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    Let's imagine we had enough people to do "gearscore"-sorting.

    To this idea there need to be restriction und questions that should be answered:

    • The gear should not be able to be changed after entering queue
    • What happens when you have 3 people with 1.5M gearscore and the rest with 200, how will you balanace that
      • ... if you have 1 1.5M gearscore tank vs 2 1.5M dps
      • ... if you have the OP HS on the one team, and only a tank on the other team
    • How to spread classes / not 3 sorcs on one, and 3 bards on the other side.

    and those are only a few examples I came up with in a minute. As you can see there is far more than just gearscore. There is also classbalance (just as one example).

    The best idea for you is to join Holy vs Evil, where gearscore and class don't matter. (But with that, PVP has no need to build PVP gear in the first-place. Which takes a lot of fun for people I guess).


    In my opinion the best solution would be to make getting +30 (FINALLY) cheaper for free 2 play people. But since most people already struggle with getting their PVE set +20. How is there hope for PVP:

    * Guide Update
    * updated the Eidolon Section: Added 4-Star recommendations (I am currently still testing myself)

    * updated Eidolon Tierlist, position of Alice for Holy-Build.

    I will soon revisit the eidolon list to recheck for the new Eidolons that have been released.

    Thank you very much about your feedback :AK9:!

    I am not sure if you talk about Holy or Storm, but I guess we do talk about Storm here.

    About Alice:

    I've looked into your objection and put down a detailed list on why I can't put Alice into S Tier, but rahter in A. I've added my Eidolon's level, and some comments. This is for Storm build.

    Smol comments:

    • Overall I still think choosing an Eidolon is personal preferece. It is wise to put the skills, accs, element, ult and also if the eido is ranged or melee (ranged ones tend to die less) on a table like this. That way you can check for yourself which is the best for your needs.
    • The dual drive of Diao is worth alot. That's why I personally think it is the best Eidolon skill in the whole game. (After this would probably come the Noc effects and the DMG against Dark skill of Michaela)
    • For Storm build, having a Storm Eidolon is amazing. Depending on playstyle ofc, but I actually use the eidolon ulti a lot to dodge immbolizing etc.
    • I've put Alice's element as A tier, but I wasn't sure how to judge that. Any other element than Storm is lower than S tier. So every other element would have been A (worse than S) too.
    • Dots and skills without effect are automatically lowest tier.


    Element Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
    Ulti Acc
    (3, star lvl 67)
    (A tier)
    - def down

    (A tier)
    - 10% DMG
    - dot

    (B tier)
    DMG buff for allies

    (A tier)
    10% noc
    (would be S tier if the eido would have been Storm)
    (A tier)
    attacks have a 20% change to reduce DEF by 8% for 10 sec.

    (A tier)
    (3-star, lv 67)
    (S tier)
    (S tier)
    stun with short duration

    (S tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1432/
    DMG buff

    (B tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1433/
    - def down

    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1434/
    DMG buff for allies

    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1435/
    (I don't own it so I took it from ak-db)
    attacks have a 20% change to reduce DEF by 8% for 10 sec.
    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1436/
    Diao Chan
    (4-star, lvl 80)
    (SS tier)
    (S tier)

    (A tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1424/
    Dual Drive

    (SS+ tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1425/
    dot (pretty much trash)

    (C tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1426/
    Healing for allies nearby

    (B tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1430/
    Sadly nothing special, but the HP really helps so she doesn't always die.
    (B Tier)…ndex.php?attachment/1431/

    (I can only upload 10 attatchments, so I uploaded the Alice pictures on imgur)

    For some people these stats are important too:

    (Keep in mind that party buffs, the eidolons accessories, your own buffs you give the party as bard, and other party members buffs are counted in those stats. I've took all these pictures with a lvl 106 Shuri party buff)


    Alice Stats
    (lvl 67, 3 Star)
    (lvl 67, 3 Star)
    Diao Chan
    (lvl 80, 4 star)
    (ofc the stats of both others would change drastically too, if they would have more accessories, would be lvl 80 and 4-Star)

    I hope that kinda makes it more understandable how I build up my tierlist on the Eido-recommendation.

