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    No i havent tried that thats a good idea tbh xD

    Edit: Yea that was the issue thanks~ and imma leave this as a reminder to every duelist you cant charge Balisong with Cross/Wink being higher lvl then each other

    Im not sure if its just me or if there are other people experiencing this as well, After i use Deadly Wink for the Bali charge i cant use Cross slash to give another one im stuck using Wink to gen the charges while if i dont use wink Cross gens the charges like nothing happened

    not sure how links work in forums but

    I kinda wanna get in on this whole AK balance debate that's going on here:
    I personally think that the balancing rn is trash its dps or gtfo back to WoW casue i play guard and im always told to go Shuri sub with dps gears cause thats "how you play" but anyway what Sylver said is true x legend only really care about thier bank account not making a good game, the MMO formula should be something like this: a balanced game brings in players and those players bring in money and with money comes more content and with content brings more players its kinda like a cycle imo but anyway onto class balancing:

    either the other classes that arnet Shuri and Lance should be through up to compete with them dps wise or Lance and shuri should be brought down dps wise

    Heinzeller its really up to play style if left path has the most solo dps potential while right path has more of a tanky kinda feel where you plant your butt down and use your crystal and bot to kill things while left is more mobile and lightning Plasma cannon based

    It became clear long ago the only thing Aeria cares about now is the bottom line, even at the cost of the game's health and long-term potential/survival chances. Why worry about player happiness when you have such a high turnover rate you can just convert more newer players into spenders?

    They have always targeted the top end; that is nothing new as it's been the strategy since day one in 2014 (or late 2013 if you're counting beta), and even back then they were hiccups (+20 was monetized almost as bad though we're fast to forget, accessory fortification was more so, the level 70/75 weapon fiasco, there were bad GSes back then too), but things changed drastically in 2016 (vote for your eidolon event disappeared, level 80 restructure accessibility was the first sign with those dumb flash sales, +30 monetized way more than accessory fortification, that silly level curve adjustment, level 90 restructure solutions repeating the level 80 ones, botting has become so rampant, and worst of all, the population mass which kept the game active and healthy died [what remains fall mostly into that botting category, the big spenders, or both], oh, and add removal of things now too I guess to that list, etc.).

    It's a shame, too, if they would have taken a more balanced approach, it could be big still AND have those new players coming in. If people would stop begging to have the chance to throw hundreds of dollars at Aeria during fortification insanity events for a feature over two years old (and ironically, some of the same people complaining at the state of the game, do this), then maybe they wouldn't turn a blind eye to the complaints. Aeria only looks at their bottom line. I hate to blame the victim here, but vote with your money or they won't hear it. Now everything is locked up behind time limited spend sales, or seemingly being removed entirely.

    And such is the life of a f2p game they slowly turn p2w over the coruse of its life kinda like Empires in a way they begin they live lots of people get goggled up by it then it dies leaving a legacy of torment or praise (given what empire youre talking about)

    kinda wanna mention Swift Assassination it does allow the next attack that follows extra 70% Damage when used if your Hs sub you can become a mini Hs main when it goes off both mobs and players can melt under it if you pair it with a strong skill like Thunderstrike (Hs) Bali or Wink (Duelist) and rolling kinda becomes habit even if you're not using it offensively so Rolling then doing a Wink can melt as well if Zeal and Frenzy porc as well

    I personally use Plasma Cannon i cycle it in when Electromagnetism procs for the immo and extra damage since its gains 15% extra damage with it on and i tend to jump cast Plasma cannon (ju before hitting the ground i cast it) its good for mobbing and some bosses if you use it over Ice Nade

    Nocturnal Sub weapon + Left ISde masteries = immortal cause Cyclones op huehue

    But in all seriousness tho good ideas here most slingers dont have the luxury of nocturnal weapons above 85 since the blue weapons dont have Pen % on them

    Mind if i Quote ErenElric here for a sec? it maybe for Holy Sword but there is some good ideas here
    When crafting your own rotation (if you want to do so) Just replace Thunderstrike and other hs skills with Tachi and shuri skills like Soaring Flash and Razer cx

    XIII.3 Crafting Your Own Rotation

    Coming up with your own rotation is not that difficult. Here are the important criteria to consider when crafting your own rotation:

