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    Did you change your ini files before? If not then that's lucky to maintain it at 144 without forcing it down to 60.

    Try different resolutions and play around with the window mode and maybe it'll work out. You can also try changing the screen frequency in the client.ini file in your AK's root folder manually, save then launch the client.


    AK does not typically support 144 that's why it forces back down to 60.

    There's one guy who said that they can play 144 @ 1600x900 resolution tho so you can try that. Can't guarantee it'll work tho

    After weeks, finally, I found the free time and motivation.

    Norro (X: 690, Y: 665)

    - Talk to him to get the Power Clip

    - Right click on the Power Clip to auto-route

    - Select a Waves Sarpa and use the Power Clip on it (right click) to receive the Fantastic Fish Scale

    - Continue doing this until you have 3x scales

    - Go back to Norro and hand the scales over

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish

    Eva (X: 711, Y: 515)

    - Talk to her to get Fresh Flowers

    - Talk to Dott (X: 691, Y: 594) so Nannan the dog will appear

    - Try to pet Nannan to get Saliva-covered Flowers. Be quick tho, it disappears very quickly

    - Go back to Eva and choose the second option

    Lily (X: 781, Y: 549)

    - Talk to her to receive a Treasure Map.

    - It will say "Follow the sounds of the singing sarpa. Don't be afraid of swimming against the current." That basically refers to an area with Sarpas and a strong current (waterfalls)

    - Go to X: 440, Y: 80 to find an Insconspicuous Teasure Chest (Run around that area till it appears)

    - Attack the chest to turn it into an Ill-Tempered Treasure Chest

    - Kill it to finish

    Trembling Grass Sprite (X: 611, Y: 762)VD9vmF1.png

    - Talk to it and choose the first option

    - You will receive a buff along with an observation skill

    - Deselect the sprite (if you have him selected) and use the skill within 15 seconds

    - Finish the cutscene to complete

    - After that, talk to it again and choose the second option to get a Mountain Root

    - Keep the Mountain Root in your inventory for now

    Strange Horn (X: 500, Y: 260)

    - Pick up the Strange Horn

    - Go to X: 94, Y: 169 and talk to Marge

    - Follow him and let the cutscene finish

    Collar (X: 460, Y: 413)OBwdise.png

    - Pick up the Collar

    - Give it to Lassey (X: 688, Y: 584) to get the Super Beef Jerky

    - Lassey will tell you about places with water

    - Visit X: 353, Y: 657 to find the Greedy Dog Lydon

    (Note: Super Beef Jerky must be in your inventory for him to appear)

    - Talk to Lydon and feed the jerky

    - Go back to Lassey and talk to him to finish the quest

    Lorna (X: 714, Y: 204)

    - You will need a radish from the Trembling Grass Sprite (X: 611, Y: 762; You should have this already)

    - Pick up a wild mushroom at X: 236, Y: 146

    - Go to Lorna and hand over the ingredients

    Big Brother Mountain God (X: 204, Y: 86)

    - Talk to the Big Brother Mountain God and answer his question

    - Talk to Middle Brother Mountain God and answer his question

    - Talk to Little Brother Mountain God and answer his question

    - If you get it all right, you'll get a completed Mountain God Stone

    - Right click on the stone to automatically autopath to your next location

    - Talk to the Stone Tablet and finish the cutscene

    Confused Soldiers Simone (X: 146, Y: 507)

    - Talk to him to get the Old Necklace

    - Go to X: 165, Y: 714 and a Tombstone will appear

    - Talk to it and put the necklace on it

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish the oddity

    Mysterious Man Laster (X: 201, Y: 721)

    - Talk to Laster to get the Old, Broken Sword

    - Enter Dawn Passage solo and right click the sword in the following coordinates:

    > X: 520, Y: 329 (Storm)

    > X: 536, Y: 376 (Flame)

    > X: 517, Y: 685 (Lightning)

    - An earthquake will occur after which will make the chest at X: 480, Y: 822 accessible

    - Destroy the chest to get the Heroic Soul Blade

    - Go back to X: 676, Y: 430 where Mara used to spawn and right click the Heroic Soul Blade

    - Defeat the Ancient Brave Spirit that will appear

    - Go outside and talk to Laster

    - Choose the second option to finish the oddity

    Credits: AKDB & Ichiyo for the moral support :AK19:


    Try adding Launcher.exe and game.bin in your firewall's exceptions. Make sure to let both connect privately and publicly. And also your antivirus's exceptions or anything that can possibly block the launcher from connecting to the internet.