    About the skill animations:

    I didn't put any of those in the guide, I noted it down to maybe at it later to the guild. (smol edit to this: in near future with the next class balance the animation time of Stormsong will be changed, so I am not sure if it's nessecary to put it in the guide. My idea is to wait till we got the change and then add it, if it's still viable)

    * Guide Update
    * I updated the Secret Stone and Trophy Section. (Only small changes, due to patch, bigger changes will come with future patches on those).

    * Also I added a section for foods and drinks, since so many have asked me.

    comfyy enjoy

    I can recommend this guild to any, who searches for a nice and casual home.

    Especially for newer players that like to find other new(er) players. There are also enough older players, who can help with questions and carry.

    Here I present my own POC for July 2018.

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 40574 20th-Order Accessory Fortification 1 No
    1 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 No
    1 40742 Kitami's Key Fragment 2 No
    1 31705 Prism Crystal 5 No
    1 40635 Superior Armor Fortification Scroll 2 No
    1 40032 Quest XP Book (Non-Tradable) 5 No
    2 51615 Custom Butterfly Bunny Ears Hat (F) 1 No
    2 51253 Custom Serena's Queenly Bed 1 No
    2 40027 XP Card 2 No
    2 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 2 No
    2 40009 Megaphone 5 Yes
    2 51441 Custom Hairstyle - Cool Cat Ears Hairstyle (Male) 1 No
    3 51664 Custom Hairstyle: Ringabell Ponytail (F) 1 No
    3 40009 Megaphone 5 Yes
    3 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 No
    3 18882 Soulstone 1 No
    3 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 No
    3 14893 Lv.70 Legendary Weapon Enchantment Box 2 No
    4 40201 Brilliant Evolutionary Beads 1 No
    4 14893 Lv.70 Legendary Weapon Enchantment Box 5 No
    4 45594 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 100 Points 1 No
    4 40637 Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll 3 No
    4 40494 Superior Mastery Pass 1 No
    4 31705 Prism Crystal 5 No
    5 40253 General Ability Transfer Scroll 1-20 2 No
    5 20475 500 Valor Coins 1 No
    5 51650 Custom Exorcist Knight Set (M) 1 No
    5 40705 Auction Expansion 1 No
    5 15087 Poseidon's Crystal 2 No
    5 40009 Megaphone 8 Yes
    6 18882 Soulstone 1 No
    6 40009 Megaphone 10 Yes
    6 40101 Small Fluorescent Bead 5 No
    6 40032 Quest XP Book (Non-Tradable) 5 No
    6 14893 Lv.70 Legendary Weapon Enchantment Box 5 No
    6 40494 Superior Mastery Pass 1 No
    7 51641 Custom Sweet 'n' Sassy Dress (F) 1 Yes
    7 40073 15th-Order Armor Fortification 2 Yes
    7 40210 20-Slot Backpack 1 Yes
    7 40635 Superior Armor Fortification Scroll 1 Yes
    7 40637 Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll 1 Yes
    7 40057 Superior Ability Transfer Scroll 1-30 1 Yes

    Hello everynub!

    It is I, Cookie. I've been thinking for long about making an event for more than just my own discord :AK5:!

    And here it is!

    Cookie's Aura Kingdom Meme Event!

    How to participate:

    * Make a meme with AK-US (Phoenix) Content.

    * Send it either via discord (Cookie#6194) or here in the forum (via private message please!)

    * Keep in mind that we also follow the TOS of Aeria. So no offensiveness or bullying!

    The deadline is Sunday, 22th July 3pm (ingame-Time) That is when 3pm ST starts.

    If you have any questions please let me know. Either in this thread or discord or here in a forum-pm.

    The Voting:

    * The voting will be public via Google-Form voting.

    * The order of the memes will be random. The names of the creators are not visible in the voting.

    * You will be able to give each meme a rating between 1-5, 1 being the worst and 5 the best. You are not forced to give every picture a rating though.

