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    Welcome to the Immortals guild introduction thread!

    My ign is Cookie and I am the leader of this guild since 2016. The third leader of this guild, to be exacly, and I had the pleasure to be guild leader for the longest time.

    Our guild is a nice, active and lovely community. We hold a wide variance of players and are looking to find more additions to our nubnation.

    Our point of view / Mentality

    Nub for us is not an insult, everyone is a nub in someway and it only means there are ways to improve. We like to help people with teaching tips and tricks and carrying some dungeons here and there. Many of our guildies joined us as newcomer to the game and they grew to be quite strong.

    We are quite chat active, open to newcomers and do not mind to answer "nub" questions.

    Immortals is no guilds made of elites. We may have many strong players, but also we have a lot of newbies and people who focus on other things than grinding 24/7.


    Eidolon Summons

    We have Eidolon summons on a more or less regular basis. We are collecting EEC till we get ~100 and summon them all at an announced date. (Days are mostly Friday till Sunday, time around 11am-2pm)

    Self-hosted events

    Me and my team believe that guild bonding also happens from doing events with and against each others.

    Monthly we have around 4 events, where our members can compete with each other to win prizes.

    We have things like screenshot events regarding fashion, quizzes, guessing and some planned ingame events too. The prizes are donated by guild members.

    Raids and dungeon runs

    Immortals always did raids, mostly the 3pm ones. But for a while now we do raids on a unregularly basis. Our guild has no fixed timezone, so our members are from all over the world. Which makes it hard to find a fitting time for ST. So we open ST as needed.

    We are a guild which really likes to hunt eidos and run dungeons together. We are mostly up for lvl 80+ dungeons.


    As stated above: We are an international guild. Which means, not everyone is online at the same time. That’s why we think discord is our second guildchat. It helps to communicate, share fun times, memes and most of our events are held in there. We also share the discord with CtrlAltDelete, another very lovely guild. \o\

    If you do not use discord, it might be hard to integrate yourself into the guild.

    The requirements to join

    Here are some requirements we put up:

    • level min: 80+
    • english speaking
    • join and be active in our discord/as well as in guildchat
    • please no alts/storage chars

    You think you fit these requirements and have interest giving the guild a try? Or you simply have more questions?

    Feel free to post below or pm me (forum, discord or ingame).

    I really like the fix the the party search bar. Was about time, but finally: Good Job!

    What I am not really a fan of, is the new loading screen. (I liked the Venus one it was sooo cute chamsey.)

    The idea with the 4 rare eidosummons is AMAZING. Props to all. Everyone is really excited and my guildies are non stop asking for the Temple of Eidolon Dungeons now. Let's hope their fun won't get killed by horrible rates helppp.
    I'm looking forward to try out the new valley, tho I wont be able to till weekend. So I'll might edit my feedback to that later.

    (I hope a bigger patch hits us soon, this small things won't be interesting for many for long.)


    Also the paragons' content is not bad at all, they're simply not worth the double value of rc, nor the triple value, since the ratings were obviously bad, & most of those items have already lost their values in game.

    This sums up everything I wanted to say to.

    I want to add, that I think costume greens + recipes doesn't belong on paras with these rates. It's almost impossible to get the greens, and then you are stuck with the recipes... like always.

    20th-Order Accessories / Armor / Weapon Scrolls aren't worth 400RC in my opinion. We have entered the era of everything +20 a whole while ago. Even tho I highly support them on paragon for our newer players (just not on a 400RC paragon).

    Since noone said about today's paragon (4th Day), I want to dedicate my last words to it.


    It's 600 RC paragon. There is (except the Harmonia Hair and the Tyr Body Costume and the Eidolon Fragments) nothing that is worth to spend 600RC on for me.

    Most items have been before on 200RC paragons and they already lost their worth in the market (example: Harmonia Harp, Dante Tachi, every DMG costume enchantment. I still have 1+ of those waiting to sell ~.~). And costumes like the Magical Girl Outfit and the Lumikki Staff were low market value already before.

    It's no fun to spend that much RC on things that are simply old. Dante was released eons ago and should have been on paras before. Even newer Eidolons have been on 200RC paragons too. The greens on this 600RC para are for me kind of a insolence (Due to it being old costumes, not of much worth.. and there is not even a Dante Hair formular for those who actually want to craft these :'d.... wat).

    Before maint I spent ~8.5k gold for 10k RC. My results of rolling these RC was 7x ES.

