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    Cause that certain wizard guide is outdated 2018.The game has progresses a lot so it makes old guide pretty much out dated and isn't keeping up with the current meta.The unfinished guide is an updated version of the guide which make more sense to put updated guide first then put an old guide

    Not sure what you mean "the unfinished guide is an updated version" when it has about 1% of the required content and basically reiterates what's already on Sylver_Aura's guide. Actually, it's nothing besides subclasses and skill descriptions so that might as well be nil. Her guide was recently updated and, even if she didn't, 2018 is hardly "outdated", so to embellish a far-from-complete guide yet minimize a complete is, in all honesty, quite discourteous regardless of whom may agree or disagree within OP's current editor group of its contents.

    Simply because a guide is considered "outdated" does not mean that everything in it is to be ignored or considered inferior advice-- i.e. People have still referred to Desperae's guide years after it was made, as well as Phil's duelist guide which was at least useful for starting out despite the fact it wasn't anywhere close to current content. If this project is requesting help from the community and is intending to be a community project, you should value everyone's contributions equally regardless of when they were made, unless there's a mass consensus that a guide has a huge amount of info that is not only outdated but would be detrimental to progress if one were to follow it. Not to mention that for guides where the information is correct but just not fully up to date, it may just be simpler to post on the pre-existing thread and then link back to it for consolidation reasons (and to prevent players from having to compare guides and ask "so which one should I use?")

    On other notes, the guide itself is not a bad concept, but currently it looks quite awkward when almost every class section is penned under the same 1 or 2 names as if they were trying to claim credit for initially authoring it / drafting the layout (especially the Lancer section, which has straight up nothing); if anything it'd be unbelievable that one or two people could author that many guides when even just 1 guide requires a veteran who has played that class for at least a year and knows it like the back of their hand. This isn't to say none of your current authors are worthy of any credit at all, but rather that you may as well pin your guides as the unfinished alternatives and switch to having the pre-existing guides as the main links for now--until your guide(s) are finished, or at least have the core concepts finished.

    Secondly, there needs to be more thorough explanation on why certain things are considered "the meta" as well as more flexibility / openness to the idea that what's so often claimed to be the meta is not ideal for every situation-- i.e. double -DEF shred trophies VS 95 elemental + -DEF shred in instances where bosses have shreddable DEF (which is not every situation), Abyssal Naught bottom set failing to properly shine unless it is fully +30'd, utilization of gear tab swaps, Neqzal trophy actually being quite useful in S1+ dungeons where mobs have high EVA, etc.

    That's all I have for now, may have more comments later. They are not meant to be purely disparaging remarks, but simply criticisms on what is currently published.

    Take Bards skill soloely for example, it doesnt sound so much of a healing that would keep you alive from the bosses you are talking. But ingame, that abilities bard uses with the help of its other abilities seem to do something, right? And you can talk about bard because its experienced right? You can't make solid impressions, explanations on something that has never been tried before. You seem to forget that support/heal wiz/sorc or sorc/wiz isnt a replacement, you seem to forget that your stat points dont do anything if not for your armor. [...] Also I bet you dont play your Wiz/Bard as support, anyways. Its probably for personal benefits and Im not judging, play your wiz however you want. Youre only expert on Wizard. So why do you keep looking from a dps Wizards perspective? This build is obviously not about dps, so why are you looking on DPS perspective? If my damage is relatively low to others, why dont i go enhance my healings even more? You know how much heal does those healing abilities, when on a dps build. Bards heals are bad too, if they dont upgrade their heals you know. Also, Bard is a burst healer. Nothing like Wiz/Sorc healings. Yes there is ballad, but ballad is often just used for the buff it gives + the over time heal for squishies. Have you noticed ? When a boss hits, it recovers quickly with Ballad. The monster doesnt wait for your ballad to heal, too. As Reju prayer and mantras healings may be low compared to ballad, they are still healings. You cant compare a bard whos upgrading heal and a wizard who goes dps. Compare them both on the same build. Compare those skills to how effective they are, not by "this is lower than this... then thats bad." This could go the same way with damaging abilities. For example, x does 5 damage, but y does 7 damage. So can you say x is not worth it ? No you cant. If the target has 20 hp then x is just as good.

