be found amongst the noise and drama. Don't be afraid to come back from time to time even if you're not as involved.

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  • Hello and my deepest goodbye to you Nana, I never thought you would leave so soon but i understand how life is hard for you and for everyone. The first time I've joined Aura Kingdom was in April the 18th in year 2016 and you were the first duelists that I've look up to (I'm a duelists myself and it's my first and favourite class already 😂 😁 👌 ) and you were the one who made me to try and keep on hardships that i face ingame during the hard times. I always see you in Navea xD but i didn't bother to ask you any help because i wanted to face everything myself but still you were the one who made me keep on going and exceed any hardships i face ingame. The first time that i partied with you i think it was last year april? (My memory is bad im so sorry 😂) but either way we were doing Gaia trial and you were there, GS Nami, The Tachi guy (I think his name was Regent?) so yeah it was kinda fun and it made me happy to know that i finally partied with someone that i looked up to even if it was just a bit it was worth it. 😁 👏

    My deepest thanks and farewell to you Nana the Duelists ☺ 👋

    Until we meet again 😁 👋