    If that doesn't work, have you tried using a different internet connection or a VPN?

    We may have not interacted much but actually great to have worked with you in the background. We'll miss you but I hope your journey gets better! As they say, "when one door closes, another opens".

    And I just have to leave this here:


    Good luck ahead and come visit us from time to time cat5

    Cause that certain wizard guide is outdated 2018.The game has progresses a lot so it makes old guide pretty much out dated and isn't keeping up with the current meta.The unfinished guide is an updated version of the guide which make more sense to put updated guide first then put an old guide

    I just checked. It doesn't look outdated to me


    On the other hand: This is nice though. Just needs a lot of work

    The Olympus World Boss Team

    Information Thread

    With the server merge happening, what's going to happen to the world boss? What's a world boss even? Which world boss are we referring to? This information post should help you with understand what will happen from now on. I've added a fresh players' FAQ at the end as well.

    A Big Disclaimer First of All

    This is a player-ran raid and is not handled by the GS team nor the Aeria Games staff even though some of the goat leaders/editors are people from the GS team. Should any error, problems, suggestions, discussions occur regarding the links or the whole thing, it can be expressed in this thread. A goat leader will answer you whenever they're able to.

    Now that it's cleared up, let's move on.

    Quick Links:

    What will happen to the world boss team that leads their corresponding servers?

    • The current world boss team from both servers will be merged into one
    • Existing leaders from both servers will continue leading
    • The names of active leaders are written on the WB sheet (refer to the Quick Links above)

    The channels and spawn times are hidden, what the heck?

    • Okay so first, calm down
    • The team has decided to adapt Chimera's style of leading where all channels are hidden (so nothing will be new to people who are from Chimera)
    • This is to avoid unwanted nuking or sniping for everyone's sake
    • There will be active leaders that will guide everyone to which channel you will go to next
    • Trust us, we do not wish to keep the times for ourselves but omg snipers and nukers everywhere and that will ruin the whole thing

    How does the new team work with the channels being hidden?

    • A leader will shout the next channel to go to in region chat so please make sure you open it
      • For abbreviation purposes, the leaders will shout the channels like this:
        • v1 = Vulture's Vale Channel 1 (v2, v3, v4)
        • b1 = Blizzard Berg Channel 1 (b2, b3, b4)
      • If a leader says "b1", that means you need to switch to channel 1 in Blizzard Berg, etc.
      • If a leader doesn't say "b" or "v" and just a number, it means you just need to switch channels while being in that same map
    • We will make sure everyone gets the word to the next channel and we suggest to party up so you can catch up with your party mates
    • Please follow what a leader says. The following below are what's commonly used during goat runs:
      • "Slow" or "slowdown" = This means to not attack the goat in full force in order to fix the spawn times or possible gaps
      • "Gap" = This means you need to wait a bit till the goat spawns or till you switch channels
      • "Nuke" = Kill the goat as fast as you can
      • "Echo" = A repeat of what the next channel is
    • Fair warning: Make sure to follow a leader whose name is written on the WB sheet so you won't get lost or misled by a random person (unless they're only echoing the next channel)
      • There are times when there will be a leader whose name isn't written on the public world boss sheet
      • We refer to them as private editors who provide backup for everyone but wishes to remain anonymous
      • They will only shout channels if there is no leader available
      • We will do our best to keep things afloat and avoid any sort of losses for everyone

    I got lost, I don't know the next channel, what do I do?

    • You can PM any world boss leader available for that
    • You can ask in world/trade chat about it and a leader or random player will reply to you

    What happened to the public sheet where we can put times anonymously? (For Phoenix people)

    • It has been removed because it defeats the purpose of the new system
    • You may still keep your own times privately but please, we are hoping you cooperate with us so it doesn't get ruined for others

    New World Boss Sheet Layout Guide


    The only thing we ask for is cooperation. It will be vital for every world boss spawn so everyone can hit the goats. Please do not be greedy, everyone gets the same boxes at the end of the day.


    For Fresh Players:

    What is a world boss?