    * Voting will be up for exacly one week after I announced the voting and posted the link for it here.

    Results and Prizes:

    * The three creators of the memes with the best voting (most points) will receive 5000 Ruby Coins. (Sponsored by me)

    * Every meme with name of the creator going to be posted in this thread (with the result of the voting points)

    Also here the picture, please share in in your discord groups, also share the link to this thread with it to make it easier~


    IF YOU ARE ON CHIM OR ANOTHER SERVER AND CANT HOLD URSELF FROM MEMEING. Go for it and post your memes here \o/ I have to exclude you from the voting :(

    On 1st of July we had some big BIG housecleaning. From 107 members we went down to ~70.

    We changed our required level to 80+, due to the curve changes and we have currently not as many players who focus on gameplay below level 80. This would be not a good experience for you - is what we think. And this way the guild is able to bond better, when everyone is in reach \o/. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to be a pro or geared player to join us. We have no gear-score-limit. We still love to help new people!

    We have much space for new faces \o/, so write me ingame, on discord or here!

    certain stones are not obtainable for every class, you mix those up with other stones (also going for 2% DMG + 7% elemental ofc)


    You can find the class master in navea, between all other class masters.

    Rolling secret stones = buying the ones from the npc over and over till RNGigas gave you good stats.

    You want to aim for 2% DMG + 7% Elemental DMG for current meta. GL! Happy Rolling

    Hellu everynub and Aeria Team and welcome to my "Worldboss-Keres" Feedback Thread!

    With Patch 42 the Keres Worldboss has been introduced, spawning in Viridian Steppe. Here I want to give my ideas and critique about her~

    + every Keres a chance for a different ground element (lighnting, fire, dark, ...?), which makes the fights more interesting. I count this as a pro points, but it can also be a negative point (I'll come back to this later in my feedback)

    + It doesn't take hours to kill her

    - Her drops are more than outdated and not motivating at all, noone really WANTS to bother with her with these drops

    - Her reset range is so small, as soon a ranged char takes aggro from the melees, she tends to reset very fast

    - the Lightning Element is almost impossible to solo, due to the lift up

    About the drops

    Following pictures show all the possible drops:


    For me personally the only semi-good drop would be the Dungeon Lord's Secret Stone Chest. The rest is simply outdated.

    With the, also in Patch 42, introduced EXP-Curve everyone is easily reaching 90+. Level 70 gear, Enchantments and 3xLuminous Secret Stones (which I mostly got) are really demotivating. You can get the enchantments with DP, noone uses the Keres Set and there are no people that run short on Luminous Secret Stones. I also would remove the Unidentified Costumes, those we get in dungeons also.

    I am honestly disappointed and I am asking myself: Why don't take the great opportunity?

    With this curve new players reach endgame level without gear, why don't make this worldboss as aid for those people. Put some rare drops as in lvl 80 Recipes, green lvl 80 Enchantments, Costume Enchantments (orange would be already enough, ofc NT), Dazzling Eidolon EXP Crystals, 15th-Order Forts (or even the other ones too), maybe even make her drop Timesilk and Soulsucker. I could also Imagine coreless Lordswrath/ArcaneFrost/PerfectWar drops, Equipment Star Fusion Stones, etc. The list on better drops is so long.

    Just anything more useful than these current drops would help with the popularity with Keres-Worldboss.

    These are for now my thoughts! I might add some others later, after I hunt her a few more times.

    Here at last some pictures from various hunts I participated at:

    Screenshot_16.jpg Screenshot_17.jpg Screenshot_22.jpg

    There are two different kinds of elemenal dmg:

    DMG against element


    DMG of element-Skill

    With element being one of: Dark, Holy, Storm, Lightning, Fire, Ice.


    DMG against element:

    Example: You get a mount with +30% DMG against Storm. That means you do +30% more dmg against targets with storm element.

    You can see the element of the enemies right beside their level in form of a small icon.


    Or even before you enter the dungeon (at least for bosses)

    pasted-from-clipboard.pngDMG of element-Skill:

    Example: You get a mount with +30% DMG of Storm Skills. This would boost your own storm element skill Black Swallow (cause you said you are Ronin).

