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    Simple, really. Again, we can take a look at the PvP rankings in-game, it's based on points gained upon either killing players or killing an objective (tanuki's/towers). After the match ends the players gain a score which gives them points that eventually determine their rank. We could take this as an example for PvE and base the ranking for a PvE ranking system on something closely similar to that.


    By clearing a dungeon in solo mode the player is rewarder 10 points.

    By clearing a dungeon in party mode the player is rewarded 50 points.

    By clearing a dungeon in hell mode the player is rewarded 100 points.

    This counts for each individual player, so it doesn't matter if someone is being carried in the runs, they do get their points if the dungeon was cleared. If all players also gain the exact same points upon clearing the run it won't matter if someone is more geared than someone else, it takes away the aspect of being out-geared and keeps it fair for everyone. This would also motivate people that have low forts on their gear to try and find a party to help them run the dungeon, which is kinda the point of an MMORPG.

    With all this considered I don't think it's gonna be a "detailed chart," it will simply be a chart showing the points like PvP (see Picture). It could show u "score" and "dungeon clearance". Again, this game isn't that competitive, I don't see the point in even mentioning a really detailed chart as PvP doesn't have one either. And as I mentioned above, there's no need for people to go out of their way to get really mixed parties (5 different classes.) because it can be done with anyone no matter the class. Points would only be gained by clearing the dng, not by clear speed/DMG done orwhatever.

    Feel free to give me further comments on this or another argument. However, I don't see any harm in a PvE chart.

    PvP chart.PNG

    And all the people who already has +30 gear and screaming for more difficult dungeons....yeah and ever thought about non geared players? not everybody can afford a full +30 gear. so if u are making it stronger u still get by without problems but what about all the other players who might even struggle with the team inis at this point already...

    And for the pve ranking: Against it. Then the ranking would just be filled with the speedrunning +30 gear guys and as a normal person u wouldnt stand any chance. what would be the point in that. only that: Pushing the ego of the already geared players...

    I can't fully disagree with this but I will say this, PvE is generally fairly easy and I've not had any issues with any dungeon (or difficulty) whilst being +20. Yes, +30 gears will decrease teh difficulty of dungeons greatly but I don't think it's just +30 that makes stuff super easy.

    As for the PvE ranking? I dunno, I don't have an objection to it because most people who are +30 can be lazy to play because the dungeon are so easy for them that they're bored of running it. I'll take PvP as an example here. I got the 1st spot on the Shinobi leaderboard with +9 armor fortifications, +20 lv.95 PvE weapon and +0 trophy fortifications. Yes, PvE will be more active then PvP as the PvP in this game is pretty much dead, but I do think that if you just play/run enough you can easily get a nice spot even if u can't speed run.

    Thanks how about you what are ypu dping hunt mat and craft or getting gold and buy core?

    I know you wern't really asking me for this but I'd like to share some of my thoughts as well. I agree with Sair, the methods he told you are great methods for gaining money. As for the cores (as you're looking for Imperial Cores.) the prices of Imperial lv.80 cores dropped as most will be running lv.90 cores at this point. In my opinion I'd much rather buy the lv. 80 cores than craft them myself because it's gonna cost more to keep getting mats to craft (assuming you're also buying the mats from AH and not purely farming the mats.) Because Imperial Cores are rare to get and it's really all down to RNG. I wouldn't let my fate rest on the RNG if the cores are on for reasonable prices now. (I would craft spam for the level 90 cores tho! Those are rather expensive and the RNG might give them much sooner. I don't want to be paying 10K+ for lv.90 imp cores >-<)

    Hello, what element to use for PVP? Dark,Lightning,Storm?

    In my opinion you'd want to do is stack up Frantic Lotus (the gap closer that adds up the stackable DMG taken) and burn the foe's HP down with Lotus Strike. The Frantic Lotus adds stacks of skill DMG taken +10% (stacks 10x so pretty much 100%) . That's what I would do as a PvP Katar.

    I would highly recommend picking either Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption or Bloodied Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth.

    Why Dabaka? Because of the DEF shred.
    Why Guzigla's? The boss DMG, it's been and still is one of most viable trophies in-game.

    If you're set on getting the Lv.95 trophies because you'll gain more stats by forting it I'd highly recommend swapping Synetar's Shards for either of those trophies.



    I think that trophies pretty much stay as they are untill the Lv.95 element trophies will be released. I think running Winston + Delfonia (for CRIT) would work just fine, although that's just my opinion. Same with gear, Holy Spirit top set + Magic Sun. bottom set (Magic Sun. will stay for a good while +-1 year and a half if I'm correct??) and aim to get the level 95 trophies from Winged Duke's Domain.

    As for a detailed guide for Katar, I think that the current ones will still be viable as long as u keep your gear updated and ready for the SLv. content. Sorry, I havn't played much Katar so I can't give any suggestions for Envoys, masteries (aside from the meta ones being Zeal, Extreme Speed, Deep Blue (or The Best Defense if u somehow can't cap DEF in dungeons.) and Break Defense ofc.