    And these. (the evo beat of the last row.)


    I skipped the Dante Hairs (green quality) and a recipe of the Dante Tachi. As well as the magical girl costume and magical girl headcostume. Several 10 vouchers. And face enchantment DMG.

    I do not recommend to anyone to spend RC in this paragon. :/ No fun, no gain, nothing special.

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 24928 Eidolon Statue: Tyr 1 no
    1 45658 World Peace Organization VIP Guardian (non-Tradable) 1 no
    1 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    1 16124 Tears Dynamic Emoticon 1 no
    1 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    1 24991 Checkered Heart Column 1 no
    2 40532 Bouquet of Dreams 10 no
    2 40366 4-Star Equipment Fusion Stone 1 no
    2 40744 Mount Upgrade Stone (non-Tradable) 1 no
    2 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    2 40240 XP Card 5 no
    2 11365 Nalani's Key Fragments 3 no
    3 18997 Rare Tyr 1 no
    3 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    3 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    3 51466 Sweet Princess Bathtub 1 no
    3 24956 Eidolon Pillow - Tyr 1 no
    3 51074 Plush Cheshire Cat 1 no
    4 40029 Advanced XP Card 2 no
    4 51422 Hand-dyed Hairstyle - Tyr (Male) 1
    4 40492 Mastery Pass 2 no
    4 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    4 40240 XP Card 5 no
    4 24992 Checkered Heart Wallpaper 1 no
    5 31632 Fox Pet 1 no
    5 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    5 51282 Custom Astraea's Wedding Gown (F) 1 no
    5 40010 Megaphone 10 yes
    5 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 no
    5 24994 Romantic Love Flooring 1 no
    6 40719 Tyr's Key Fragment 2 no
    6 45593 Fantasy Gift Voucher: 10 Points 1 no
    6 24956 Eidolon Pillow - Tyr 1 no
    6 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 no
    6 18859 Refined Cultivation Stone 2 no
    6 24990 Love Window 1 no
    7 51453 Tyr's Blitz Pistols 1 yes
    7 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 yes
    7 31473 Mastery Gift Box III 1 yes
    7 40029 Advanced XP Card 5 yes
    7 50707 Sigrun Swimwear Costume 1 yes
    7 24993 Romantic Starry Ceiling 1 yes

    To get better results your friend definetly should change a few things in his build.

    Step 1: Get a Nocturnal Core on one of the weapons. Every time you deal dmg you get some HP back. That will help alot.


    Step 2: Aim for the Lordswrath Set (Armor) + Perfect War/Arcane Frost Set(Accessories). Its obtainable with 30k Gold Dragon Points each piece from the encyclopedia.

    Step 3: Aim for these two trophies.


    Step 4: Fortifyand star the gear. It's the best way to get more HP/Defense as well as DMG.

    Overall I do recommend to get the other weapon core Destoryer, as well as Imperial (or Bestial) as Armor, Acc and Trophy Cores.

    I have finally finished the guide~ It is now, like I wanted it to be.

    Please keep up the great feedback and keep asking questions~ I will make sure that the guide stays up to the task.

    you will get a automated quest, a Quest that you need to talk to Dickie at Navea and you have to choose a Pvp Set either Stalwart or Battle Ground.

    Sad to say its not PVE set but a Pvp.

    Hope they gonna change is coz PVE set is more important specially for those players are still farming.

    You get PVE sets from dungeons drops tho (coreless Sniper). That is enough to farm solo dungeons for your Lordswrath. That's same what they did for 70 PVP now rudecat11

    Dear team,

    I have been looking forward to this patch for sooo long. Now I finally can have my whole "every-day-use"-gear on the last tab, while being able to sort my dungeon drops. I love it!!

    The new eidolon is quite cute, but I'd love to not only get to know her starbuffs in the patchnotes- also the skills would be great (I am too impatient for the AK-DB to be updated, or her to be added in the Item Mall).

    The new "accidental" font is sadly not that nice, but I am sure you will fix it soon (or we players will just get used to it).

    For the encyclopedia update, I am sure lots of cute nubs are loving you right now. PW/AF for everyone \o\

    But I also have to adress, that the search is quite stupid to use, due to its capsensitivity :AK10: (y tho.toLowerCase())

    My party search at 90% is totally fine, btw.

    As my last point.... I have noticed the missing post-maintlag. It is great to see, that you got yourself some new hamsers :AK13: Feed them well please!rudecat2

    Do not patch until they announce, that servers are up. This way you shouldn't have problems with this in the future.