    • A world boss is a rare spawn of bosses according to specific times
    • You can see most of the initial spawn times in Aura Kingdom DB
    • If a world boss is killed, its spawn time won't be the same as the one written in the DB (refer to above)

    Which world boss are you guys referring to?

    • We're referring to the bosses that spawns in Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg (and we normally refer to them as "goats")
    • This WB team will not take note, deal with or lead any of the mini bosses (Mac, Bansky, Mordecai, Daphne) or the huge bosses (Elbiolo, Kalishia, Mechium, Abenthy, Keres)

    Where do I go to attend the raid?

    • Follow the Olympus WB Sheet and check the "WB Start" cell
    • As written above, "V1" corresponds to Vulture's Vale Channel 1, etc.
    • The location where the boss will spawn is at the follow coordinates:
      • Vulture's Vale - X: 161, Y: 784 for Banoleth
      • Blizzard Berg - X: 264, Y: 88 for Bisolen

    At what time do I go for the raid?

    What are the rewards?

    • The reward is a Battlefront Merit Chest which contains the following:


    • You don't get all of it though but the whole point of it is for getting Loyalty Points

    Any tips for newbies attending goats?

    • You must have access to Vulture's Vale and Blizzard Berg maps in order to participate
    • Always be attentive to region chat to see which channel will be shouted next
    • Get your channel switching interface ready always
      • Click the gear on the lower right > Switch channels
    • Partying with randoms or your friends can help you or them relay the next channel
    • Follow what the leaders say in region chat
    • To go to Blizzard Berg's boss location faster, go through the Meriland Outpost portal and run:


    That's it for now. Any questions or maybe additional things that I can add will be added later.


    Credits: AKDB & The Olympus WB Team

    Heya, try any of the following and see if it helps your problem:

    • Clear your internet explorer's cache (Yes, it has to be Internet Explorer, not any other browser)
    • Clear your game's temp files
      • Right click on the Aura Kingdom shortcut
      • Open file location
      • Look for the Temp folder and open it
      • Delete everything that's inside
    • Restart your PC and/or your router
    • Connect to a different wifi/internet connection that you don't usually use (like mobile data via mobile hotspot, etc.)
    • Use a VPN service (I can't recommend anything so be careful when you're googling for VPN softwares)

    Make sure you try running your client every after bullet and just do the next one if it didn't work. Come back if nothing works.


    The Ticket System

    With the new ticket system in place, it makes players slightly confused on how things work since Gamigo merged all of their games into one ticket system including their Glyph support. It's pretty straight forward tho, but still confusing for some.

    This is a reprint of the guide that can be found in our Discord bot's commands and can be accessed by typing &ticket or &ticketguide in our Discord server's #bot-cave channel.

    How to Send a Tickety67UxZN.gif

    Ticket Link:

    Yes, the support will send you to Gamigo's page instead of Aeria Games' page. This is because Aeria Games is now under the Gamigo Group.

    Step by Step:

    • Select Submit a request (Non Glyph accounts)
    • Type the email address you would like to website to use to reply to you

    • Note: It is recommended that you use the same email address that is linked to your Aeria Games account!

    • Choose the type of issue (refer below for explanation)

    • Choose Aura Kingdom in the Gamigo Group Games list

    • Explain your issue like writing an email

    • Make sure you include your Aeria Games account name

    • Feel free to attach images or proofs of anything you'd like to report


    • You do NOT need to make an account to send a ticket.
    • You're not required to put your credit card number.
    • We encourage everyone to attach a full, un-cropped and unedited screenshots and videos when adding an attachment especially if it's a player report. Refer to this guide on how to report players properly.


    Types of Issues

    • Account Deletion
      If you wish to delete your account or inquiries about it, please proceed here.
    • Account Issues
      For lost, banned, hacked, etc., accounts. If you forgot your Aeria account name or e-mail address, etc.
    • GM Services
      For inquiries or services related to GM wishes, character/guild renames, character recovery, etc.
    • In-Game Issues
      For bugs, localization (Please go here for localization errors instead), glitches, questions regarding the game, technicalities, etc.
    • Payment Problem
      For purchasing problems such as account daily limits, suspension due to first time purchase/first time purchase in 6 months, etc.
    • Report a Player
      For harassment issues, bullying, botting reports, anything a player does that's against the Terms of Service or the Game Rules.

