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    Wiz Stats(jpeg).jpgHi everyone! I wanna get some advices from OP wizards and some explanations about future gearing. As i know i need more CDMG from secret stones and PEN-cards. I have enough dmg only for 10 floors Eternia's dung, WDD and full SN rudecat4

    Now my goal is Cesela for awakening or Eternia. In this time i go with usual IV Eligos. rudecat1

    Secret stones:

    Try to get DMG and CRITDMG, I personally prefer to get the high DMG, then get dmg against elements (pref dark, ice, fire, lightning) and aim for CRIT DMG secondary. You dmg against bosses is really really low, so I would work on that first.

    Do you have another trophy instead of the noripans? Delfonias Earring (or Debaka Trophy) is the one I would recommend.

    and here the last onees.

    Do you have any good ones? Shareee


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    here some moreee


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    I had sooo many left overs for the Screenshots Event :'D

    Might aswell sharreee


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    Dear Aeria Team.

    I am well aware that you try to sell stuff and that most of it is essential to keep the game up (I guess).

    But I personally think currently you do too much of advertising ingame. Which brings me to my complain.

    I personally always thought announcements ingame are annoying. Sure they help to remember times for PVP. But going to eat lunch and come back to this


    Is just a little bit annoying. Wouldn't it be better to make an extra menu or "newspaper" for ingame than spamming the chat with these? There are so many announcements lately that I stopped to even read them ( and I think many of my fellow players think the same).

    They are just as annoying as the Whisper-Spam in Sarpa's Forbidden Lab. (Move that to the story chat finally. TYVM)

    I'd be rather willing to read over a "upcoming events" or a "recent update and featured news" section ingame than having yellow text that just annoys in my chat. Ohter games do have the same, where they list all announcement at one point for the player to read.

    And if you don't like that idea, please try to lower the amount of announcements.

    Thanks for reading and please consider that.

    PS: what the heck is BOGO?

    PPS: Or at least make it that it only is visible in one chat.. and not all of them

    Yesterday a few people (mainly Har from Cupcakes and Lylun from Doombringers decided to start one of these Centurion Battlefields. Many of us were really skeptic about this "gear-less" PVP, but since we on Phoenix somehow love Holy vs. Evil (and it's starting ALOT, even before the ranklist-reward changes). So we thought we give Centurion another try.

    There were three/two rounds (the video was the first round) and at this point I'm going to quote Har, since I wasnt there for the last (two) round(s).

    Har, Leader of CupCakes wrote:

    I recorded the whole thing for research purposes and I noticed that in the 2nd match we all got kicked with 21 people
    1st match we started it with 41 players
    3rd match we started it with 41 players as well(edited)

    so it takes about 30 people to start it now? I wonder why they raised it back to 15 vs 15

    I'm trying to figure out if it's 15 vs 15 or 20 vs 20

    Edit: I think it's 15 vs 15, it kind of make sense. everyone was telling me 15 when they actually meant 15 vs 15 I bet

    So we think it needs 30 people to start, which is a lot for a "dead game" (shout-outs to all "game is dead qq"- cri kids). Tho it started two times.

    Short description for people, who haven't played it yet:

    You have to choose between three different classes. DPS, Tank and Healer.

    Your goal is to archive more points than the enemy team and the npc team (which are Varans that are hostile to the player. They also hurt). You get points by supporting your allies, killing other people and by capturing towers.

    My first impression was general confusion, but that is normal with these "gearless" / "class changing" PVP modes I guess.

    Second impression was: If your support doesn't use the movespd skill... YOU ARE SO DAMN SLOW. (I had that problem in HvE too tho)

    Same as Holy vs. Evil the best strategy is to group up. I felt like it's really necessary to bring all classes to the fight. But that is no bad thing: Every class has the chance to get kills. I had the most success with support and tank. The cooldown of skills are kinda okay on this game mode, it doesn't feel you are waiting 10 years for your skills :'D!

    Other than in holy vs evil, I have no problem to identify my opponent (which class they now have).

    My conclusion is, that this game mode is worth playing for those who want to get on the rank-list and farm valor coins. The game-pace feels kinda clunky, but I think that gets better with more experience with this game mode. Another negative point is, that many people who'd like to play this game mode, are simply living in a timezone, where you cannot come to the 4:20pm Centurion.

    So we probably won't get to play with most of our Asian / some Europe friends.mousad

    If you are on Phoenix and want to make it start, don't hesitate to speak to your guildleader (if he is in our AKGA [Guildleader Alliance]), it is easier to promote these game modes as a group of guilds!

    (If you are a guildleader and have interest in joining this alliance-discord, pm me)











    I hope this guide helped you, to consider Frigga Peak a worthy place to visit. It may not be a summer-paradise.

    But it has it's own magic and wonders.