    Optimal is when you have both. The DMG of element-Skill for violent (no-element) bosses (and when you are too lazy to swap mount) AND the DMG against x Element, for facing the bosses of element x.

    pasted-from-clipboard.pngExample: These are the elementals I use: DMG of Storm Skill, DMG against: Holy, Dark, Ice, Fire, Storm, Lightning on Mount, Embelm and Hat. To use all these is not mandatory, but I would take at least two of these 3 for great DPS.

    For your weapon it is kinda the same as DMG of element skill. Not going your mainskills-element for weapon would be a waste of potential. Also keep in mind that you do less DMG to bosses with the same element as this skill. (With the right weapon core you can counteract this, without having too much loss. Combined with the things on top, you will have no problem with any kind of dmg reduction towards your element!)

    It might be the wrong guide but under the point "Elementals (& Mounts & Emblems)" in my DPS bard guide, I've descriped the same with some other words, maybe that will help you too: Link to my guide

    If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I try to help u out \o/

    Hallu everynub and Aeria-Team!

    As you might know I am the guildleader of the Immortals Guild on the US-Phoenix server and also helper in the Phoenix-Guildleader Alliance (a discord where we discuss guildleading related stuff).

    Here I am to start the Feedback-Thread for the (Zashi/Uriel/Pandora/Zephyrine) Special Guildhall Summon-Event.

    For Immortals this event has been a complete success, everyone was quite happy to have a chance to get hands on those rare frags. Everyone got a few at least and it was very fun farming and summoning them. My guild had two big summons (and a few small ones of people that couldn't come to the big ones) with a total of over 550 Eidolons being summoned. And everyone receiving ~1-10 frags total (ofc not of the same eidolon. And we would LOVE to have more of them, and we'd love to see different eidolons too. But please fix the shield on the eidolons, it won't always spawn and they die so damn quick, if it doesn't.

    Overall a success for us. rudecat1

    And there is the point. For us. Immortals is a quite large guild, to the special times there were 25-35 people online to participate in this guild event. But that is not a standard for AK guilds. The majority of guilds have to summons times ~5-15 people online, which also means far less spawns than we got.

    But not only the amount of active guildies pushed the number of summons down: The fact that players under 85 couldn't do the Pandora- Trial Party quest cut the amount of summons by a lot. Also smaller, low level guilds wouldn't have the chance to get their hands on some Pandora frags. This was pre-curve patch, so it's important to make the last issue clear too (now everyone can reach 85 in a few hours, so now this problem wouldn't be one anymore).

    Me and the guildleader and vices of various guild sat together to discuss this matter, and we only had little success.

    Here are the tldr-topic points that we DISAGREED on doing:

    • Asking Aeria to make the frag-rate depending on people online
      • This wont work, because people would do their summons on their own at night to get a bigger chance to get the fragments. This doesn't help the guild-bonding, as well as it is not fun to do.
    • Asking Aeria to make the frag-rate depending on how much people are in the guild
      • This wont work, because many guilds have inactive players as well as alt players - or - are simply too international. (aka not everyone can be there at the same time)
    • "nerfing" the summon rate for "big guilds"
      • This wont work, because to define big guilds either one of the two points above would be needed or actual guildnames would be listed - which is kinda adding to the Drama-pool. And no-one likes Drama

    As you can see we didn't get that far with our thinking, even tho we considered the thought "someone has to suffer either way" in our discussion.

    Closest for a solution we came to the conclusion, that the current way is not that bad. But we players will need to make some efforts to help out others: The Exchange-Programm.

    For the time of the event, people will put alts (that are working for the summons ofc) into smaller guilds to help them out. This way these small guilds will have more summons, but wont get disturbed by having to search for new -staying- members. Since it is only an exchange-programm after the event the alts would be removed again.

    This idea is only a rough draft though. Many flaws and problems come with this too, that's why I would recommend discussing things, which Aeria could do first, and after that we can discuss, what we player can do.

