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    Links are broken on the guide's tab

    The sheet isn't updated anymore, and hasn't been for quite a few years to be honest. The links are all directing to the old forum, which has since been deleted when AK moved to this new forum service.

    i wouldnt recommend shuri sub, instead using lancer sub would be better. Then u have the krit sdn from the second weapon + its a dark based class for additional damage through eido/mount.

    I am using this tree:…1000001110000001000000000

    I'd only recommend Lancer sub to people who are willing to micro manage their marks and are fine dealing with long cooldowns. Shuri is just the lazy version of it. For me personally, I've run both and prefer shuri purely for not having to deal with stacking marks

    Take care out there Jox, thank you for the time you spent helping AK, and glad I got to work with you for a bit a few months ago. Hope to still see you around on the discord, etc!

    Hi, guys!!
    Question: How good would a Guardian sub Lancer be? And why?

    Anyway, that's it. Thank you!!

    I'm assuming you'd be going lightning guard and hence going lightning Lance. It would be horrible. You could do dark Lance sub but in that case you might as well just go shuri sub since it's easier

    I wish you all the best Sair, you already promised it! so I hope to see you from time to time :3

    You are not allowed to leave us completely! ban!ban!

    Don't worry, I'll still be around in my free time kirbyheart

    If I see you near my posters, I will beat you up. rudecat15

    (& ty for all the help, good luck ban!ban!)

    See you at work tho rudecat1

    You mean my posters?

    Pls buy lots of things from my work, we need it

    I'm wishing you all the best right now and in the future and hoping you pass everything that comes through your way! Don't forget to visit Karu and steal her posters for me too 😎 And I wish to continue seeing you again in AKUS from time to time and continue being fab enough to rekt those things we couldn't before 😉

    I'll make sure to steal them and mail them to you. I'll egg her house while I'm at it ;)

    After 21 months, it’s time to say goodbye. While AK still provides some interest to me, there’s just no time for me to log in or really do anything after I deal with school and work. Along with my dissatisfaction with many changes made to the game (however I know that many are out of aeria's control so I don't blame you guys for that), now seems like the right time to head out.

    AK has been both and mostly great, however at times also not so great over the years, with all of the team changes, both CM and GS, and bugs, patches, etc. Hopefully AK moves in the right direction further down the line, which I think it will with the current CM and GS team who are constantly working hard to improve the game. Somehow, I stuck around since day 1 of closed beta until now, but I guess it was worth it in the long-run.

    Now, a boy is busy so I won’t go over everything and everyone, but I’ll do a little bit of a shout out since it seems like that’s what we do in these now.

    To the CM team, both past and present, Scar included, thank you for all of your hard work. I know you guys get a lot of sh*t from players because of aeria’s decisions and history, but I’m glad that you guys continue to put in as much effort as possible to make the game enjoyable for everyone.

    To Rio, thanks for all of the work you’ve put in to the team, you’ve made a good SGS and I’m sure you’ll continue to do well.

    To Tsu and Honey, I wish you the best of luck as the new SGS of the team and I’m sure you’ll both do great.

    To the rest of the GS team, thanks for volunteering your time for everything, regardless of how annoying it can be to deal with some situations on ak. While I don’t agree with some of the changes that are being made within the team as a whole, I think long-term you guys will be fine. Keep it up.

    To Bardock. While I don’t agree with the majority of things you’ve done, and overall know nothing about you due to a lack of presence on the forums, discord, etc. I hope that you can move AK forward and help it grow. And consistent PM letters please.

    To the players, yes all of you, you’re a real headache. However, without you AK wouldn’t be here, so thanks I guess. Some of you are cool though so A+ to you special few.

    Special shout out to the players that tried to fight the rules, how’d that go for you? Did your lawyer uncles ever contact aeria? Didn’t think so.

    Anyways, that’s all for this letter. You may see me around in AK after, you may not. If you’d like to contact me for whatever reason, I’ll always be on discord, but please no AK questions because I don’t do that anymore and I’ll just refer you to AKUS. I don’t have to be nice in #general anymore so get ready.

    Help 'em by scamming 'em for a maximum of 2.5k instead of finding other methods to make it more counter-productive to the given situation (Eg: Making buffs permanent for the entire duration (for example: 15 minutes), dying won't rid the buffs) & also discredit the opinions of players that you personally deem have "nothing to do with" the current discussion topic.

    Gotcha Sair, very professional rudecat11

    You're saying it's a trainwreck and then just saying "buy tonics" or to make the buff permanent. However, if they saw the need to make it permanent it would be. I get that you're coming from an external position, but it was made this way for a reason.

