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    Welcome and have fun in AK!

    If you wanna hang out with us more or maybe if you need some questions needed to be answered urgently, just join our Discord server for real time chat and support.

    Tho discord is still laggy atm so...

    It won't be easy as you wish it would be. For now, that's the only way you can fix it (tho for others, it isn't even required to do those steps)


    You can check those options yourself.

    For Windows 7:

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Click on the gear icon on the upper right (if it's present, if not skip to 3)
    3. Go to Tools
    4. Pick Internet Options
    5. Advanced
    6. Security section

    For Windows 10:

    1. Press start
    2. Type "Internet Options"
    3. Do the same above starting at step 5

    Alternatively, you can try clearing your internet option's cache and cookies too or upgrade to the latest version of internet explorer.

    Note: Must be internet explorer because that's what the game use as a medium to login.

    Thread moved to the right section (was previously in Technical Guides).

    This is the list that will serve as your Guild Directory in this forum.


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    pacayey~~~~~~~This is a break line till I find the motivation to make this post look pretty~~~~~~~pacaspy


    If you want your guild added, make sure you create a guild intro page then PM me the details either here on in Discord (Rio#4417).

    Note: You don't have to be a guild that's open for recruitment to make an introduction page and have your guild name on the list. You can make one even if you're a closed guild (for fun mainly!) to let others know you exist!


    If the money did not deduct from your account, you'll need to wait it out because you have reached the daily limit for purchases in Steam. It usually just takes a day.

    If the money did deduct but you haven't received your AP, you may send a ticket to billing about your issue with the transaction number that ate your money and email address you use on your Aeria account.

    It was really great and quite the experience working with you Sair! As much as I'd like to keep my cool (which I've been trying to do), SAIR WHY YOU LEAVE US QQ

    I've learned a lot from you as a fellow GS, then later as SGS when Nana left. We've clashed heads and opinions but for a good cause, we agreed on many things, didn't on some cases, but what can I say? Being in a team with you opened my eyes, our eyes, to some realities we need to see.

    Special shout out to the players that tried to fight the rules, how’d that go for you? Did your lawyer uncles ever contact aeria? Didn’t think so.

    Honestly the best thing I've read all day lmao 😂 but to heck, those times were funny yet sad at the same time.

    I'm wishing you all the best right now and in the future and hoping you pass everything that comes through your way! Don't forget to visit Karu and steal her posters for me too 😎 And I wish to continue seeing you again in AKUS from time to time and continue being fab enough to rekt those things we couldn't before 😉

    Dang, it's a monkaS in here.

    first floor PT VOE has the same bug as regular VOE; boss shields go down then back up within a split second. Fix when?

    Which part though? Human or Monster? It can happen to the monster one if you lure it to the pool too late and then the pool poofs, since it dissolves the shield on contact only.

    Did it take long? Heck yeah it did!

    My schedule in real life is not the best this week halpasjdlsdkflsg


    It's time to announce the winners!

    @atmoslash's A Gigasized Love

    @Spiral's One more time

    @Marsie's A Valentine's Oath

    Apologies for the delay, your entries were so amazing, funny, creepy, and just overall wonderful that it was hard to decide who the winners are! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and those who took interest in the event!

    Check out GS Dwgir's Design a Fishing Pet Event too!

    pacayey ~ Tune in next for more events to follow ~ pacaspy

    Note: Winners will be contacted in the next 12 hours here in the forum regarding the rewards.

    All participants were judged only through the given criteria above and those who violated rules had point reductions per violation.

    As in can I cut a piece from another screenshot then stick it on the final product. For example, cutting an npc from a different screenshot to paste on the final image I work on. That different screenshot won't be used as a whole in the 4koma, but only a part, and that part is the npc

    Oh, yeah that works! It's the same thing I did with the sample with Astraea's picture ^^


    Can I edit the main screenshot using a part of another screenshot

    I'm a bit confused by what you mean here.

    using materials from the aura kingdom database

    Sadly, image use is strictly in-game screenshots from the game only. We do not allow external images (things from AKDB is considered an external image as it is not screen-captured from the game) for various reasons :AK15:


    It's the month of hearts, and what's one way to show off your Valentine's ideas? Through manga form, of course!


    A yonkoma or 4-koma is a type of manga that presents four panels per comic strip that traditionally are the same size and stack on top of each other vertically. (Anime-Planet)

    The format will look like this image below: (from JapaneseWithAnime)

    Here's a sample that may help you get an idea!

    Got the gist of it? Let's head on to the event proper~


    ✔ The event is open to all envoys interested whether you may be from Phoenix or Chimera

    ✔ With Valentine's coming, create a valentine-themed yonkoma manga using in-game screenshots from Aura Kingdom only

    ✔ Maximize your yonkoma with photo manipulation, and additional manga effects with any software available~

    ✔ We welcome ANY genre that's applicable for PG13 audiences! Get wild with horror, fluff, gag, angst, drama, etc., as long as it's related to Valentine's Day!

    Only in image format posted here, in the forums, will be entertained!

    Make a forum thread in the Fanarts Section showcasing your work and only reply your thread’s link on this post

    ✔ The deadline will be on February 15, 2019 - 11:59 PM EST


    ✘ Only one 4-strip panel will be allowed. The only exceptions are if you're gonna be doing the same sample format as I've made above, and if you're gonna use different formats of yonkoma, but it has to be vertical panels only

    ✘ You cannot use any other 3D rendering software to manipulate a 3D model from Aura Kingdom (i.e. MikuMikuDance, Blender, XNALara, etc.)