    Thanks very much for reading all this, and thank you for trying out so many new events, we appreciate it.rudecat5

    Here some more pictures of our event, cuz I can.


    gl everyone

    Eidolon Name (A-Z)
    Skill Effect
    Abraxas 30% DMG against Holy
    Aelius 10% MOVESPD
    Alessa 50% ATTACKSPD
    Alice 16% DMG
    Alucard 16% DMG
    Amaterasu -50% CRIT TAKEN
    Astraea -10% DMG TAKEN
    Ayako 50% ATTACKSPD
    Bahadur -50% CRIT TAKEN
    Bealdor 20% HP
    Bel-Chandra 50% ATTACKSPD
    Cesela 16% DMG
    Cleopawtra 50% ATTACKSPD
    Cyril 30% DMG against Storm
    Dante 40% CRIT DMG
    Diao Chan -10% DMG TAKEN
    Eligos 50% ATTACKSPD
    Endora 10% CRIT
    Eternia 30% DMG of Ice Skills
    Faust 10% MOVESPD
    Ghodroon 30% DMG against Dark
    Gigas 30% DMG against Lightning
    Grimm 30% DMG of Flame Skills
    Hansel and Gretel 10% CRIT
    Harmonia 20% HP
    Hebe 20% HP
    Hel 40% CRIT DMG
    Izanami 10% CRIT
    Justicia 50% ATTACKSPD
    Kaiser Zeta -50% CRIT TAKEN
    Kitami 10% EVA
    Kotonoha 10% MOVESPD
    Kusanagi 40% CRIT DMG
    Lumikki 50% ATTACKSPD
    Maja 30% DMG against Dark
    Merrilee 10% MOVESPD
    Michaela 16% DMG
    Muramasa 30% DMG of Dark Skills
    Muse 30% DMG against Dark
    Nalani 30% DMG against Holy
    Nazrudin 30% DMG against Ice
    Pandora 10% DOUBLE DMG
    Quelkulan 10% MOVESPD
    Serena -50% CRIT TAKEN
    Serif -100% CRITDMG TAKEN
    Shirayuki 10% DOUBLE ATK
    Sigrun -100% CRITDMG TAKEN
    Tanith 10% DEF
    Tigerius Caeser 30% DMG against Lightning
    Tsubaki -100% CRIT DMG TAKEN
    Tyr 20% HP
    Undine 10% CRIT
    Uriel 40% CRIT DMG
    Uzuriel 30% DMG against Storm
    Vayu 30% DMG against Holy
    Venus 30% DMG of Holy Skills
    Verdandi 10% CRIT
    Vermillion -50% CRIT TAKEN
    Yarnaros 50% ATTACKSPD
    Yumikaze 50% ATTACKSPD
    Zaahir 50% ATTACKSPD
    Zashi 10% CRIT
    Zephyrine 30% DMG of Dark Skills

    Eidolon Oath:

    Any more infos to the 4 star Eidolon Buffs?

    Which Eido has what buff?

    How do we reroll it?

    How many Eidolons can we oath?

    Which way do we obtain the oath ring?


    How do we show demand for the eidolon-guildhall summon?

    Can we vote for the next Eidolons to be the next summons?


    Did everyone get a free entry to EST this week?

    Which drops are special ones?


    I've seen some pictures going around in discord... So can confirm, that this one is right?


    The patchnotes used to be far more detailed rudecat6

    I see Vipooooor birb2.

    (also care for people that randomly join your discord now, since it's on the picture, happend to me too xD)

    Very nice written recruitment~

    woa, that's a lot of packs there

    I wonder if anyone managed to get a full key out of them after a whole month of grinding.

    Sadly they don't drop full keys, and the key fragment rate is really low~

    This is 2 weeks of grinding... and 2 hours of summoning. Very exhausting, but the more the merrier! Many guildies got a few frags, beads and eido accessories. So totally worth!comfyy

    I'll use this thread as my "first time"-feedback of the revamp of the new "Valley of the Glorious Battle" aka "Holy vs. Evil".

