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    Hello whats the current best trophies to use on this patch?
    SLVL 1 trophies has come, at the moment I am using Dabaka trophy + Guzigla, should i switch to Souler - Deadly Ice Ring + Dabaka?
    THANK YOU!!!

    In my opinion you'd want to do is stack up Frantic Lotus (the gap closer that adds up the stackable DMG taken) and burn the foe's HP down with Lotus Strike. The Frantic Lotus adds stacks of skill DMG taken +10% (stacks 10x so pretty much 100%) . That's what I would do as a PvP Katar.

    So you mean it would be any element XD thank youuu ^_^

    Dont get me wrong, but you mean its okay for us to not jump casting right? XD

    Hiya, and no you don't so you won't be needing any external sources of atk spd. You get more dmg output if you fully charge your skills.

    Oooh I see, cause sometimes when i miss jumpcasting it doesn't do the skill :D

    On this current patch.
    What classes do you think excelled the most on PVE?
    Whats the current ranking of classes on clearing dungeons party/hell? (assuming all has +20 items cause most of players only has +20)
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    • Spark and Flames: The global cool down has been reduced. The skill cast animation time has been reduced. Target will receive a debuff, if the main weapon is katar. Affected target will receive 50% more DMG from Lotus strike.
    • Electrocution: 5% chance to inflict additional DMG, if the main weapon is katar. DMG buff coefficient has been increased.
    • Meridian Activation: Additional increase of DMG and CRIT by 3%, if the main weapon is katar.
    • Whirlwind Kick: Flame element has been added to the skill.

    Is it me or i cannot feel the "reduced GCD" of Sparks & Flames skill?