    ✘ Rewards are not to be gifted to another pair of players

    ✔ There’s no maximum limit to how many screenshots you can use, so get wild!

    ✔ If you edit your guide after the deadline, it will result to minus points on your score card!

    ✔ Follow the Aeria Games-Gamigo Group's Terms of Service. If you don't, you'll be disqualified

    ✔ Posting your IGN and server on your thread is optional. Otherwise, if you don't post it and you've been chosen as a winner, we will contact you through forum messaging regarding those details

    Important: Due to past incidents and issues, only MY SIDE of the forum time will be considered. Any kind of intervention saying that the timing is incorrect will not be entertained

    ✔ Questions? Feel free to ask below or send me a DM on Discord @Rio#4417


    We have extra perks for you this Valentine's!

    ✔ If you win, you can choose a friend, or a significant other to receive the same reward as you! You heard it right!

    ✔ If you have no one to choose, then you will receive the reward as normal without any extra

    ✔ If your chosen friend, or significant other also wins the event, you cannot choose them to give your Valentine rewards to



    "How unique is your work compared to others? How derived or original is it from other works that can be found on the internet? etc."


    "Is your manga fun to read? Is it enticing and easy on the eyes? Is it funny/scary/sad/etc.?"


    "Is it simple yet straight to the point? Is it complex yet, could crack our bones in laughter? etc."

    Overall Content

    "Is this the best entry?"



    Being the Goddess of love, Venus will bestow up to three (3) winners and their friends/significant others these valuable rewards!

    First Place

    Venus’ Key of Gaia x1 + 4000 Ruby Coins + Facemask - Heart Specs

    Note: Player can ask for swap between furniture or costume. If they swap, their partner’s reward will be swapped too. Only applicable for the first place winner.

    Second Place

    Venus’ Key Fragments x5 + 2000 Ruby Coins + Red Passion Crystal Light

    Third Place

    Venus’ Key Fragments x3 + 1000 Ruby Coins + Red Passion Crystal Light



    May the Cube of Gaia bestow you enough luck to win the Goddess of Love, Envoy of Gaia!

    Winners will be announced sometime after the deadline and contacted via forum messaging for details regarding IGN and server.

    Locked. Please create a new thread and just link old threads in order to avoid necro'ing. We encourage everyone to remake threads if something is old already as it is a nuisance for some people who used to reply to this thread (cuz they will be pinged and notified and not everyone likes that).

    Hey there!

    We're introducing the ban appeal form for those who wish to have a legitimate second chance to be part of the AKUS Discord. Share the form to people you know that got permanently banned or muted and make sure to read the text on the form.

    Form Link:

    NOTE #1:

    This only applies to people who were PERMANENTLY banned or muted. Timed bans and mutes will not be entertained. If you're unsure whether your mute or ban is permanent, you may contact one of the Game Sages in Discord, in-game or in the forums.

    NOTE #2:

    This is NOT a ban appeal form for in-game bans or mutes. Please send a ticket and contact the team via the following link for such issues:

    Yeah those reaction points are the places where you can possibly get the Lost Locket. It's really random so just keep searching till you get it o/

    Hey there!

    It's that merry time of the year where we all give and receive gifts from our friends, colleagues, loved ones and so many more. The GS team would like to take this opportunity to extend our greetings for everyone in the AKUS community and our gratitude for everything in the last year through a video format (?). Although it was a last minute plan, our fellow GS Rikun was able to pull off a creative message + dance video we would like to dedicate to the community!

    And without further ado, we present to you a simple video pacaspy

    Giving away credits to the GS team, and Aura Kingdom (game and staff) for making this possible! Thank you very much everyone, and have a fruitful New Year~ pacayey


    Your AKUS Game Sage Team

    What do you mean by freezing though? The whole game freezes and doesn't respond or the game freezes but you can still hear background music?

    I agree with the above but as said, it's not the most optimal for bow. If you can and you're fine then sure, but generally, it mostly depends on the situation and most of the time, newbies who play bow would have a hard time jump casting while charging skills (as it ends up cancelling the skill + moving after jumpcast-charging, you'll be rooted into place until you release the skill at some times).

    If you plan to go long with bow and play it till the end, you'll have to switch out ASPD buff (if you plan to use that) to something else that's more optimal for bow (like dmg against element, etc.) to further maximize your dmg. Altho it'll depend on your future gears/setup as to what it will be.

    i just read your blog and i find most of the info useful i love the sorcerer class so much but i was wondering are there other eidolons you can use besides the one you suggested

    It can be any eidolon as long as it has the 25% atk speed and 45% dark damage stat reroll. People usually pick those Eidolons have advantageous skills like stun, nocturnal, def shred, etc. Since sorc naturally has no stun, it may be best to get an eidolon that has it and since Soul Draw is broken enough, having a nocturnal eidolon isn't as necessary, but those are my preferences. I usually run with someone who already has a nocturnal eidolon and can time it better than I do.

    At the end of the day, it's up to your preference as long as you can get the 25% atk spd and 45% dark skill dmg star buffs. Eidolons like Zephyrine and Muramasa naturally have 45% dark skill dmg star buffs so all you need to do is to reroll the 25% atk spd.

    Hiya, and no you don't so you won't be needing any external sources of atk spd. You get more dmg output if you fully charge your skills.

    This was something I didn't expect, and even though it came before I knew it, I wish you all the best! I hope you'd feel a lot better sooner than we all think and of course, always take care of yourself. We'll always be here if you need anything! Thanks a lot for being with us, even for a short while.