    I. Start with your subclass defense shred skill and refresh it at the end of its duration.

    II. Use smiting edge (charged or uncharged) once every 6 seconds or close to it.

    III. Use charged dry bones once every 12 skills.

    IV. Use charge smiting edge or thunderstrike every 12 skills (depending on your element).

    V. Use thunderstrike (charged or uncharged) every 4 skills.

    VI. Use dry bones every 8 seconds (for the dragon slayer mastery).

    VII. Fill in the gaps with any important status effect skills first (like ballad for bard).

    VIII. Fill in the gaps using divine sunderance second.

    IX. Fill in the gaps using dry bones third.

    X. Fill in the gaps using demon slayer last.

    When it comes down to it personally i don't think i'll need imp gears since i tend to run with Bard/Sorces so all the ms is from them and even then i perosnlly dont mind taking my time in a dng play-style is what i am for its the main reason why i'm a tank Guard i like having the insane hp levels while watching Shuris try and kill me :AK19: but i do respect peoples choice when it comes down to imp gears i might swap over jsut to make it so SN wont feel like a slog 90% of the time evne in solo mode but other then that i dont see a need for it

    When it comes to rotations in general there shouldnt be a "set" rotation for my gunslinger i dont just Spam Sonic Bomb and Bombardment like most slingers do or spam one skill given most skills are pretty trash like that one lightning skill slingers forget about (Ultra Violet Catastrophe) but its all palystyle i guess try crafting your own rotation but for Tachi/Shuri i would personally use Swallow Razer Dark Spear Raid and Brilliant dragon Flash in my rotation

    I know im stupid but how do i put pictures in my Signature are there sites that tell you hot to do cause i just tried two and neither worked very well....

    thanks for the feed back guys and im planning on swapping Imperial Gears when i hit 90 this is jsut filler gear for now till i hit 90 then swap to Miithril and Inq acc set but as for the Tooth is mainly there for its detailed for solos but i kinda like it being there gives nice stats over all and i dont really ahve any other options in terms of dps trophy to pair with my Twin heart so

    That may be true.But i also know many many players who left because of the reasons adressed many many many times already.

    These "problems" are caused by the management/monetizing of this game version.Everyone know what direction the game content was heading to long ago.

    Veterans dont/didnt leave because they moved on.Or played another game.Or lost interest.They just lost hope.The immense of money/gametime you have to invest to enjoy this game version at the ridiculous.Right now there are only a handfull player experience End Game Content...on top of that you see player in Chimera with +30 full PVE Tank Gear with 170 MoveSpeed...Ice Element Gunsliger Weapon +30...Trophys +30 i never seen before...i really see dark times for the future players xD Without proper guides and veteran players leading newbies to the meta the servers will become a clown can only roll the eyes and move one at this point...I dont know if its even worth to discuss about it...its not my game and not my server who ever is in power do how ever you wish^^i dont think anyone really cares anymore^^

    Ice Ele-slinger +30 tank gears oh yea so terrible, playstyle is a bad thing right? sorry if i sounded like a butt there, its just that people play the game their own way im a Guardian and im a tank with Ravager as my sub class such a mortal sin i've committed people play the way they like and i don't think anyone should be bashed for it as long as they have fun it doesn't matter imo

    i agree to certain point its not Aeria's fault that the game is like this from my point of view theres two "main" culprits for not allowing challenge to exist in Ak form what i've seen and done over the past 3 ish years i've been playing, its that Nocturnal keeps you alive and the availability of Boss Detailed Damage allows you hit for millions depending on the class (my Hs alone hits for around 5m in hells depending on dng)

    So form what i've seen and done i can only see one possible outcome that the game can head if it keeps with this... its gonna die least the Us and EU servers anyway but with one small removal of Nocturnal i think the game would be way better off or at least limt its usage like with the 80% nerf they gave it but still that other 20% can still heal you for hundreds of thousands of hp if it was removed it would allow both Guardians and Bards to come back a bit more useful then Roar bots and Pocket Healers they would be needed to hold aggro form bosses and to keep the party alive but if you still wanna fly solo Noct could be in the game with certian weapons with the effect on it like the Naz Shuris and Guns allowing you to keep yourself alive for the cost of damage output but a good player would work around that

    those are the ideas i have regarding this topic and if you need more challenge then you can limt yourself to classes/weapon types like myself i only use Yellow weapons on most of my characters (Rav Katar and Gunslinger)

    Had a few ideas for that redesign ides there Septimo was thinking that Gren should channel its inner Moba and have the crystal hover around a select player giving say half the provided buffs/healing for turret it should be swapped with a personal gren buff like Rapid Fire or something decrease CDs or have some other gren mechanic that would make these two skills still in the game just work differently