    Taking in concern with the bolded statements:

    It's actually quite ironic but DPS classes actually can heal equal if not better than Bard mains without putting a single point into Heal tiles or any Heal% gears, because DMG+Crit+CDMG scale SO well with heals that current main bard meta today is actually more DPS or CRIT focused gear rather than Heal/HP gears. This is part of the reason why traditional heal/HP bards were cast out of most relevant meta starting about late 2015 - 2016 in terms of them not being particularly necessary anymore.

    Ballad isn't used for its heals either, it's primarily for the mastery buff and the 3x Notes buff.

    Also, bard sub heals are in no way bad. As Zessen mentioned, Healing Harmony is particularly broken:


    You pretty much can cast this infinitely without cooldown worries, so going DPS Wiz/Bard actually would play as a better support than Wiz/Sorc esepcially if you were to use nothing but Rej.P and sub bard skills, and endgame-wise the things you get debuffed with are either minor enough to ignore or can't be cleansed at all, with very very few exceptions.

    first floor PT VOE has the same bug as regular VOE; boss shields go down then back up within a split second. Fix when?

    never seen this issue in regular vault, once the shield goes down it stays down for a good 10 seconds unless you're talking about the golden orbs flickering then that's just based on your hit count on cleo

    in terms of party mode, shield stays down for similar amount of time for human mode, he just is way tankier so it feels short when in reality dps is just lousy

    not sure why making the quest easier in the first place was a good idea.

    even people who beat it without buffs are experiencing hits to their stats, i cant imagine what a casual's character window would look like post awakening if they had to rely on 25 stacks. :|

    don't worry, see the grand plan is that they'll throw gold to max out the buff thinking they got the edge but they'll still likely get stuck, so they'll cash on promos like fort insanity and BOGO RC to get geared and get their gold back, and if the Awakening quest doesn't convince them to splurge on fort insanity then the surprise stat cap increases will :WeSmart:

    insert sarcmark here

    Katar, duelist and grenadier were the very last group of balance fixes to be applied and it seems that our patch stopped right before the related patch on TW (9/17) that included fixes for them, given that currently the skills affected by CB have different effect lines than those on TW. Regarding SNF, the GCD should've been reduced from 1.9 to 1.3sec (skill's own CD doesn't appear to have been modified from the future content thread) but we'll look into it. The 3 classes having issues has been reported, hopefully will be fixed soon. If anyone spots issues with the other classes please let us know.

    Cookie , a queston:

    There exist a lvl95 HS weapon, which gives two skills a dmg boost against the opponent to which Divine Sunderance was casted. Now I want to ask you, which two skills are Oath and Divine Lightning?
    I have the feeling, that Divine Lightning is Divine Thunderstrike, but what is Oath?

    Oath is the mistranslation of the skill Smiter's Edge, so the lv95 weapon boost both the respective thunder and holy element skills.

    Additional Note:

    Yellow weapons aren't very effective in this dungeon.

    Ive tested the 90 destr-orange and 95 yellow at same fort level and have found that the orange hits about 10-15% harder than yellow.

    Just fyi if you are struggling and need that extra boost

    Go hardcore mode, drop the noct and have both 95 weapon and 90 destroyer orange on hand.

    That's a half-serious suggestion (people should still keep noct in most cases), assuming you've done the dungeon at least a few times and are moderately geared / have a lot of 1% heal potions to autopot / have bard sub / have a noct eido, a nerfed nocturnal core versus bosses probably wouldn't see much use beyond F10, maybe F12 anyways but you really won't be leeching much back from residual effects on F12 while you're caged either with just the noct weapon alone. This is mainly the reason why 95 weapons appear to be underwhelming or lower than what the min-maxers expect for those that don't run with parties, not just inside vault but for the rest of dungeons as well.

    I was pretty interesting in her thinking finally, maybe they learned from the current WB and get it right this time. Well, they did learn, they did make some improvements on the combat end but they screwed up the reward end. No need for much talk, everyone here pointed it out, it still has the same old problem but now also unrewarding thus not worth the time and effort.

    Is it good enough, though? For newbies, perhaps. For old players, not in a slightest.

    This is technically an old teaser boss carbon-copied straight outta TW server, no edits, no modifications (besides every 4hrs for 2 weeks being changed to every 12hrs for 6 weeks), we let XL give whatever it was to us with faith that drops would be somewhat decent even though we couldn't find out what the drops were. From what I've been told, all of the teaser bosses that come before major storyline patches on TW including Euronyme for the next desert map have crap drops anyways and nobody really does them to begin with besides use them as a solo DPS test, so likely they just won't bother adding what doesn't really need to be added for the upcoming patch that should be soon.

