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    yea i agree, 40% cdmg buff is way to go if we think about future-proof. Awakening give us max +50% cdmg(?) and on the current content 16% dmg or storm skill dmg still do good. with CDMG to boss costume enchant, we can reach 450% with the upcoming new lv95 gold acc (+30% base & +50% cap right?) but i kinda hate if we have to stuck with 20% wizard buff but ow well.

    and Purple secret stone will likely arrive on next patch.. Aeria accidently put advanced SS re-roll recipe on alchemy npc (but later removed?) but RNG troll tells me that getting 8%cdmg/4%dmg won't be easy.

    as for high defense meta, i still don't have any idea whatever def shred 'flat' from HS sub is better than def shred %. there's Jp player who goes Tachi sub on awakening, and as far as i can tell from skill hotbar, she use gold Rond -def mastery along with orange storm curse mastery (can also do the same with bard sub i think)

    the Wiz-Tachi JP player channel can be found here for those interested -->…mQHfdDcepQnj_0cYXg/videos

    buuut anything can goes right if +30 everything right? :AK9:

    that's just..... amazing progress compare the last time you posted your stat... based from the staff dmg, +30 main weapon i assume, since i barely hit 500k dmg on my wiz

    oh... Eternia comes with 30% ice skill dmg on 4-star buff, nicely done... also 30% storm skill dmg is sooo gud on shuri sub too

    work in progress, casually leveled-up my Reaper when exp curve arrived, thx to it lv90 is ez but mastery spec level still low


    Mastery, Weapon Spec, Envoy ↓

    - Lv90 Weapon 112% destroyer core (+21)

    - Lv90 Sub Weapon 120% nocturnal core (+20)

    - LW Top, HS bottom, Fearless acc set (+20)

    - MS +3% pet, 14% dark skill emblem, +30% dark skill mount

    - i use Endora instead of Hel because she technically has faster stun than Hel's, also 900% combo skill

    - Constantly swap mastery depends on situation and party setup, usually i go with bone shield dmg +7% or Lancer dmg taken mastery

    - also i use shuriken sub when in need of ulti skill (a sub weapon from my wizard)

    - devil summon: Lulos, Shaiya, Nyquist (or Alia depends on situation)

    aim to get (progressing)

    - lv60 mastery level (lol)

    - gold zeal (lol)

    - +30 weapon (lol)

    - re-roll weapon stat (lol)

    - lv95 gold scythe any element

    *the reason i want this weapon is simply for switching purpose. when you approaching the boss, use this weapon and cast Devil Pact (to procs lv95 weapon effect), switch back to Destroyer weapon and attack the boss

    - currently waiting for daaaat future re-balance patch to further enhance this class

    any constructive advice are welcome

    since we have Flame & Ice Holy chest, how about investing mastery point to crit or spd? so it won't suffer at debuffed dungeon like vault? well just my opinions though:AK4:

    i don't know if this works different to others, but i tested out dmg to element until over 100%+ and it barely have noticeable different from 60% to 100%+ compare to 0% to 60%. so i get an idea that it started "scales" bad after 60%. besides wiz has reju prayer, extra 25% "detailed" dmg to 4 elements, not to mention superior elixir.

    btw nice PEN %, me jelly :AK11:

    looks like we'll get the curve next patch if Aeria doesn't really "delay" it again, i was expecting at least exp curve and new mirabelle quest, and prolly purple secret stone and eido marriage will be excluded but we get Izanami, pvp and revamped eido ui instead, but it's ok.. let's just wait :AK6:

    sorc flame path actually has "acceptable" dps.... well at least to my standard, unlike gunslinger trap path(?) :AK6: i tried wizard flame path at vault Eternia and still can clear it just fine, but with more time needed. probably will be faster if i have flame eido, and flame mount though. Warbow also has both path viable if you see Cathlynn's holy bow guide in this forum and her video also proves it, while everyone else goes Dark path. but ow well, it depends on each individuals, i personally don't really like Sorcerer dark path's fiendish soul which kinda make some boss bugged when you solo it (it happens back in old days, dunno if they already fixed it)

    Imperial or not, the level 95 accessories that will come within a few patches (they drop in the new dungeons that come with the next raising of the level cap) are going to be sooooo much better than anything that currently exists, and remain that way for so long (they are still the best choice in Taiwan), that you are missing out on too much not to get them. If 9% move speed is make or break on missing bosses or not, then make a second tab for move speed stuff (I know, I don't like the idea either, but it is what it is). Back when Fatal Toxin was the best accessory set before level 90 gear and level 80 enchant cards came, using level 80 accessories over them for the move speed was still fine because the level 80 sets weren't that much worse at all (due to being higher level, mostly), but this new set is literally going to be way better. If you're unfamiliar, the set effect is a crit hit has an 8% chance to proc 30% crit damage and 50% crit damage cap for 12 seconds, and the set itself offers a loooot of crit rate, so even after Awakening this remains the ideal set for a long time, even over crafted S.Level 1 sets. Unless you already have them, I would absolutely advise against wasting gold on accessories right now because the only good gold investment on accessories now is to wait for those.