    As well, they don't want to make the actual situation over all "easier" because it's supposed to be a challenge overall. The purchase-able buffs are only there as a possible solution if it's absolutely needed. It's not a scam because you don't need to buy it. If you buy it, that's entirely on you and you should be able to assess your gear and stats before and after purchase to make sure you'll be able to complete it. I've seen 80 gear with +20 make it through so the majority of people won't even need to touch these buffs. So I don't see the trainwreck that you're referring to here. Sometimes a temporary buff, or tonics + a temporary buff are easier for players than spending thousands of gold on a 90 gear set if they just want to progress to the next level segment/bracket. Might as well make it there and then work on gear if they have that option since a 2.5k buff is a lot cheaper than a full 90 set.

    And yeah, I'll discredit the opinions of players who don't appear to fully grasp why aeria does what they do at times. Professional or not.

    Thanks for the info since I wrote that before I saw what was being discussed in the akus discord chat - but what's the point of even implementing those buffs in the first place when tonics cost way lesser than that? Even more so that it disappears when you die. It's just redundant.

    + one of the previous paragons featured full 90 armor recipe sets so it's honestly not that difficult to gear up now if you make a 80 trash imp set for out-of-combat mspd + bestial set 90s for clearing.

    This whole thing is a trainwreck Devil_Parrot

    People were having issues due to gear, forts, class choice, etc. Adding the buffs does nothing to affect others who don't need it and really just helps those who might be struggling a bit so I don't see the issue here. Regardless of whether gear is easier to obtain or not, maybe they can't fort it and being stuck behind a difficult quest and unable to progress in the game or story or dungeons or whatever tends to leave players unhappy. They don't want to make the quest easier, but now there's at least an option to make your stats a bit better for the quest, that's all. Seems useless to complain about it since it has nothing to do with you

    It's more cost effective to craft it yourself. Decent ways to make gold are by crafting food items/alchemy and selling it to players, farming dungeons for recipe drops, and playing the paragon table with the weekly RC from the LP shop

    It was really great having you on the team, even for just a short period. I hope you're able to really focus on RL for a bit and enjoy your time away from AK.


    For a guide made by someone who doesn't play the class this guide pretty decent, but I would strongly suggest a change in envoy. I'd recommend skipping the possession tile as its more for a tank build and not needed for a dps build reaper. This is the envoy I prefer, but can be adjusted depending on your preference. I only take 3 combos, because one is for the movespeed boost, but this can be left out and switched for a crit tile. I use the combos for reaper/ shuri because they do decent dmg, and one is a dark skill which will be boosted with 45% dark dmg eido.…ndex.php?attachment/2042/

    Forgot this guide existed tbh. But I agree the envoy needs updating to something a bit more dps oriented.

    A request has to be put in every time they want to change the SR drops, and that already took negotiating to get. Worldboss drops have been requested, as I mentioned, but XL has yet to agree to it. For the new world bosses, you're talking about Abenthy and Mechium and all those? We've asked, and it's been submitted, and once again, XL has blocked it for now. Aeria only has so much power, and sadly in these cases, it's entirely up to XL

    While there are things that aeria is doing that I don't agree with, there's a lot that they can't fix without the help of XLegend. Things that you've suggested such as "nobody thinks about how new game element will work on the server (for example the new secret rainbow crystal can be farmed, but they forgot to implement a vailid way to farm to potions), fixing existing problems like the world bosses..."

    World boss fixes have been suggested to XL a few times already, but XL has done nothing about it. All of the content that we get is from XL, so if it's missing things, that's really on XL. The only things that aeria can personally make changes to are prices and promotions of cash items, they can't do anything content wise without XLegend to step in and either develop it or approve it.

    Remember when the supposed reasoning for this was because fortification scrolls would be more accessible? I'd say, my oh how the times have changed, but even back then they were made inaccessible too, so really it's always been like this even during the supposed early golden years (just, you know... the pay-walled period of time did eventually lessen and end after, what, four to six months, and didn't instead linger for what's going to soon be two and counting years only to be followed with signs they're removing other features to monetize it even more).

    But is it even a surprise?

    I have to say, the loss of ALL my things makes me not want to play anymore. The lack of action on the behalf of AK only adds to my nervousness..It shouldn't take over a week to reply to an issue like this.

    The ticket queue may just be longer than usual at the moment, and with this kind of issue it may take longer

    The think is : I played a lot of games over the years and yes there were some games where the adminds tolerated it if they saw whales using bots to make their life easier but i never heard in any game that whales are guying ingame currency. Normally as whale you have everyting ingame, your like a semi-god, there is simply no need to guy gold.

    So Aura Kingdom must be so expensive, that even whales can't afford everything and must cheat (guy gold) to have it all. So it always comes back to bad business decisions.

    It's not because the game is so expensive, it's because buying through 3rd parties tends to be cheaper on average. So the whales cash for the sake of getting exclusive things such as eidolons, and buy gold for their gear and other non-premium needs. I've seen this happen in quite a few games since people tend to view it as easier.