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    Sorry for my bad English. I'm Argentine... and i only speak Spanish, but the Google translator helps me a little... ^^

    I want to ask something about the wizard. I'm a fan of the ice wizard. (4ever haha xdd)

    With the envoy tile, the wizard has the advantage of increasing the wizard's abilities with 20% main damage when active.

    I need your opinion ... Do you think it's important have that 20% main damage active? Have a total of 32% main damage on detailed statistics.

    It's a big increase in damage in my opinion. But I'm not sure, I want to know what you think about it.

    Would it be profitable to use a skill rotation new that manages to activate that 20% main damage in offensive statistics? Using the 35% CDR of envoy, for skill meteor shot.

    That is, for example, the next new rotation, in a confrontation against a 1vs1 boss.

    Ice Storm+Meteor Shot..... And when you manage to activate the main damage bonus of 20%.... change the skill rotation for your preferred skill rotation of max dps, for 12 seconds to take advantage of 20% main damage. (Totally 32% main dmg)

    I do not know ... I'm not sure if this new rotation (and envoy change) will be profitable to increase our DPS.

    Thanks for the guide! :thumbup:

    Very complete. It helped me to compare your wizard with my wizard (lvl 90 limt, unfortunately, we are very slow in the ES-Server)

    Again.... sorry for my bad english :c