    Best bet is to just hope they'll one day get back to modifying the pre-existing CM-named bosses.

    I just spent an embarrassing $70 for your new promotions and got nothing but LP and like 20 fantasy vouchers. If I could, I would ask that all the purchases be redacted and you take back the garbage that is now flooding my inventory.:cursing::thumbdown:

    Welcome to the exciting world of gambling through mystery boxes, the casino has a no-refund policy.

    You can oath all eidolons and all 4 star buffs are updated on AKDB up to Hebe, they're really just double of the 1-star buff. The XP table was made off the resulting curve values that the French server got (which we also got) so yes this is correct and it matches exactly to TW's XP curve. No adjustments made this time since the point of it is to get everyone access to the upcoming LV90 dungeons.

    Just get the masses to tell Scar what your thoughts on towards the guild hall event, such as drop rates (did you get a key in 30 boxes etc), tediousness of the event, fair play for smaller guilds, etc.

    4-star rerolls will come from EST, they will not be tradable but the Eidolon Oath Rings will be tradable. Most likely PM will place on tier after people have experienced how low the rates are (and Scar says they'll be pretty low) IYKWIM.

    Nobody gets a free EST entry. If you didn't do it last week, you're just gonna have to wait till next week.

    Floor 30:

    You only have to kill the robot, the other guy can be ignored. As soon as the robot is dead the chest will appear.

    Is there a prerequisite in being able to do this though? I remember that it's happened twice in a handful of my 5man raids over a year ago but after that if Ashe was DPSed to 50% he'd immediately receive an invincibility shield that blocked all damage

    AFAIK if you die while using Shadow Toss and then revive and/or have heavy FPS drops it'll desync your position, this happens with Shadow Assault + Umbral Assault as well. Not really anything that can be done since that's just the design of the skill animations themselves unfortunately but people do occasionally intentionally glitch the skills for gags.

    hmm, yes that's me.. been "lurking" in old forum since 2013 but i rarely been arround because i come and go so often. Wiz not my main before, so i don't think anyone will remember me.. switched to wizard because i no longer play shuri ^^


    Anyways I'm curious to see a wiz/lancer vid to show your rotation, my main concern being if it's even feasible to charge up lancer runes in your rotation and make use of Hymn of Doom more than twice or even once due to how short Icy Curse's ice storm field buff (5sec IIRC that feels like barely 3sec) is, I dropped Shuri Toss out of my rotation for this reason as a Wiz/Shuri because of how the damage is pretty low + I'll just end up spending more time trying to upkeep buffs rather than using actual DPS skills anyways, and what would your choice of 3rd mastery slot be, still -DEF% storm curse or +25%/+DT% Hymn of Doom?

    this TW wiz swap ele emblem, ele mount, and ele hat.. he/she only have few skill on hotbar and the rest are swap stuff. but i think it might not necessary because most of TW videos out there doesn't actually swap that much, they still nuke boss about 3~5sec, except daaat vault F13~F15.. in our server, i often find myself got ping-latency problem when doing swap, but still useful when do solo or vault.

    anyway since i've come here, might as well as posting my stat, was recently come back to AK again after long hiatus (i think i stopped mid 2016 or early 2017 i forgot) my sniper bottom speaks it clearly

    Desktop Screenshot 2018.03.27 -

    been doing research with lancer sub, and i think it has better "utility" than shuri in general, and shuriken toss keep bugged on me. my character will look out of place after jump-casted it and i really don't use anything except razor which makes me consider to try lance. Lancer has nice flat -def but not as good as HS Dry bone, and the burst skill doesn't need to wait for Chakra regen as long as you keep maintain ice storm and do lancer combo and refresh storm curse / icy curse as needed. kinda good for those who are not very strong yet. but if i'm +30 all, i'll choose shuri because it doesn't cost that much oGCD and boss can die in 2 - 5 skills which can saves chakra

    Wait, are you that one ChocoRoll wiz with a similar glasses avatar who also posted often on the old forums? off topic but really can't remember the name besides something like excalibur or some anime name and it's bugging me

    Accounts reported and banned, thanks. If you spot any other threads/accounts like that one then notify a GS via conversation or on discord.

