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    She is a tank-guard , why u bothering yourself to explain stuff for dps classes :/ If she cant afford imperial cores or rebuilding and transferring fort. level , swapping stuff for ms is the best way for her to catch up in pt runs.

    You guys thinking about "solo" , she is a tank guard so she can do that in party runs easly. Also iirc correctly lvl 88 blue set have more tanky stats than lw or hs so it can be done even in sfl :/

    There are other ways to get ms , if you dont wanna switch to imperial cores instead of your current cores.

    Tab switching is one of them and it is the easiest. Basicly you can take 78-88 level blue imperial gears ( from valuable chests) and use them on second tab with leaf etc ..

    Then you can switch your gear tabs between bosses. Also with that way you can use trash ms cards on your weapons without losing any dps.


    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 24928 Eidolon Statue: Tyr 1 no
    1 45658 World Peace Organization VIP Guardian (non-Tradable) 1 no
    1 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    1 16124 Tears Dynamic Emoticon 1 no
    1 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    1 24991 Checkered Heart Column 1 no
    2 40532 Bouquet of Dreams 10 no
    2 40366 4-Star Equipment Fusion Stone 1 no
    2 40744 Mount Upgrade Stone (non-Tradable) 1 no
    2 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    2 40240 XP Card 5 no
    2 11365 Nalani's Key Fragments 3 no
    3 18997 Rare Tyr 1 no
    3 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    3 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    3 51466 Sweet Princess Bathtub 1 no
    3 24956 Eidolon Pillow - Tyr 1 no
    3 51074 Plush Cheshire Cat 1 no
    4 40029 Advanced XP Card 2 no
    4 51422 Hand-dyed Hairstyle - Tyr (Male) 1
    4 40492 Mastery Pass 2 no
    4 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    4 40240 XP Card 5 no
    4 24992 Checkered Heart Wallpaper 1 no
    5 31632 Fox Pet 1 no
    5 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    5 51282 Custom Astraea's Wedding Gown (F) 1 no
    5 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    5 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 no
    5 24994 Romantic Love Flooring 1 no
    6 40719 Tyr's Key Fragment 2 no
    6 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    6 24956 Eidolon Pillow - Tyr 1 no
    6 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 no
    6 18859 Refined Cultivation Stone 2 no
    6 24990 Love Window 1 no
    7 51453 Tyr's Blitz Pistols 1 yes
    7 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 yes
    7 31473 Mastery Gift Box III 1 yes
    7 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 yes
    7 50707 Sigrun Swimwear Costume 1 yes
    7 24993 Romantic Starry Ceiling 1 yes

    You and your tyr :rolleyes:

    it depends on boss , if boss requires stun then = soulblade+stun+razor+swallow/rond/aa with jumpcast and keep repeatin last part until boss dies.

    Im sad rudecat4

    But it was great working with you even for a short time.Thanks for your great work.

    Also thanks for your patience you showed me last couple of months.

    I wish you best of luck for future rudecat17.

    The weapon mastery points depends on your stats + your weapon mastery level (total points) because some of them are more important than others, im not a gren master so only thing i can do for you is posting my pvp weapon spec.

    About mounts for pvp , there are several choices. Dmgtaken/Cdmg/Skilldmg/Allstats and that is related to your stats also + playstyle (?)

    I guess its better to wait for a gren main to answer :)


    I know, im saying if u at cap , you really dont need flat def shred. Unless your dmg output is not enough because lacking some achieve/wish/level stats.

    I ve no problems even without def shred or dd eid. So its up to personal pref i guess

    5 sec ? :/ 7 at most maybe (depends on zeals tho) first boss takes longer cause no element ofc.

    Also you might wanna reread "Since most bosses die very quickly you dont need flat def shred much" , giving one example as dungeon does not change the "common" :rolleyes: .

    Like changing wep spec for vault only as "20 points from flame to storm targets" is the best choice but as general you def. need flame dmg more than storm.

    Fire still open , means %20. Dont u think its better than storm even tho u have like %120 flame target already(mount emblem hat firechests). %140>120 anyways if you consider flame is way more common than storm :/ But again its personal pref. if you have trouble clearing 10th floor it is understandable.

    Also i was joking with feather lol.

    Very basic and nice guide.

    But why %20 dmg against storm targets from wep spec? (There is almost no storm boss' except vault 4th-10th)

    Trophies: Guzigla Tooth/Time Code/Delphonia's Earring.

    where is feather salt (since you are using that lol)

    Well, using those skills will reduce your dmg output for sure. So, to prevent that you might wanna use a nocturnal eid. I said Diao and then Yumi , i still saying same thing. Since most bosses die very quickly you dont need flat def shred much (assuming you capped %) , yes its good to have but i always prefer dd

    Also that is very legal dw :sleeping:

    Hi everyone , its your favourite trainee GS Corpi. Here is a basic class guide for Ronin.

    Please note that this guide is for maximizing dps (nothing else),and also for at least +85(or 90).