    Of course, this also means getting to level 95 on a server that has monetized leveling beyond what was originally intended by the developers. Still, I would carefully consider the options on if you want to spend the extra gold on something you would really want to replace as soon as you can (once the set is out and can be afforded).

    ah i see... thx for heads up.. all i know it has something to do with crit but i never know the details... imperial temporal accessory core also rare in the market and people sells like 10k - 15k each at AH... maybe i should stick with lv80 one until the next patch out. does the accessory comes from ST (which is very rare) or normal dungeon?

    and i have another question, i heard Gugzila tooth will be replaced next patch? so we're gonna use delfonia and new trophy?

    eido or gear it's your choice, i have ice eido while still having sniper bottom gear (see my previous post stat), and it really boost my DPS very good. the main problem to get eido buff is RNG.. some lucky people can roll the stat and get it with just arround 5k gold (on current market state) but some include myself can spend nearly 30k and still lolRNG. and the scroll kinda currently out of stocks in the market right now at least in Chimera. 1-star are about 500g, and kinda equal to superior weapon fort scroll, and 3-star seems like about 1100g - 1500g the last time i checked. if things get too much, i recommend aim to +30 "weapon only" for the time being in case you don't know what to upgrade for now.

    25k crit on bard sub, well ok that's really better than mine i think. but still i found myself in need of more crit to compensate the dungeon debuff like vault... it's really a joke if you cap CDMG but crit is below 40% on vault :AK6:

    about lv90 acc, i personally still want it because of imperial cores.. i try re-roll Tigerius to get him MS buff but it's getting more hard and ridiculously expensive than i thought. well, we can always swap gear tab with move speed set but i prefer not to, have to dodge red carpet no matter what, even in vault when you can't nuke the boss before things happen

    selling crafting mats instead of try your luck with 50:50 chance though, you can get gold without the risk of losing it

    if you craft and get bad core = bye gold

    but if you get good core you can profit

    as new player, its better to sell material instead.. hey opinions kappaa


    Anyways I'm curious to see a wiz/lancer vid to show your rotation, my main concern being if it's even feasible to charge up lancer runes in your rotation and make use of Hymn of Doom more than twice or even once due to how short Icy Curse's ice storm field buff (5sec IIRC that feels like barely 3sec) is, I dropped Shuri Toss out of my rotation for this reason as a Wiz/Shuri because of how the damage is pretty low + I'll just end up spending more time trying to upkeep buffs rather than using actual DPS skills anyways, and what would your choice of 3rd mastery slot be, still -DEF% storm curse or +25%/+DT% Hymn of Doom?

    ahaha it's from the recent AK Japan trailer X-Legend gg

    can't make video for now eyes i usually just build up red mark pre-boss --> the use dat flat -def skill for ice mark --> hymn and start wiz rotation.. yeah i got problem keeping the uptime too, shuri sub gets more simple and doesn't cost more GCD that much compare to lancer. i still use storm curse mastery because lancer flat -def doesn't last longer and can't be refresh everytime like HS Dry Boned (with + duration from secret stone) this makes hymm damage fairly low compare to shuri razor. but if i'm on my sorc, i will definitely use 25% hymn mastery.

    the cons i found so far kinda like lots of GCD needed from lancer skills, if get sudden stun from boss will screw up the rune (maybe), and no life leech from nazrudin weapon on hard battles:AK11: well i suggest try with blue nocturnal or cheap noct crafted to see if you're fit with it, as i've said on previous post shuri still a better choice if you can nuke the boss fast kappaa

    Wait, are you that one ChocoRoll wiz with a similar glasses avatar who also posted often on the old forums? off topic but really can't remember the name besides something like excalibur or some anime name and it's bugging me

    hmm, yes that's me.. been "lurking" in old forum since 2013 but i rarely been arround because i come and go so often. Wiz not my main before, so i don't think anyone will remember me.. switched to wizard because i no longer play shuri ^^

    this TW wiz swap ele emblem, ele mount, and ele hat.. he/she only have few skill on hotbar and the rest are swap stuff. but i think it might not necessary because most of TW videos out there doesn't actually swap that much, they still nuke boss about 3~5sec, except daaat vault F13~F15.. in our server, i often find myself got ping-latency problem when doing swap, but still useful when do solo or vault.

    anyway since i've come here, might as well as posting my stat, was recently come back to AK again after long hiatus (i think i stopped mid 2016 or early 2017 i forgot) my sniper bottom speaks it clearly

    Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.27 -

    been doing research with lancer sub, and i think it has better "utility" than shuri in general, and shuriken toss keep bugged on me. my character will look out of place after jump-casted it and i really don't use anything except razor which makes me consider to try lance. Lancer has nice flat -def but not as good as HS Dry bone, and the burst skill doesn't need to wait for Chakra regen as long as you keep maintain ice storm and do lancer combo and refresh storm curse / icy curse as needed. kinda good for those who are not very strong yet. but if i'm +30 all, i'll choose shuri because it doesn't cost that much oGCD and boss can die in 2 - 5 skills which can saves chakra

    because most of sorc here goes all dark, just posting this as "informative" based

    but since sorc with lancer sub actually a thing, this one is just alternative but still viable in some way. once again, +30 everything = anything can be good:rolleyes:

    Dark sorc with lancer sub can be found here