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    It feels like GMs are on vacation tbh so good luck with the wait.

    Also aren't you the same person who claimed losing items? Assuming you can still log into your account, how do you know they hacked you?

    Well of course you got a point. Obviously the economy didn't sink for a single bad decision.

    The scroll thing has been the last straw.

    I must say gold buying was being worked 2 years ago when a GM bothered enough to work on that, but then he was moved to another game. But what can you do, when usually the biggest gold buyers are also your biggest cashers?

    Bad management and bad decisions have been going on since long ago now. It's gonna be hard to fix. Most probably, they won't be able to.

    I don't play anymore because (apart of real life) with the time I could spend in game, I wasn't able to afford anything past +20 without spending real money I don't have.

    You know how much I love this game and fought for it and defended Aeria's ideas but I can't find the will to do so anymore.

    Bardock, really? +30 came out 2 years ago. You had time to create something new to get profit, instead you put a wall between +20 and +30 with that stupid fort insanity offer that keeps saving your butt again and again. Ability Transfer Scrolls don't damage in game's economy, it damages yours. You remove them so people have to pay for fort scrolls again when they get their new equipment.

    Long good bye to free players, not even the LP shop revamp that should have come like half a year ago will save them.

    You should learn how to focus on normal players instead of whales, and make those normal players want to spend on your game instead of building bigger walls.

    Your envoy looks good 😄 and for mastery skills, for now they look good too (once you can fortify everything up, you'll be able to move things around!)

    Some upgrades, probably won't do much better than this for a while.


    I might be one month late (totally).

    I forgot Titan's Flaming Soul trophy used to be a thing back in the day, which gives you more CRIT than DMG indeed.

    I would move your EVA points into HP, and start fortifying your gears to at least +15 so you can start moving DEF points into HP too.

    I don't know what is your envoy nor your masteries so I can't give specific detailed suggestions further than what I already told ya last time. So if you want to, feel free to PM me here or on Discord.

    Being somewhat viable doesn't make it better. Any class at +30 will just blow everything up rudecat16

    Howdy, howdy! It's your ex-gee es Nana with her -probably- last contribution to this great community.

    We always noticed there wasn't a guide for the Guardian Knight system, but we never did it! Today I was wandering around the forums and thought, "well, why not?", so here I am.


    So, what's the Guardian Knight System?

    This system allows you and 4 of your friends to get a stronger bond between each other! The advantages of this system are basically stats and the possibility of getting some cool partner interaction skills and special action emotes.

    That sounds cool! How can me and my friend become Guardian Knight?

    When you hit level 30, you will get a quest (automatic!) to talk to Romeo.


    Picture from

    So just go to Navea or Guild Hall and talk to him. The reward will be Magic Candy. And before continuing, let's talk about Bonding Value.

    Bonding Value is the point system this feature has. In order to become GKs, you need to have a bonding value of 60 with your friend.

    If you open your friendlist (O) and hover over the gift box, you'll see your actual bonding value with that person.


    Magic candy (and later, other items that I will tell) helps you at first with this.

    To send the magic candy you just have to click on the gift box to open a new window, click on the item and click "Gift".


    Once you've done this, get close to your friend and right click on their character panel to send them and invite!


    If they accept, you'll become Guardian Knights! Ezpz.

    Guardian Knight Life

    Now it's time for you to start doing the quests you'll see on your Guardian Knight panel in order to level up.


    The current Levels and Bonding Values for the Guardian Knight System are the following:


    And the stats each level offers are:

    • Level 1: DMG +128
    • Level 2: HP +86
    • Level 3: DMG +229
    • Level 4: 2% Discount from Guardian Knight Merchant
    • Level 5: HP +155
    • Level 6: DMG +366

    Remember each Guardian will give you these stats, they are cumulative!

    How to successfully level up

    1. Do your daily quests (the number will increase as you level up)

    2. Run dungeons together. The best are Gaia Sanctuary and Gaia Trial. Each boss you both hit and kill will give you points.

    3. Send each other a daily Rose (same way as the magic candy). To get said rose you just have to go to Navea and do the quest from O'Leary. It gives 20 bonding points.

    If you are lucky enough and have some Bouquet of Roses (they give 60 points), better send this!

    I want more Guardian Knights, but none of us can get the Magic Candy again

    Fear not! Remember the Rose? You just have to send it to eachother a couple of days to reach 60 points and then become GK.

    Guardian Knight Currency

    Whenever you complete a daily quest, you'll get Guardian Medals. You can buy stuff from Juliet (Navea or Guild Hall), and as any other specialist merchant, you'll be able to access the shop and all its content as you level up.


