[Guide] How to get the Shark Fish King mount

  • Written by: Cursei


    I noticed a lot of people have questions about the new Fish King shark mount. I made a couple steps which people can follow in order to obtain that new mount.

    STEP 1

    Click on your house icon on your minimap, and go to your ''Farm'' (Estate now).

    STEP 2

    At your farm you got ''School of Fish''. You fish there with regular bait. can be any bait

    STEP 3

    You try to get the Noble Perch(orange) fish with the regular bait. From the Noble Perch fish you can get

    (Crystal of Knowledge and Spirulina with Shrimp)

    STEP 4

    When you have 10 Crystal of Knowledge you can buy a Intermediate fish king breeding bag at the fishing shop in your farm on the second page. There you hope on a chance you will get a breed named Royal perch

    STEP 5

    With that royal perch breed you go to the breeding pool in your Farm, and you put it in. You wait until the timer ends, and can try to fish the fish king with the bait you get from orange fish from the school of fish. Bait name is Spirulina with Shrimp.

    STEP 6

    When you fish for Royal Perch King, you can get the king fish three times. This fish has a small amount of chance to get a special Core of Knowledge


    With this Core of Knowledge x10 you can get the green fish mount, with Core of Knowledge x30 you can get the orange fishing mount.

    STEP 7

    You will be able to get the mount in your Adventure Encyclopedia at: Special Item -> Special Reward.

    If the luck is on your side, you will be able to get the new mount with catching around 9.000 Noble Perch. But on the other hand, if you have bad luck like me it will take you around 20.000 Noble Perch.