    And that's pretty much it. Though it's not necessary to write down or reprint the whole guide in the forums, it's still a common problem for players today who don't usually use Discord. Hopefully, this will help.


    Update: Here's another guide written by our dear CM!

    Phew, creating oddity guides is quite tedious. I'll probably make one for Gloomy Ridge when I'm not busy/lazy enough to do them. If anyone else does it- kudos to you, I can sleep tight at night.

    Phillip (X: 684, Y: 345)

    - Get the camera from Phillip

    - Go to Sideralis Square (X: 244, Y: 427)

    - Use the camera (right click)

    - Go back to Phillip and return the film

    Latour (X: 710, Y: 360)

    - You'll teleport after you talk to him

    - After teleporting, approach any of the soldiers and investigate

    - If you choose the right corpse, you will get a black screen and teleport again (It's random)

    - Short conversation between Latour and Magnus will start. Just wait for it to finish

    Kermaine (X: 640, Y: 206)

    - Go near Ollie (X: 759, Y: 416) and talk to any unnamed mushroom around them

    - Take some of the mushroom and bring it to Kermaine

    - If you bit the mushroom, go back to Kermaine to transform back to normal

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish

    Lang (X: 782, Y: 466)

    - Talk to Lang to receive the Empty Bottle

    - Go to Sideralis Square (X: 130, Y: 461) and stand on the glittering area

    - Use the Empty Bottle (right click) to get the Water Bottle

    - Go back to Lang and give the water

    - Wait for the black screen and cutscene to end

    Blood Crystal (X: 125, Y: 420)

    - Defeat the Unknown Monster at X: 125, Y: 420 then talk to the Blood Crystal that will appear after

    - Wait for the cutscene to happen

    - Keep the Broken Blood Crystal in your Inventory for now

    Little Girl (X: 793, Y: 653)

    - You need her lunchbox first, it's at X: 79, Y: 41 (Go up the waterfalls)

    - Return to the Little Girl and give the lunch box to her

    - Wait for the black screen and cutscene to be over

    Mystery Man (X: 513, Y: 783)

    - You need the Broken Blood Crystal first. Finish the Blood Crystal Oddity to obtain it

    - You have two options to go from here. Give him the crystal as is for an extra cut scene but it will not complete the oddity (from my experience but you can try either way)

    - Go to Otto in who's in the Holy Shield Forest (X: 636, Y: 214) and exchange the Broken Blood Crystal with a Dim Blood Crystal

    - Go back to the mystery man and give him the Dim Blood Crystal to complete the oddity

    Francis (X: 454, Y: 763)

    - You need to gather his research notes. They're located in the following:

    - Scattered Research Notes - I (X: 687, Y: 435)

    - Scattered Research Notes - II (X: 157, Y: 299)

    - Scattered Research Notes - III (X: 525, Y: 102)

    - After gathering, right click on Research Papers - I to fuse the 3 papers to receive the Complete Forbidden Technique Paper

    - Return to Francis and talk to him. Either choice completes the oddity

    Dofoe (X: 123, Y: 655)

    - Talk to him. Choosing the first option will give you a Blood Crystal

    - Go back to town where there are bunch of soldiers like X: 683, Y: 263

    - Right click on the Blood Crystal to summon Otto

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish

    Another way of finishing the oddity for Dofoe:ekNBB2G.png

    - Choosing the second option will give you a Demon Notebook

    - You must listen to these conversations to obtain information for the notebook. You will receive a buff once you finished them

    > Marina (X: 793, Y: 544)

    > Landon (X: 579, Y: 263)

    > Sanjay (X: 484, Y: 162)

    > Thompson (X: 267, Y: 316)

    - Go back to Dofoe and hand over the notebook

    Tanar (X: 374, Y: 566)

    - Talk to Tanar and get the Flower Ring item

    - Go to Jefferson in Holy Shield Forest (X: 608, Y: 259) and give him the ring

    - Wait for the cutscene to finish


    Credits: AKDB

    A Quick How-To Guide for Reporting Players In-Game

    Reporting can be done in three ways:

    • Sending a Game Sage a private message
    • Sending a ticket
    • Sending a Community Manager a PM (Not recommended)

    What is a Game Sage?

    They're volunteer players who either act as community representatives or moderators for the game. Full information can be found here.