    Two days ago I was asked to join the next day's "Good vs. Evil". I wasn't really sure about, but here it is:

    Short description for people who didn't play it yet:

    Due to people never joining "Valley of the Glorious Battle", Aeria Games decided to revamp the game mode.
    In this new game mode "Holy vs Evil", everyone play gets into one of the two sides - Holy or Evil. Depending on which side, you either play Humans and Envoys or Friendly Races from the Game (Holy), or you play as Monster (Evil). The goal is, to slay the opposing side and take down towers to archive points. The kill count gets add up towards your PVP-Medal.

    In my opinion a very very very very nice change. I did love Valley back when people joined it. But there were always those overgeared people that took less than 5 mins to capture all flags, without even being scratched. This new game mode takes the full 20 minutes. Even if you are on the loosing side, you still have much fun. Grouping up is the goal to win this game. And it's really fun if two groups clash! My favorit part is at 7:30 !

    At the beginning it was a bit weird, due to not being able to jump at all. The skills all have more cool down, than the characters of those classes I play. So you can see me press the same button many times without anything happening. Also the orbs on the ground are useless as always, you can see me trying to pick some up in the video.

    In my opinion it's really hard to tell for the humans, which person as which class at the moment. This is because their nameplate still shows their out-of-battlefield class. And in combat it's hard to remember how the classes look in the game mode! (Maybe that changes, if I join more often, which I probably will). I didn't make use of the items of the NPCs in the base, because - even tho I was told to - I simply forgot it xD, maybe next time!

    My conclusion is, that Aeria did a good job with this game mode. At first I wasn't really fond of them taking away my favorit game mode for PVP... But then again - noone joined there anyway. This game mode is a great way for EVERYONE to have fun and farm Valor Coins. Just the other rewards kinda suck.
    I'll probably will try out Centurion next.

    For Shuri-Sub you want to use razorwind on bosses or to clear large amount of mobs. Shuri element is also Storm.

    but I'd possibly recommend Arcane Frost more

    I am still using those on my alt actually, and in my opinion, PW is still better. SPD values can come from others sources like weapon mastery (at least at the beginning of gearing up). I came to the conclusion that the effect of PW benefit more for killing Elites (since early on the crit dmg to elites and crit % aren't much high). It's also kinda double work and costs, since Perfect War will be better later on too.

    But yea, I guess linking it won't hurt anyone.

    Aarek  Here is the link to Arcane Frost

    Hellu and welcome back to AK!

    Yea lots of stuff has changed, also the amounts of xp you need to level up. (XP Curve got changed a few times since u left). Which means that it is really easy to reach lvl 70+, even lvl 80 without any problems.

    Pre 80:

    I recommend working on gear from lvl 70+ (you can farm the sniper-set (top | bottom) farms in the dungeons now, they drop coreless). You just need to farm a set. After that it should be really easy to beat down the mainquest till lvl 80.

    Important: In Frozenlea Plains (lvl 70) you can start farming your Guzi-Trophy. That one is quite essential, since you will use it even in endgame builds.

    Weapon, any works I guess.

    After Level 80:

    Which is the level you should start farming towards the Lordswrath Set (you can exchange the recipes for 30k Gold dragonpoints each [which u can farm in solos and group dungeons]). If you have hard times in solos, you can continue farming and starring the sniper set, that will help your gold dragonpoint grind).

    For accessories you want to go for the Perfect War set (can get it the same way as lordswrath). The level 80 DPS pvp accessories/Fatal-Toxin-Set (Spider King's Fang, Nemeon's Cloak, Gainey's Gastrolith) could help pre-Perfect War-Set, if you need more dmg in the dungeons.

    As 2nd trophy beside ur Guzi-tooth, you want to aim for the Time Travel Code, the recipe for that you get in Gaia-Chronicle Luckypacks (takes some strong eidos), or you simply buy it in Auction House whenever you have gold for it.(

    For weapon you want to focus to get a storm element Ghodroon Tachi (the greens you can farm in Averice Abyss).

    That's all for now. Maybe consider going Shuriken sub. It's gud