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    Hey there!

    It's that merry time of the year where we all give and receive gifts from our friends, colleagues, loved ones and so many more. The GS team would like to take this opportunity to extend our greetings for everyone in the AKUS community and our gratitude for everything in the last year through a video format (?). Although it was a last minute plan, our fellow GS Rikun was able to pull off a creative message + dance video we would like to dedicate to the community!

    And without further ado, we present to you a simple video pacaspy

    Giving away credits to the GS team, and Aura Kingdom (game and staff) for making this possible! Thank you very much everyone, and have a fruitful New Year~ pacayey


    Your AKUS Game Sage Team

    What do you mean by freezing though? The whole game freezes and doesn't respond or the game freezes but you can still hear background music?

    I agree with the above but as said, it's not the most optimal for bow. If you can and you're fine then sure, but generally, it mostly depends on the situation and most of the time, newbies who play bow would have a hard time jump casting while charging skills (as it ends up cancelling the skill + moving after jumpcast-charging, you'll be rooted into place until you release the skill at some times).

    If you plan to go long with bow and play it till the end, you'll have to switch out ASPD buff (if you plan to use that) to something else that's more optimal for bow (like dmg against element, etc.) to further maximize your dmg. Altho it'll depend on your future gears/setup as to what it will be.

    i just read your blog and i find most of the info useful i love the sorcerer class so much but i was wondering are there other eidolons you can use besides the one you suggested

    It can be any eidolon as long as it has the 25% atk speed and 45% dark damage stat reroll. People usually pick those Eidolons have advantageous skills like stun, nocturnal, def shred, etc. Since sorc naturally has no stun, it may be best to get an eidolon that has it and since Soul Draw is broken enough, having a nocturnal eidolon isn't as necessary, but those are my preferences. I usually run with someone who already has a nocturnal eidolon and can time it better than I do.

    At the end of the day, it's up to your preference as long as you can get the 25% atk spd and 45% dark skill dmg star buffs. Eidolons like Zephyrine and Muramasa naturally have 45% dark skill dmg star buffs so all you need to do is to reroll the 25% atk spd.

    Hiya, and no you don't so you won't be needing any external sources of atk spd. You get more dmg output if you fully charge your skills.

    This was something I didn't expect, and even though it came before I knew it, I wish you all the best! I hope you'd feel a lot better sooner than we all think and of course, always take care of yourself. We'll always be here if you need anything! Thanks a lot for being with us, even for a short while.

    Btw, what is your laptop specs?

    Would like to know this too. Also update your drivers to its latest version then retry.

    You should have a file called error.log in your Aura Kingdom's root folder. If you can provide that privately to me through mail, that would be helpful too.

    Aeria Games doesn't support Aeria Ignite anymore for a while now.

    I suggest you redownload the game through the new webclient or Steam to be able to play properly and (hopefully) without any issues. If youre having trouble downloading from those platforms, you can also try using the Minimal Client instead.



    The time when I finally have free time again we announce the winners has arrived!


    Cookie's Frigga Peak Travel Guide



    Jeanny's Port Morton Travel Guide



    Alexa's Navea Travel Guide



    Congratulations to everyone, especially the winners! Thank you very much for participating~ All of your entries were really amazing and made the decisions hard! Extra hard after that boopy mishap! wuwewuwe

    pacayey ~ Tune in next time in for our next forum event ~ pacaspy

    Note: Winners will be contacted in the next 6 hours here in the forum regarding the rewards.

    All participants were judged only through the image/written submissions posted by the users, and point deductions were done to those who edited/submitted parts of their entries beyond the said deadline.

    Ok now i hope there's no mishap here or else I'm gonna peel myself.

    Mishap?! God lol, the forum is one confusing tool. You know it's a biiiiggg error when you announce winners then suddenly you notice something that was really sneaky and hard to spot. But it's okay! Even potatoes aren't perfect, and so are hoomans. Good thing it was spotted early though! Credits to one of our users.

    Announcement of winners will be delayed again! Apologies for the inconvenience wuwewuwe

    To put it simply, it's situational. You may wanna go Delfonia / Guzigla combination for OW SFL & TOA then go Debaka / Guzigla for others.

    the flat def shred that you get, (that is in numbers) for eg. dry bones charged in HS or demolisher lance in lancer, is there any cap to it?