    See ya there!


    Let's imagine we had enough people to do "gearscore"-sorting.

    To this idea there need to be restriction und questions that should be answered:

    • The gear should not be able to be changed after entering queue
    • What happens when you have 3 people with 1.5M gearscore and the rest with 200, how will you balanace that
      • ... if you have 1 1.5M gearscore tank vs 2 1.5M dps
      • ... if you have the OP HS on the one team, and only a tank on the other team
    • How to spread classes / not 3 sorcs on one, and 3 bards on the other side.

    and those are only a few examples I came up with in a minute. As you can see there is far more than just gearscore. There is also classbalance (just as one example).

    The best idea for you is to join Holy vs Evil, where gearscore and class don't matter. (But with that, PVP has no need to build PVP gear in the first-place. Which takes a lot of fun for people I guess).


    In my opinion the best solution would be to make getting +30 (FINALLY) cheaper for free 2 play people. But since most people already struggle with getting their PVE set +20. How is there hope for PVP:

    * Guide Update
    * updated the Eidolon Section: Added 4-Star recommendations (I am currently still testing myself)

    * updated Eidolon Tierlist, position of Alice for Holy-Build.

    I will soon revisit the eidolon list to recheck for the new Eidolons that have been released.

    Thank you very much about your feedback :AK9:!

    I am not sure if you talk about Holy or Storm, but I guess we do talk about Storm here.

    About Alice:

    I've looked into your objection and put down a detailed list on why I can't put Alice into S Tier, but rahter in A. I've added my Eidolon's level, and some comments. This is for Storm build.

    Smol comments:

    • Overall I still think choosing an Eidolon is personal preferece. It is wise to put the skills, accs, element, ult and also if the eido is ranged or melee (ranged ones tend to die less) on a table like this. That way you can check for yourself which is the best for your needs.
    • The dual drive of Diao is worth alot. That's why I personally think it is the best Eidolon skill in the whole game. (After this would probably come the Noc effects and the DMG against Dark skill of Michaela)
    • For Storm build, having a Storm Eidolon is amazing. Depending on playstyle ofc, but I actually use the eidolon ulti a lot to dodge immbolizing etc.
    • I've put Alice's element as A tier, but I wasn't sure how to judge that. Any other element than Storm is lower than S tier. So every other element would have been A (worse than S) too.
    • Dots and skills without effect are automatically lowest tier.


    Element Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
    Ulti Acc
    (3, star lvl 67)
    (A tier)
    - def down

    (A tier)
    - 10% DMG
    - dot

    (B tier)
    DMG buff for allies

    (A tier)
    10% noc
    (would be S tier if the eido would have been Storm)
    (A tier)
    attacks have a 20% change to reduce DEF by 8% for 10 sec.

    (A tier)
    (3-star, lv 67)
    (S tier)
    (S tier)
    stun with short duration

    (S tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1432/
    DMG buff

    (B tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1433/
    - def down

    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1434/
    DMG buff for allies

    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1435/
    (I don't own it so I took it from ak-db)
    attacks have a 20% change to reduce DEF by 8% for 10 sec.
    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1436/
    Diao Chan
    (4-star, lvl 80)
    (SS tier)
    (S tier)

    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1424/
    Dual Drive

    (SS+ tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1425/
    dot (pretty much trash)

    (C tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1426/
    Healing for allies nearby

    (B tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1430/
    Sadly nothing special, but the HP really helps so she doesn't always die.
    (B Tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1431/

    (I can only upload 10 attatchments, so I uploaded the Alice pictures on imgur)

    For some people these stats are important too:

    (Keep in mind that party buffs, the eidolons accessories, your own buffs you give the party as bard, and other party members buffs are counted in those stats. I've took all these pictures with a lvl 106 Shuri party buff)


    Alice Stats
    (lvl 67, 3 Star)
    (lvl 67, 3 Star)
    Diao Chan
    (lvl 80, 4 star)
    (ofc the stats of both others would change drastically too, if they would have more accessories, would be lvl 80 and 4-Star)

    I hope that kinda makes it more understandable how I build up my tierlist on the Eido-recommendation.

    About the skill animations:

    I didn't put any of those in the guide, I noted it down to maybe at it later to the guild. (smol edit to this: in near future with the next class balance the animation time of Stormsong will be changed, so I am not sure if it's nessecary to put it in the guide. My idea is to wait till we got the change and then add it, if it's still viable)

    * Guide Update
    * I updated the Secret Stone and Trophy Section. (Only small changes, due to patch, bigger changes will come with future patches on those).

    * Also I added a section for foods and drinks, since so many have asked me.

    comfyy enjoy

    I can recommend this guild to any, who searches for a nice and casual home.

    Especially for newer players that like to find other new(er) players. There are also enough older players, who can help with questions and carry.