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    Guy lasted way too long

    Past PM's like Belgron, Eibilo and Myzzrim were kinder to players they will be missed I can't say the same about you

    The only thing I'll remember you is removing transfer scrolls screwing everyone by pure greediness because you couldn't think of a more creative for whales to spend money but just rehash Fort Insanity over and over


    Imagine trying to show off in AK PVP.. in 2k18 kek

    you're 3 years late on this, the meta now is just begging newbies to join pvp queue every few hours to try to feel good about killing +9 PvE geared newbies

    Not that I'm defending the decision, but +30 itself pretty much already requires an insane amount, and even before that (which was... two years ago now?) they were locking the game up to spenders long, long before. It'll hurt the state of the game (well, nothing is really left to be honest?), but don't color me surprised at this.

    It's because whales aren't buying fort insanity promo (which is what kept +30 locked up behind paywall for 2 years counting) anymore they just transfer it to their next set and so on, they once never cared about the F2P players that grinded for months on end just to afford one +30 weapon main weapon.

    Talk about milking it dry

    They're in process of removing <Superior Ability Transfer Scrolls 1-30> in-game, making them really expensive and pretty much exclusive to whales.

    This is gonna backfire badly GJ making everyone unhappy except your pockets, this move is so aggressive and needlessly greedy


    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 60869 Heroic Glory Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 No
    1 40439 Profession Guardian Sprite (1 Day) 1 No
    1 40194 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    1 40003 5-Slot Backpack 1 No
    1 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    1 17043 Magical Black Kitty 1 No
    2 40461 3-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 1 No
    2 40289 Emerald Shard 2 Yes
    2 40212 15-Slot Backpack Fusion Scroll 1 No
    2 40194 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    2 40025 Advanced Lucky Card 2 No
    2 60736 Storm Huntress' Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 No
    3 60885 Midnight Witch Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 No
    3 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 No
    3 40194 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    3 40208 10-Slot Backpack 1 No
    3 40289 Emerald Shard 1 Yes
    3 45658 World Peace Organization VIP Guardian (Non-Tradable) 1 No
    4 40213 20-Slot Backpack Fusion Scroll 1 No
    4 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    4 51464 Black Summer Double Flying Whale 1 No
    4 40194 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    4 40029 Advanced XP Card 2 No
    4 60896 Goddess of War Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 No
    5 60930 Goddess of Destiny Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 No
    5 17044 Cheshire Cat 1 No
    5 40194 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    5 40289 Emerald Shard 2 Yes
    5 60031 Costume/Furniture Dye Lucky Pack 5 No
    5 40209 15-Slot Backpack 1 No
    6 51431 Hand-dyed Clothing: Eternia (F) 1 No
    6 40289 Emerald Shard 1 Yes
    6 45216 Guardian Sprite of Gaia (1 Day) 1 No
    6 40289 Fluorescent Bead 10 No
    6 40211 10-Slot Backpack Fusion Scroll 1 No
    6 60939 Goddess of Justice Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 No
    7 60952 Guardian Angel Lucky Pack (Eidolon) 1 Yes
    7 40210 20-Slot Backpack 1 Yes
    7 40289 Fluorescent Bead 50 Yes
    7 40501 Super Treasure Charm 3 Yes
    7 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    7 51428 Hand-dyed Clothing. Tyr (M) 1 Yes

    Define "Real players" exactly, as far as I know veteran players were the one that introduced us to building efficiently when no one knew how detailed damaged worked, when it was finally all figured out it made everything much easier not exactly challenging, it lead to things like 5 man sky towers or soloing entire party dungeons as fast as possible, this also goes for bandwagoning on the strongest classes everyone wants to do stuff efficiently by themselves.

    Maybe when the game just started it was fun and challenging because many were ignorant to build right, it's X-Legend that decided this game state since the beginning the players were just figuring it out along the way.

    I don't think the old days were better except for the population, we're getting more content now back in mid 2014 to early 2015 the game was stuck on a limbo for the longest time, lv60 OW and dragons was the end game content for more than half a year.

    Players simply moved on to other newer games, lost interest or real life got busy this goes for many MMO's. AK is not exactly dead by any means I'm actually surprised it survived this long.

    You can keep blaming Aeria but it's all pointless, they have no control on how will this game is meant to be played or balanced it's on X-Legends, we know exactly how the game will play out a year from now because Aeria servers are over a year behind and has been for the past 3-4 years there are no surprises.

    You can keep on dreaming but I don't think X-Legends listen to foreign players suggestions even if you direct mail them

    It's on x-legends on how the game will be played and balanced, while it's on the publisher how it will be monetized and make money whether it be from gear/costumes/consumables with just minor changes

    Players are simply stuck in-between now you can choose to ride it out or or move on to different game that will suit your needs.

    just my 2c

    The massive banner you put up on item mall is tolerable even though it takes the whole screen up,

    but this font is just bad and looks cheap it doesn't even match the usual fonts in game like item fonts or interface font, it doesn't read and scale well,

    this is one of the worst change in AK history.

    the party search is still broken has nothing to do with chat font

    what exactly was the reason for this change?

    Please change it back next maintenance tbh this needs hotfixing/emergency maintenance.