    Cap is 0 raw def. You can debuff a boss's raw def to 0 if you can.

    if so please tell me because im seriously thinking of switching my delfo with dabaka. looking forward to helpful answers!! tysm

    It's up to your preference but Dabaka would be good if you lack def shred and have a skill that can quickly spam the shred. But Awakening is gonna come anyways and when it does, you'll want a Winston / Guzigla trophy combination instead. (But I'm not saying that you need Winston / Guzi now)

    current endgame dungs have too much flat def for it

    Only for Otherworld SFL / TOA which has roughly 60k-65k raw flat def per boss (phew). Other end-game dungeons (specifically for Hell mode) currently only has around 40k+ which is still plausible and debuffable to an extent.

    Thank you all for the wonderful entries! We will be reviewing them and announcing the winners soon!

    I salute you all for the effort and marvelous works wuwewuwe

    Edit: Apologies for the delays, I've been incredibly busy for the past week :AK11: winners will be announced soon!

    Hey there!

    Having trouble downloading the game through the Aeria Games Aura Kingdom Web client like this error, and you don't wanna download through Steam? The minimal client is the thing for you!

    What is a minimal client installer?

    It consists of Aura Kingdom's game launcher and a few configuration files and acts as an alternative web client downloader for the whole game itself. Once the Launcher is ran, it will automatically download all necessary files needed for Aura Kingdom to work.

    Aura Kingdom System Requirements

    File Name: AKUS Minimal Client
    File Size: 1.61 MB
    File Type: ZIP Archive (.zip)
    File Host: Google Drive
    Contents: ✔ Launcher.exe
    ✔ Banner.ini
    ✔ connect.ini
    ✔ connects.ini
    ✔ LauncherMod.ini
    ✔ locate.ini
    ✔ WebBrowser.dll
    ✔ avital folder
    >> hxsken.sys
    >> hxsken64.sys
    >> hxsy.sys
    >> hsxy64.sys
    How to Use: 1. Download the file through Google Drive (link below)
    2. Extract the ZIP file to wherever you wish
    3. Run Launcher.exe as admin and let it download over time
    4. After it fully loads, press "Start" to continue playing Aura Kingdom

    Download the Minimal Client

    Client VirusTotal Scan

    The file has been approved by the Staff as an alternate way of downloading the game without the use of the web client and Steam. Hopefully, this helps and works out for you!




    Disclaimer: The file itself was provided by someone back then in the old forum before it was deleted. If anyone knows who they were, please let me know below so we can credit them properly. Thanks!


    Hey there Envoys! Wanna roast our GSs alive? Well now you can!

    Just kidding, but now we give you the chance to provide feedback and constructive criticism to the performance of our current Game Sages! Good, bad, terrible, great, you say it, we'll listen.

    You can fill out the feedback in the link down below:
    >> GS Feedback Form - August 2018 <<

    The form will be open until the 3rd of September, 2018 so you have 1 week to roast us fill it out.

    Update: The form has been officially closed! If you have any personal feedback or constructive criticism and has the need to say it out, you may send them via Ticket or PM any Senior GS available on Discord!

    pacayey Feel free to say what's in your mind, it'll help us out a lot. Thank you! pacaspy

    This isn't entirely true; it's potentially more the opposite. While it is true that the higher stats will potentially give you a bit higher crit overcap after Awakening (though if you're not a blessed player with high prayer stats and a huge eidolon collection and can't overcap crit after reductions by a nice margin, this part won't even matter then), I want to clarify that there's nothing in the mechanics of the changes of Awakening itself that directly makes the set effect become better. If anything, that very thing makes the gain from this set potentially diminish somewhat. It's not major at all or anything, but I just wanted to clarify that so people don't think the set is less important now.

    Well, I only mentioned that it's better in general and may be able to produce better output in general, not class specific. Also, I just mentioned that "it'll be more useful", and not saying that Awakening will make it automatically better. At some point, I'm aware that some classes will be hindered by this effect, specifically those that have really high cdmg cap.

    There are other options if we're gonna talk about it in a class-specific manner (but I'm not talking about that as so). In our future content and comparing current crafted sets, it's one of the better sets in general; assuming that this "generalization" means you have decent gears, can still relatively compensate other stats wisely, and still be able to cap your cdmg while using the set.