    Also Aeria would never be that nice to give you rare mounts or a large amount of RC for free just FYI rudecat3 events with large prizes will almost always be on AK’s main page or Facebook, maybe discord via the announcement channel but that’s it

    Point of the new forum was to have better communication, no harm in tagging. I want them to see this so they know. youtried

    oh don’t worry they know, actually the product coordinator is heavily against it and stated that to the public as well, and one of the product managers also announced that they heard the suggestion and it’s pushed to the closet corner atm

    also no the forums were not transitioned for “better communication” that’s actually what the AKUS discord is for, the forums were just revamped because we were horribly behind other games who had long already updated theirs and finally dropped the broken sql

    its ok sylvie, its only a minor mistake and its still a viable bot set for shuri subs. still an awesome guide!

    yeah thats kinda the thing i dont like about it, i wanna be able to use bard sub from time to time and/or use the 95staff without worrying too much about cdmg. still a good bot set for shuri sub.

    I guess if one had the ability to min-max with a Move Speed set you could potentially place two different Ancient Revelation enchantment cards on your weapons and get those procs up from mob before switching to DPS set for boss? 15% each would cover the 30% missing from 95 staff, or one card plus Conflux buff (personally don't like using this especially for debuff-heavy dungeons), or +30 bottom set if you had the funds to do that might as well go full HS. Not sure how super important cards like that will be once Awakening is out or if anyone would feasibly do that given timed duration (if I remember right it's 15 seconds?) and cutscene impact but for right now with those who have finished Sundering bottom sets then the cards might have some use? In boss-only dungeons like Vault though, you'd have to get lucky spamming self-cast skills to get them to proc..

    And/or two CRITDMG7% + DD cards on both weapons assuming you're not picky about boss combat MS but given their way early release via paragon that's just $$$ until the actual dungeons that drop them come out

    Love it when XL rebalances and gives all other classes at least something interesting but for Wizard it's just "mOrE CDMG cAp!!1!1 oh but we aren't really giving you any extra means to achieve it have fun saberr"

    Really? O.O

    I always thought it is DMG to Auto Attacks because the detail dmg is not shown in detail stats.Maybe i should done some testing :D

    Can a GS confirm this?

    Thing is it does increase the 3 types of detailed damage and it does show in stats. Like zwerg said, Latte is different from the rest. SS on naked alt-


    For charge classes / slow burst, Latte will give more consistent damage, I’d expect that Tea bow/hs users on youtube most likely cherrypicked runs based on which had the most zeals tbh toad

    Thx for the reply, it may helps me to improve those guide. I think I have an idea now. I am going to separate the class guide. There a l lot of information is same for all classes, like ss or gears. I am going to put those things out from class guide, and make them to be several guides. And make class guide in to 3 part: feature, basic,advanced.

    There's not really any need to separate any information outside of your class guide / make multiple guides, just make it all comprehensive in one post as such is the traditional format of old and new guides i.e. Daybreak's GS guide / Mitchie's lancer guide / Asano's tachi guide (old forums). Even if the information is similar between classes, a short mention is all you need especially since you can't expect readers to flip through multiple guide tabs. There haven't really been particular complaints about the formatting of a guide before so no need to reinvent the wheel.

    make your tentacles read this dude8o And all I'm saying is , try to lessen their SALTINESS so aura kingdom will not run out of good players .Capture.JPG

    Hello there and welcome to the new forums! We on the GS team all love not-salty players as much as the next guy, but you, dear player, are being just about as equally bad as the other "trolls" and "cancer" and "saltiness" by participating in the fight. If you have absolutely no feedback to add to Diablo's guide "oh nice guide" and continue to be like this and attack other players, not just on this thread but on other threads, you may show yourself out the door with the Logout button.

    We also welcome you back to Aura Kingdom after what appears to have been a long break for you because it seems that you are still living a past meme where you think insulting a player's intelligence based, in this case an SGS, on their server and not on their past actions is so funny. The next direct and unfounded attack you make on any GS will not be tolerated. Consider yourself warned.

    And lastly, if you are really that concerned about the quality of certain posts, you are always free to notify any of the GSes and we will look into the matter. It'll definitely do us both good and save us time when we're offline ourselves to attend to real life duties.

    Have a pleasant rest of your day and play nice! Any continuation of any sort on this matter shall go elsewhere and not on this thread.