    How can I know if a Game Sage is legit?

    1. You may check the list of Game Sages through this link on the forum. This list is always updated when a new GS comes in or an old GS leaves.
    2. A Game Sage will always be on the Official Aura Kingdom Discord Servers. They will have a <GS>, <SGS> or <LGS> tag before their name and will be on top of the memberlist of Discord. They will also have the GS role on.
    3. A Game Sage can contact you using a tagged character in-game. I.e. their name will appear as <LGS>Rio in contrast to normal players who have no <> on their name.

    Why is sending a Community Manager a PM not recommended?

    CMs are very busy people because they attend to a lot of things on a daily basis. If you send your report to a CM, they may reply late or not be able to attend to you until they have free time compared to reporting through a GS.

    If you want a faster and a more responsive support, feel free to contact a GS instead. We don't forbid you from sending CMs a PM although.

    DISCLAIMER: We can only entertain player reports that happened/is happening inside the game. Any reports that involve Discord screenshots ONLY may be reported to Discord's Trust and Safety Team.

    1 - Harassment

    Harassment includes anything immoral done against you or your party. Most of the said offenses can be seen in the Terms of Service and the in-game rules. This also includes scam issues.

    If a player is harassing/scamming you in-game, make sure to remember these tips:

    1. Take a full-screen, uncropped and unedited screenshot/s containing your message exchange with the player you're reporting. We can't emphasize this enough.
    2. Be careful of what you say back to the person harassing you. Players have the right to counter-report you if you harass or threaten them.
    3. Context wins. I.e. If you're reporting someone because you harassed them first, you'd basically be reporting yourself and so on.

    When reporting scam issues, don't report a player if they simply COD'ed or sent you the incorrect item (value/amount/type/etc.).

    • Talk to them about it first since it can be just an accident or something and simply return the COD mail
    • If you somehow mess up and accepted the incorrect item, talk it out with them first
    • Only proceed to reporting if the dispute isn't settled (I.e. they blocked you or refuse to give it back, etc.)

    Most importantly, be careful and always double check everything!

    • We cannot return to you what you lost as it is the player's (your) responsibility when it comes to handling transactions
    • Your loss to scam issues is not the staff's, GSs' or the company's responsibility. Please handle transactions with care

    Important Note: A GS will NEVER agree to middle-manning trades or any kind of player transactions.

    • We are not allowed to do this nor should we allow ourselves to regardless of any kind of payment after the transaction
    • Any GS found to agree to such can be reported to the Community Managers, Senior GS or Lead GS (yours truly)
    • Always check if a GS is legit or if the GS's account is real and not fake. Fake accounts are actually made to scam players especially on Discord!

    2 - Botting

    If you feel like someone you see is botting and you wish to report them, remember to do the following:

    1. Take an unedited and uncropped video of the player in action. Make sure their name is visible in the video.
    2. If you feel like they're doing a task that needs presence yet they seem AFK (i.e. Manual Fishing, Archeology, etc.), send them a message. If possible, include this in the video.
    3. Screenshots show nothing. Screenshots won't be entertained when reporting player bots as a still image can't show how they're botting. The only exceptions are chat bots (spammers) and fishing bots (cluster bots that look the same while fishing in one single spot).

    3 - Inappropriate Names

    This one's the easiest. If you spot an inappropriate name, capture a screenshot of it and send the screenshot to a Game Sage. It doesn't matter if it's edited or cropped as it can be easily detected unlike harassment reports.

    Regarding the uncropped/unedited screenshots and videos, we know that your in-game name will be visible for us to see but don't fret, your identity will be 200% confidential and you will never be exposed to anyone, ever.

    Note: The team cannot view message logs in accordance to GDPR. This is why we ask players to send us screenshots of what happened.

    For questions, feel free to ask below.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What happens to the people I reported?
    A: Disciplinary actions will be sanctioned accordingly.

    Q: I still see them online! Why aren't they banned?
    A: Reporting is a case-to-case basis; just because you reported them once doesn't mean they'll instantly get banned. Even in-game, chances are given to people to change but that doesn't mean your report goes unnoticed.

    Q: Okay then, won't reporting them be useless?
    A: No, your reports will count as "strikes" for disciplinary actions to happen.

    Q: I only reported someone once but they instantly got banned.