    Try to restart the launcher and click all of them away and do a full scan after. If it still pops up, you might need to reinstall the game.

    Good luck!

    first a introduction of how i would like to play or be : i like dps and a huge damage(i dont know if this combination is even possible but wanted to tell you , so you can advise me better) i would like to do 1 hit , or lets say with few hits kill the boss. but on the same time i like set bosses or enemies into traps, thats why the dps, or cage them into the dragon like star on the fire skill , and the shuriken storm while hitting them with evil smith.
    (sorry to describe it like this haha... i dont have my computer right now where iam and i cannot take screen shot of my stats or say the right name of skills)
    if you want after we talk more i can send you my stats.

    It is really a bit weird described. from what I understand is, that you want to have a oneshot build, but still some "playaround" with your enemies. Did I get that right?

    other things: a friend who is a high level than me and quite old player and stronger. told me to get more speed (even i haveit cap) and get thunder skill damage on eidolon , and low my crit dmg because is too high.

    Optimizing MOVESPD and other stats is quite hard early on. I can recommend getting the Noripan Leaf with an Imperial Core and an Emblem with MOVESPD.

    To archive even more MOVESPD, you will need to get all cores of your armor, trophy and accessory Imperial too.

    If you stay a Lightning HS, I can recommend you to to take an eidolon with 45% Lightning Skilldamage, it really helps the burst and makes oneshotting even easier. If you go Holy HS, you ofc want an Holy Eidolon.

    Note: HS is a class which burst mostly comes from either those paths main skills (Smiting Edge for Holy, Thunderstrike for Lightning). And that why it is recommended to take an Skilldamage Eidolon. Of course it is quite a costy thing to do, so you can also stay on a +25% ATTACKSPD + 24% DMG Eidolon (like Eligos or Yarnaros... which are ugly, I know. But your best choice for free2play. Of course any other +24% DMG eidolon works too for the start.)

    About your CRITDMG: It depends on which weapon path you go. (Normally the left one). On level 60 of that one your CRITDMG Cap gets increased by 30% for 5 seconds, every time you charge. As well as the Frosty Edge Envoypath-Tile which gives another 15%. Means the maximal CRITDMG Cap with these is 345%.

    You want to add your Derived CRITDMG to your Boss CRITDMG (in the Detailed Tab of the Character Menu). If you get around that amount (or less if you dont take these 2 options I listed) then you are good to go!


    you said muse is good, but you said about holy skills buff. does it mean with lightning skills buf fis not good?

    The reason he said Muse is good is related to her Element (Holy) and her skills (stun + nocturnal skill).

    Small Note: Since his main element is Holy too, and his Emblem, Mount and Eidolon are with Holy-Skill DMG his Eidolon Ult with Muse (or any other Holy eidolon) gets boosted too.

    For Lightning Eidolons there are not thaaat many options that work exacly like Muse. Here are some examples for Lightning Eidos:


    My bet would be on Tyr for total Lightning Eidolon (but thats costy and you have to be very lucky).

    As you can see non of them has a noc effect, which would be really handy on HS (in my opinion at least). So another "cheaper" solution would be Kotonoha or Tsubaki (pref. Tsubaki). But then you have to reroll them too again ;'D

    do you recommend more holy buidl than lightning ? and if possible why?

    Some people will tell you Holy, the others will tell you Lightning. I tell you: What ever feels better for you. Both have pros and cons, both do ALOT of DMG. And both are fun.

    If you need a "Pro" for Holy: Cheaper to build (Holy Emblem, Holy Mount)

    If you need a "Pro" for Lightning: Also can be used for PVP

    I personally was Holy HS pre 90 and past 90 I went lightning. The DMG feels kinda the same (im endgame gear tho), but I wish I would have stayed holy. I just love the charged smiting edge SO much, it just feels great for me.

    i would like to send you my stats , and if possible please guide me. because i feel quite stuck. just doing eidolon wishes and weapon mastery to cap it to make me stronger.

    Since Mathsenpai (ErenElric) isn't playing anymore, you just can post the stats here and I, and probably other HS players (or some who just like to talk about gear), will give you some tips!

    I hope this helped you a bit. Feel free to ask more, I will keep trying my best to help you~


    Sad to see you leave, but I understand your reasons.

    I wish you the very very best and thank you for all the work you put into this community.

    PS: I like cats too cat3