Killing bosses.....NP. Trash mobs, keep killing me!!!!

  • My friend is lvl 80 and trash mobs keep killing him.....but when he gets to a boss he kills them fast. He is a ravager/shinobi. DMG and HP are lvl 99. He's using lvl 80 Binder Ghodroon's Axe of Deception and Fell Ghodroon's Shaiya. His armor is lvl 7 Sniper. What is he doing wrong????? :AK5:

  • He need to use nocturnal weapon sub or main any work, even trash weapon from npc on sub will be better then not nocturnal ghodroon

  • To get better results your friend definetly should change a few things in his build.

    Step 1: Get a Nocturnal Core on one of the weapons. Every time you deal dmg you get some HP back. That will help alot.


    Step 2: Aim for the Lordswrath Set (Armor) + Perfect War/Arcane Frost Set(Accessories). Its obtainable with 30k Gold Dragon Points each piece from the encyclopedia.

    Step 3: Aim for these two trophies.


    Step 4: Fortifyand star the gear. It's the best way to get more HP/Defense as well as DMG.

    Overall I do recommend to get the other weapon core Destoryer, as well as Imperial (or Bestial) as Armor, Acc and Trophy Cores.