    This is where you can get the special skills and emoticons I talked about above.


    And after leveling up my Guardian Knights to max level, what do I do?

    Aura Kingdom has a Marriage system. Click on the gif to redirect yourself to the guide!



    Hope it was useful, special thanks to GS Rikun who I used to take screenshots without any consent <3

    If I missed anything, see some mistake/type etc, don't doubt and hit me up!

    Welcome back sir. Never had the chance to work with you since I joined after you left AK and quit before you re-joined :')

    Hope the team is good to you, wish you the best of lucks!

    Please take care of the GSs and the community rudecat12

    Casual player here...


    I know you didn't ask for advice but here I am anyway to maybe help you improve a bit your stats.

    Try to get your trophies:

    Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth + Guzigla's Broken Tooth

    OR (when you're able to craft both)

    Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth (Imperial) + Theory Time Travel Code (Bestial)

    I strongly recommend to get your lv80 Lordswrath set (30k gold dragon points per recipe) + lv80 Arcane accessories (same price as LW).

    If you can't afford crafting Arcane right now, you want lv75 Fatal Toxin to be your set (Nemeon's Cloak, Spider King's Fang, Gainey's Gastrolith).

    I'm curious about how duelist+sorc works together. If you'd like more dps go for shuri subclass -but if you enjoy sorc and you are performing okay with it, then nevermind :)-.

    Don't forget fortify and star leveling your gears up to +20 is very important (eventho trophies and accessories are always harder).

    After 19 months serving and with the rest of the original team I joined to MIA, it's my time to drop out.

    And since I don't want any speculation about my leave, I will just tell the truth: I love the game and the team, but I don't have motivation to play anymore. I was asked and tempted to stay after I announced my decision, but real life hit me hard during the past month and I need to put some order.

    I'm sure a lot of you won't even now who I am yet, others won't care, and maybe some will be happy.

    Either way, thanks to all of you. I will only talk about the good times and take them with me: the laughs, the incredible amounts of fun Aura Kingdom gave me, and the people who were worth my time.

    I want also to apologize if I ever made things wrong or if my passive aggressiveness fell over you.

    I will make a little reflexion here as a last wish, since I don't want to bore anyone. Never take things further than what this is: a game.

    Games are supposed to make us enjoy, since they offer us a world or a life we can't have in reality.

    Let's treasure that and forget about the rest.

    A big shout out to Abenthy and Mechium (and Adan!) who let me be part of this great whole mess called GS team.

    Prae and Skatch, you were the best mentors I could have asked for.

    Sair and Rio, please take care of the future generations, the team and the game as the new Senior Game Sages.

    Thanks to all of the GSs who volunteered to make things better, no matter if you are or not in the team anymore.

    Also a big thank you to the PMs and PC I was able to work or chat with, for keeping the game alive the best you know and can.

    And last but not least, to all the GMs who were once part of the team, to the actual GMs and also to the future new GMs who I don't know, but I'm sure they will do a great job.

    Please keep working hard, keep listening to each other and keep growing. And again, thanks Team for everything you taught me and for giving me this huge chance.

    Good bye, Aura Kingdom!

    May life bring us together again at some point.

    Love <3


    PS. I still like cats


    The i2 is probably the biggest reason for potato loading on top of the bad optimization.

    As a side note the game actually very well when on you're own but the second someone else loads in it freezes and starts lagging which is the reason behind the complication and why its poorly optimized.

    Yeee I know. Fund PC pls uglyyyy

    I guess everything influences when we are talking about the game performance.

    My old PC has an AMD card and it's complicated to run dungeons on party + potato screen loading. Fortunately my game doesn't really freeze (just so you get an idea, I'm moving the game with an ancient i2 processer and 8GB RAM).

    does the new update have anything to do with why it wont let me download it. it keeps saying the file is corrupt and can not be downloaded

    Probably not but this would go into technical section :) I'll send you a PM.


    The server IP is and I noticed on your tracing route it says

    Could you check on the 'connect.ini' file on your Aeria's folder if you have the server IP correctly? If you don't, please change to this one and save.

    (I am not sure if this will affect at all, since you seem to be connecting to the server but then disconnecting, but could have something to do and it's the only thing I can think of right now).

    As much as I would want to tell you what's going on, I fear that's impossible.

    Either way, let's try to find a solution for it.

    Easiest way: close steam completely (task manager) and then launch the game again.

    If this doesn't work, restart your PC.

    If both don't work, please provide us with more info about the crash (do you crash after pressing "start" or before? Etc).