    A: Probably cuz of the following reasons:

    • It was their last strike
    • Their offense is found to be too offensive and the proof is very solid and strong

    Q: Are bans permanent?

    A: Some are, some are not.

    Q: I'm a victim of a false ban. I AM INNOCENT!

    A: Send a ban appeal through the ticket system.

    Q: I got banned! What do I do?

    A: Send a ban appeal through the ticket system.

    Q: Does this button work?


    A: No, it does not.

    Since I planned to make a guide for my SO, I should just also share it with everyone else. These are not exact coordinates but it's a rough estimate from AKDB.

    The red dots indicate where they roughly are, but I didn't include which conversations these are. There are 10 conversations per map.

    Gloomy Ridge


    Drowsy Cave


    And that's it. For other maps, dunno about those since there are lots of online guides on google right now. We'll see tho.


    Credits: AKDB

    Welcome and have fun in AK!

    If you wanna hang out with us more or maybe if you need some questions needed to be answered urgently, just join our Discord server for real time chat and support.

    Tho discord is still laggy atm so...

    It won't be easy as you wish it would be. For now, that's the only way you can fix it (tho for others, it isn't even required to do those steps)


    You can check those options yourself.

    For Windows 7:

    1. Open Internet Explorer
    2. Click on the gear icon on the upper right (if it's present, if not skip to 3)
    3. Go to Tools
    4. Pick Internet Options
    5. Advanced
    6. Security section

    For Windows 10:

    1. Press start
    2. Type "Internet Options"
    3. Do the same above starting at step 5

    Alternatively, you can try clearing your internet option's cache and cookies too or upgrade to the latest version of internet explorer.

    Note: Must be internet explorer because that's what the game use as a medium to login.

    Thread moved to the right section (was previously in Technical Guides).

    This is the list that will serve as your Guild Directory in this forum.

    List of Guilds - Olympus

    If you want your guild added, make sure you create a guild intro page then PM me the details either here on in Discord (Rio#4417).

    Note: You don't have to be a guild that's open for recruitment to make an introduction page and have your guild name on the list. You can make one even if you're a closed guild (for fun mainly!) to let others know you exist!


    If the money did not deduct from your account, you'll need to wait it out because you have reached the daily limit for purchases in Steam. It usually just takes a day.

    If the money did deduct but you haven't received your AP, you may send a ticket to billing about your issue with the transaction number that ate your money and email address you use on your Aeria account.

    It was really great and quite the experience working with you Sair! As much as I'd like to keep my cool (which I've been trying to do), SAIR WHY YOU LEAVE US QQ

    I've learned a lot from you as a fellow GS, then later as SGS when Nana left. We've clashed heads and opinions but for a good cause, we agreed on many things, didn't on some cases, but what can I say? Being in a team with you opened my eyes, our eyes, to some realities we need to see.

    Special shout out to the players that tried to fight the rules, how’d that go for you? Did your lawyer uncles ever contact aeria? Didn’t think so.

    Honestly the best thing I've read all day lmao 😂 but to heck, those times were funny yet sad at the same time.

    I'm wishing you all the best right now and in the future and hoping you pass everything that comes through your way! Don't forget to visit Karu and steal her posters for me too 😎 And I wish to continue seeing you again in AKUS from time to time and continue being fab enough to rekt those things we couldn't before 😉

    Dang, it's a monkaS in here.

    first floor PT VOE has the same bug as regular VOE; boss shields go down then back up within a split second. Fix when?

    Which part though? Human or Monster? It can happen to the monster one if you lure it to the pool too late and then the pool poofs, since it dissolves the shield on contact only.

    Did it take long? Heck yeah it did!

    My schedule in real life is not the best this week halpasjdlsdkflsg


    It's time to announce the winners!

    @atmoslash's A Gigasized Love

    @Spiral's One more time

    @Marsie's A Valentine's Oath

    Apologies for the delay, your entries were so amazing, funny, creepy, and just overall wonderful that it was hard to decide who the winners are! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and those who took interest in the event!

    Check out GS Dwgir's Design a Fishing Pet Event too!

    pacayey ~ Tune in next for more events to follow ~ pacaspy

    Note: Winners will be contacted in the next 12 hours here in the forum regarding the rewards.

    All participants were judged only through the given criteria above and those who violated rules had point reductions per violation.