    Is the new CRIT 95 gold acce good for use now? o.O if you change from lv80 Perfect War to CRIT 90 Gold acce? o.O

    I thinking its better than 80 perfect war right now too O.o
    Or am i wrong?? :/

    Well yes, technically, the new 95 cdmg accessories are better than 90 or 80 just in terms of flat base stats alone. But of course, you'll lose those Imperial cores if you're an imp user. I do recommend you to have a separate MS set you can switch to if that's the case. It'll be more useful once awakening comes up too due to the new mechanics and debuffs from dungeons we will be receiving.

    :AK6: Adriiiiii, we will definitely miss you! Thank you so much for being a great CM to us and being with us through thick and thin. Definitely gonna miss those memes

    I do hope you enjoy your chicken dinner though, cuz that's gonna be one heck of a delicious and cool chicken! hypee


    There's a lot of magical and mythical places in the land of Terra and Pandora trusts you, Envoy of Gaia, to make a travel guide for her to see which place is the best to visit when Dante told her off to go somewhere~


    ✔ The contest is open to all envoys interested whether you may be from Phoenix or Chimera

    ✔ Make a travel guide of any map of your choice in written/text or image format only (digital or traditional). Come up with activities to do there and show why it’s a place that’s a must to visit!

    ✔ It must be in a form of a brochure, a guide book, or anything from simple to fancy, as long as it can catch anyone’s eyes! Get creative!

    ✔ Be historic! Make up your own lore, your own legends, your own history, even your own story about the area. Make it interesting, spooky, thrilling, joyful, anything that comes and goes in your head

    ✔ Use in-game screenshots of the locations themselves and make them look pretty and attractive! Don’t be afraid to use your hands to draw too though~

    ✔ We don’t have any given themes either!

    And we most certainly don’t have Dante’s undergarments!


    For written/text guides, make a forum thread in the Stories Section and

    For image guides, make a forum thread in the Fanarts Section showcasing your work and only reply your thread’s link on this post.

    ✔ You can only use one (1) map or spot! No exceptions

    ✔ The deadline will be on August 28, 2018, 11:59 PM EST! You have 2 weeks to make and prepare your guides~

    ✔ Your guide must include at least 3 screenshots from the game OR for traditional artists, 3 hand-drawn images related to the game. It can include anything that can fit your guide. There’s no maximum amount though so get wild!

    ✔ If you edit your guide after the deadline, it will result to minus points on your score card!

    ✔ Follow Gamigo Group's Terms of Service. If you don't, you'll be disqualified

    ✔ Posting your IGN and server on your thread is optional. Otherwise, if you don't post it and you've been chosen as a winner, we will contact you through forum messaging regarding those details

    ✔ Questions? Feel free to ask below!



    "How unique is your work compared to others? How derived or original is it from the original content in-game? etc."


    "Is your guide fun to read? Is it enticing and easy on the eyes? Does it have a lot of lore or self-made history? etc."


    "Is it simple yet straight to the point? Is it complex yet an adventure to read? etc."

    Overall Content

    "Will Pandora buy this guide?"



    Pandora will bless you with rewards if your's is one of the best three guides submitted!

    There can only be three (3) winners regardless of what format you chose to do or what server you are from.

    First Place

    Pandora’s Key of Gaia x1 + 4000 Ruby Coins + Lightning - Cyclone Airship

    Second Place

    Pandora’s Key Fragments x5 + 2000 Ruby Coins + Lightning - Cyclone Airship

    Third Place

    Pandora’s Key Fragments x3 + 1000 Ruby Coins + Lightning - Cyclone Airship



    May the Cube of Gaia bestow you enough luck to convince Pandora that yours is the best guide there is, Envoy of Gaia!

    Winners will be announced sometime after the deadline and contacted via forum messaging for details regarding IGN and server.

    Well, you're always free to contact the support team about it and maybe, a big maybe, they still have your character's data. There's a very small chance, but only the staff would know that.

    Although, purging inactive data/characters is normal in all MMOs to actually let new users make use of space that's been left aside for years. It's disappointing, but it's a common and normal thing like how food rots when you leave it and it's uncertain whether or not the owner will return to tend to it. So they just clean it up.