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    I haven't played much and have't fortified my stuff yet besides the weapon, but I guess it's already much better than before.

    I also have to realocate that eva into hp, forgot to do it and got lvl 85 a few minutes after the screenshot, but was lazy to reprint.

    As for my allocate mastery points, I have 30/30 in damage, 30/30 in hp, 15/15 in ms, 22/30 in critical and 5/30 in speed (just enough to cap)

    I don't have points on element damage, but I do use element mounts + trophie sets, so it's already something.

    My envoy path:

    So guys, on the frenzy description it said to have a chance to cause aditional DoT, but I say some ppl saying the translation is wrong and it

    has a 25% zeal effect proc rate instead. Which one is the correct?

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I will post my stats again later when I get some upgrades.