Reaper summons glitch after completing fame daily quest

  • Hello!, sorry for my english

    this is the bug:

    Whenever you complete a fame daily quest (those that set your level at 99 for the duration of the mission) with a reaper character, Your current summons used during the mission, will remains at lvl 99 after clearing (even if you are lvl 40 or even less).

    So as you came out from the quest, as long as you dont die or summon the spirits again you will keep then at lvl 99, allowing you to kill pretty much everything quickly (if your character is at low level).

  • This happened to me at lvl 24 afther completing several fame quests, I just logged off after killing a nearby boss (I noticed that I killed him pretty quick but didn't care about it, just logged off because I was really tired).

    today, a friend of mine told me that he faced the same glitch wit his Reaper (he is around 35) I really can not tell you the exact fame quest that both of us did before the glitch came up.