    Basics about Ronin (Element-Subclass-Off/Def Stats)

    Ronin is a melee class which has consistent damage,remember tho it is not the best (interms of dps) and its attack speed cap is %72.

    The best choice of element for ronin is Storm. The main reasons of that are basicly the element match with Shinobi and Swift Kaiten Style(weapon mastery Left path)'s boost for Flying Black Swallow skill.

    Best sub class is Shinobi. Yeah i know, you shocked atm. But like i said, element match and crippling wind mastery makes shinobi a perfect sub class for Ronin.

    Of course there are other sub-class choices too but since its a guide for "maximizing dps" i will not explain or cover them.

    As offensive stats 99 points on DMG and rest on Spd(Assuming you are already capped for crit even with dungeon debuffs).

    As defensive stats 99 points on HP and rest on Def.


    As an eidolon the best choice is Diao chan, the main reason of that is Dual drive buff. Also there is an other option too, Yumikaze for def shred.

    But keep that in mind, Ronin is a melee class.When u play Ronin/Shinobi, you might need a nocturnal effect from eidolon. It doesnt matter which one you pick any of them works.

    Kotonoha/Zephyrine/Hansel and Gretel/Tsubaki

    Recommended star buffs for all eidolons above.

    1-Star: Normal attack SPD +25%

    2-Star: Damage of Storm Skills +15%

    3-Star: Damage of Storm Skills +30%

    Also for movement speed Tigerius Caesar/Ayako/Cleopawtra.

    Recommended star buffs for all eidolons above.

    1-Star: Normal attack SPD +25%

    2-Star: Move Speed 5%

    3-Star: Move Speed 10%

    Envoy Path/Weapon Mastery/Masteries


    This is my envoy. Since i dont use Iaido, im not using Iaido mastery from envoy as well.

    You can replace blue squares with red ones.


    Here is my weapon mastery(Left path 4ever).Again you can replace that 5 points from crit and 10 points from storm target dmg to anything you want.

    This is my masteries'.


    Soaring Flash Rond


    Crippling Wind

    Extreme Speed

    Break Defense

    Deep Blue-The Best Defense(forVault).


    For level 80, Lordswrath + Perfect War + Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth and Theory Time Travel Code.

    For level 90: There are basically 2 different combinations(armor wise).

    Full Holy Spirit or Holy Spirit top, Sundering bottom. + Fearlessness + Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth and Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings.

    Cores:Imperial or bestial (personal pref totally up to you)

    Weapon Cores: Destroyer+Nocturnal.

    Transformation Tools

    For weapons:Enhanced Strengthening Chiselx6

    Armors:Enhanced Strengthening Hammerx6

    Accessories:Enhanced Strengthening Sawx6

    Fishing set

    For level 80: Astral set.


    The best option for dps is switching.

    Skill bar.png

    This is my skill bar. It might help you to organize yours.Some of you might question me about my skill choices, but for me its the best and yes i only use 1 skill from my subclass.

    Switching Dmg against elemental (mount-hat-emblem for respective elemental boss') ,and also Storm skill dmg emblem+mount and dmg against boss monster hat(for no elemental (violent) boss' and some elites).

    Dont forget Move speed emblem too.

    Enchantments: For weapons any %8dd is fine (best option is with pen) but be careful about spd values.(best option is cards with different spd values)

    For armors and accessories lvl80 DMG cards(%3DMG+%1PEN+DMG) but lvl 70 %3DMG+DMG cards are fine too.


    Dmg against boss monsters +%10 with premium head-HP for hat (max hp%2)

    Soul Blade skill level+5 with premium face-DMG for face (dmg%2)

    Cdmg against elite monsters +%50 with premium costume-DMG for body (dmg%2)

    Move speed+5 with premium back accessory-DMG for ornament (dmg%2)

    Dark Spear Raid skill level+5 with premium weapon-DMG for weapon (dmg%2)

    Secret stones

    To maximize dmg , %7 elemental+%2dmg is the best option for secret stones.

    As total %14 dark-ice / %7 flame-lightning-storm (you can skip storm and get any of those elementals).

    For Head: Azure Brilliant Dragon Flash Secret Stone

    Armor: Sunrise Blood Corruption Secret Stone

    Glove: Sunrise Black Swallow Secret Stone

    Belt: Golden Iaido Secret Stone

    Boot: Sunrise Dragon's Fury Secret Stone


    If only we have a 5th skill bar,then i would(or might) recommend switching(elementals) but atm the best option is Dual drive(%4) and ms(%3) pets.(best second stat:%2dmg-%2crt or %2hp-%1 healing potency)

    Food: Dreamy Heaven+Golden Latte.

    Holy Chests: Nazrudin+Zaahir (best option is switching them between boss')

    full +15 nazrudin weapons= %51 dmg against ice

    full +15 zaahir weapons= %51 dmg against fire

    Shadow Warrior: Dancer.

    Have fun playin ! rudecat11