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    How 2 do quest faster w/ zero gear? birb2

    but ye I can agree with everything you said.

    Although PvP has been absolutely decimated

    Changing Centurion Battlefield into that 3 class NPC transformation absolutely ruined everything. It's not fun whatsoever, it's slow paced, wonky, and with less time than before, it's impossible to reach cap valor coins or get any decent amount of Valor Coins. Sometimes, you can't even kill the boss. What's the point of farming for purple weapons if you can't even use it in the biggest battlefield in which you participate in to get the currency to purchase said purple weapons. NOBODY likes this version of the centurion, who in the right mind actually thought this would be a good idea?

    The whole "giving PvP gear to lvl 70s" is completely pointless too as they can't even compete with the people within their matchmaking (Lvl 70-90s). It doesn't encourage PvP, because as soon as they enter, they get destroyed by lvl 90+ players. The Centurion Battlefield never starts, because there's literally no point. It's NOT fun at all as compared to it's previous version. The only daily quest barely gives a sufficient amount of Valor Coins a day, The highest level quest (Lv. 70) gives 100 Valor Coins, with the opportunity to get more from a chest, but even then, there's no guarantee that you'll get 100 more Valor Coins. This leads people to resort to literally going on alternate characters, and doing the quest over and over, which is beyond annoying.



    Bringing this old version of Centurion will possibly get it to start back up, because it actually provides players with Valor Coins to get PvP weapons. I know bringing it back has already been talked about, but it seems that it was just pushed away again.

    My attempt at a paragon table birb2 made in Photoshop

    paragon table puma.png

    All item names, IDs, amounts, etc found in spoiler! blushnana Tried to make it look as PoC-esque as possible

    IGN: Puma

    Server: Chimera


    AKUS definitely needs a server merge, with the population slowly dwindling, why not combine both servers and have everyone one big happy family, it might even bring back things like PvP with more people. grrr

    Regardless Phoenix has less players, so why not just merge them into Chimera? Rename the whole server if you have to to make everyone happy. alice_derp

    General dmg reduction is too less. 75% is the cap, but it can be decrease by the debuff like razor wind with mastery The book of shuriken.

    How serious?

    75% reduction mean others' dmg * 25%, and 40% means other's dmg *0.6. You receive 140% more !

    I am playing lightning Hs now, and my lightning skill deal 100k to -75% without any dd and back hit. If to you, it will be 240k.

    how to increase dmg reduction, already use dmg 2% / dmg taken -2% SS and thunderous weapon stones?(