    As in can I cut a piece from another screenshot then stick it on the final product. For example, cutting an npc from a different screenshot to paste on the final image I work on. That different screenshot won't be used as a whole in the 4koma, but only a part, and that part is the npc

    Oh, yeah that works! It's the same thing I did with the sample with Astraea's picture ^^


    Can I edit the main screenshot using a part of another screenshot

    I'm a bit confused by what you mean here.

    using materials from the aura kingdom database

    Sadly, image use is strictly in-game screenshots from the game only. We do not allow external images (things from AKDB is considered an external image as it is not screen-captured from the game) for various reasons :AK15:


    It's the month of hearts, and what's one way to show off your Valentine's ideas? Through manga form, of course!


    A yonkoma or 4-koma is a type of manga that presents four panels per comic strip that traditionally are the same size and stack on top of each other vertically. (Anime-Planet)

    The format will look like this image below: (from JapaneseWithAnime)

    Here's a sample that may help you get an idea!

    Got the gist of it? Let's head on to the event proper~


    ✔ The event is open to all envoys interested whether you may be from Phoenix or Chimera

    ✔ With Valentine's coming, create a valentine-themed yonkoma manga using in-game screenshots from Aura Kingdom only

    ✔ Maximize your yonkoma with photo manipulation, and additional manga effects with any software available~

    ✔ We welcome ANY genre that's applicable for PG13 audiences! Get wild with horror, fluff, gag, angst, drama, etc., as long as it's related to Valentine's Day!

    Only in image format posted here, in the forums, will be entertained!

    Make a forum thread in the Fanarts Section showcasing your work and only reply your thread’s link on this post

    ✔ The deadline will be on February 15, 2019 - 11:59 PM EST


    ✘ Only one 4-strip panel will be allowed. The only exceptions are if you're gonna be doing the same sample format as I've made above, and if you're gonna use different formats of yonkoma, but it has to be vertical panels only

    ✘ You cannot use any other 3D rendering software to manipulate a 3D model from Aura Kingdom (i.e. MikuMikuDance, Blender, XNALara, etc.)

    ✘ Rewards are not to be gifted to another pair of players

    ✔ There’s no maximum limit to how many screenshots you can use, so get wild!

    ✔ If you edit your guide after the deadline, it will result to minus points on your score card!

    ✔ Follow the Aeria Games-Gamigo Group's Terms of Service. If you don't, you'll be disqualified

    ✔ Posting your IGN and server on your thread is optional. Otherwise, if you don't post it and you've been chosen as a winner, we will contact you through forum messaging regarding those details

    Important: Due to past incidents and issues, only MY SIDE of the forum time will be considered. Any kind of intervention saying that the timing is incorrect will not be entertained

    ✔ Questions? Feel free to ask below or send me a DM on Discord @Rio#4417


    We have extra perks for you this Valentine's!

    ✔ If you win, you can choose a friend, or a significant other to receive the same reward as you! You heard it right!

    ✔ If you have no one to choose, then you will receive the reward as normal without any extra

    ✔ If your chosen friend, or significant other also wins the event, you cannot choose them to give your Valentine rewards to



    "How unique is your work compared to others? How derived or original is it from other works that can be found on the internet? etc."


    "Is your manga fun to read? Is it enticing and easy on the eyes? Is it funny/scary/sad/etc.?"


    "Is it simple yet straight to the point? Is it complex yet, could crack our bones in laughter? etc."

    Overall Content

    "Is this the best entry?"



    Being the Goddess of love, Venus will bestow up to three (3) winners and their friends/significant others these valuable rewards!

    First Place

    Venus’ Key of Gaia x1 + 4000 Ruby Coins + Facemask - Heart Specs

    Note: Player can ask for swap between furniture or costume. If they swap, their partner’s reward will be swapped too. Only applicable for the first place winner.

    Second Place

    Venus’ Key Fragments x5 + 2000 Ruby Coins + Red Passion Crystal Light

    Third Place

    Venus’ Key Fragments x3 + 1000 Ruby Coins + Red Passion Crystal Light



    May the Cube of Gaia bestow you enough luck to win the Goddess of Love, Envoy of Gaia!

    Winners will be announced sometime after the deadline and contacted via forum messaging for details regarding IGN and server.