• PLEASE REMOVE THIS BANNER! You guys are wasting the gaming window space of the game itself.

    can you not do better when it comes to like doing promotions? that is the idea you have got?

    sorry if i am raging (yes i am mad) the reason i am angry is also because when i do my gaia chronicles then while the mini-game is on auto combat i am also looking at the item mall THEN I CAN JUST CLICK the above window since i can adjust the THE ITEM MALL WINDOW BACK THEN LOWER...... BUT BY INCLUDING THAT BANNER the adjustment i did perfectly is ruined.

    Sorry i have a tendency to be OC in the adjustments of all the window in every command (whether item mall, eidolon window, bag etc)

    ALSO THE FONT YOU DID ON THE GAME IS UGLY....IT IS SO HARD TO READ DUE TO THE SMALLNESS even if i used the max 130% character/letter setting


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  • calm yo tatas 😣

    I'm sure if u talk to them nicely bout the changes that u or other people dont like then maybe they may revert back or hear you out.

    also the banner is more advertisement for the webmall~ (thats why they put it there) .



  • The intention of gaia chronicle is that you're giving your attention to it, so your method being screwed up because of the banner isn't really a big concern since at the basic level, the banner doesn't actually affect gameplay because you don't need the item mall open. Yeah the banner is kinda big and takes up space, but the banner is there for a reason and the thought process is "it shouldn't obstruct gameplay because the item mall won't be open while you're actively doing something else other than using the item mall".

    As for the font, not sure if it's being changed or not, but we'll need to wait for a maint or a patch for it.

  • Just use hotkey to open and close gaia chronicle as needed..?

    Also, the item mall doesn't take the whole screen. I'm not really sure what's your setup, but I still have some clicking space outside of the item mall window when having it open.