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    Wizard/Sorcerer Healer

    So, I had this idea in my mind for so long and I got to create one (currently lvl 60... a bit low). The players I know playing Sorcerer or Wizard never use their heals unless they are in danger, they keep focusing damage (Which yes, is what they do so its normal) I couldnt find anyone who tried a Healer Wiz/Sorc on the net either, so i wanted to share this. This is basically a Wiz/Sorc combo that focuses on healing instead of damage dealing. I focus on SPD, DEF primarily and CRIT, HP secondary. Depending on my experience, having the main class as Wizard is the best choice even if Sorcerer has one more +%3 healing Envoy's Path buff. This is because Cooldowns of Wizard's healing is already high, and it being a secondary class makes it too much to be a viable healing skill(around 1 minute which is so high for a main healer). Having Wizard as a main helps a lot. With %50 SPD you have your R.Prayer on 15 second cooldown, which means you can cast it every 3 seconds it worns off (it has 12 second duration). R.Mantra doesnt need to get cooldown since it has already low cooldown and can be casted to have a infinite healing buff. Also it doesnt stack so, its pointless to have it on 3 second cooldown where you can do much more healing when your main is Wizard. They both get a healing skill combo, which is Healing Mantra and it has 1 min cooldown so it doesnt really cover up the loss of R.Prayer when your main is Sorcerer. So, Wizard as the main is the best choice. I compared it to Bard (ofc bard can heal much more and maybe is better, by comparing I dont mean to 'Wiz/Sorc is better healer', I mean to 'Oh, Wiz/Sorc can be an alternative to bard!') So yeah.

    Wizard/Sorcerer and Bard

    I'm not involving masteries here, so know that when Im talking about abilities. Wizard has 1 healing ability, Sorcerer has 1 too. Bard has 4 healing ability. Wizard and Sorcerer both get 3 (1Wiz 1Sorc 1Combo), Bard with any combo that has healing get 5(correct me if im wrong, it might be 6). So they have a decent amount of abilities. This is where it gets a little bit complicated. Bard has only 1 group healing and it takes time to cast. Wiz/Sorc has 2, one is instant, healing over time and removes a random debuff the other one takes a little bit casting, which is less than the bards. So we might be able to say, "Wiz/Sorc is a better group healer than Bard". Yes the Bards group heal has no cooldown, but Wiz/Sorcs HoT also has infinite duration (if you are a healer Wiz/Sorc then you focus on heals which makes R.Mantras duration infinite due to lower cooldown than duration). Also each time you cast an healing ability, you remove a random debuff. If you think of these Wiz/Sorc healer really can be a viable healer as the Bard is. Bards single target heals are strong, but not group healing. Wiz/Sorc is weak at single target, but somehow is a good group-healer. I played in a few parties but they are not really reliable sources of data. I kept the team alive fairly well and the cooldown gap gave me a chance to attack, supporting the battlefield. Healer Wiz/Sorc seems to be a good healer, thats why I decided to create one. I can heal the group and also giving someone extra-heals (which usually is the tank, I use my R.Prayer on the target which gets the damage usually), removing debuffs and also supporting the battle a bit by freezing, stunning or sleeping enemies. I would really like to make a guide on it when I get on higher levels and actually have reliable data sources. Thanks for reading :)

    Chief said this ain't it. I don't even know where to begin with how many problems there are here...

    1. No one plays healer wizard because wizard isn't a healing class. Wizard and sorc both have incredibly low healing numbers and the cool downs just make it infinitely more inferior to just playing even bard sub.

    2. AK doesn't need supports in general, sure play bard or w/e but don't turn a perfectly good DPS class into a really, really, really bad support that will accomplish close to nothing.

    3. Sorc sub is god awful, it literally provides nothing, and it's by far the worst S1 weapon. Sorc without envoy literally does nothing, it can't debuff properly, it can't actually spam mantra, so it's losing everything that makes main sorc good.

    I'd recommend not ever making a guide on this build because the replies will be exactly like the ones to this thread.

    anyone know here if whats better for pvp?
    lancer or gunslinger need help here thanks.

    Gunslinger is absolute trash in pvp, it's incredibly squishy, doesn't have much reliable CC, and dies super easily to HS due to tornadoes. Lancer is way better because it just has infinitely more damage and more use. HS > All tho.




    well thats for now, ill be readjusting points for more crit after awakening as well as switching to winston's sword fragment for crit. i know i made a mistake going with dabaka's it was just a thought on a whim, hence ill be using superior transfer srolls later on.

    Debaka is fine for a tachi since you have a good way to stack it, it's not really a mistake, but it may not be the best option. I'd definitely suggest going cold death ring at s1

    Why do you guys even bother with pvp? Like we get all you care about is money, that's obvious with the transfer scrolls, and pvp is the biggest source of +30s ... but it's a pointless thing to focus on. So many other aspects of the game suffer while all you talk about it how great pvp is gonna be in the future! You know what would be a great aspect of the game? Making it so people don't have to drop gold caps and thousands of dollars just to stay relevant.

    Is the class rebalance going to the change the skill rotation drastically?

    No, UVC's animation is too clunky and really really awful to make it worthwhile to keep up, you can use it once at the beginning of the fight if you want but i wouldn't bother trying to fit in a skill with an animation as long as the GCD into your rotation.

    Small question: since gunslinger CRIT DMG cap is 300-320% it is worth to wear Sonic Bomb enchantment on the costume instead of CRIT DMG againt boss/elites?

    +5 skill level adds between 15-20k of skill dmg

    Never, because post awakening neither shuriken or the gunslinger weapon give cdmg vs bosses, and your cap increases due to overcapped crit.

    Additional Note:

    Yellow weapons aren't very effective in this dungeon.

    Ive tested the 90 destr-orange and 95 yellow at same fort level and have found that the orange hits about 10-15% harder than yellow.

    Just fyi if you are struggling and need that extra boost

    Vault is basically the only dungeon that orange > gold if you have a destroyer core. The def shred actually makes a huge difference, I've noticed between a lot of tests in the dungeon that destroyer clears always clears faster.

    The point of pvp modes like 5v5 tanuki and other modes like that isn't to be balanced, it's to be in favor of people who took the time to make a pvp build. Basically what you're saying is: "Hey, give everyone the stats of a person in full +30 pvp gear to make it fair!". They already have game modes where they take away all stats and transform you for people to join, pvp doesn't need any sort of buffs. You're probably the millionth person to suggest this and every time it gets this exact same response, they'd never add something like this and if they did it's completely pointless.

    I'll just say that the best way to balance pvp is to make +30 more reasonably priced for people.

    It's perfect timing with awakening not too far away

    If we just look ahead to the future at gears:

    At minimum, people need the 95 crit + crit dmg cap set, for normal people that's not so much of an issue because most people kept their accessories +20 cause the scroll 3 bug doesn't work. For +30s however, this either means that they have to 1. Give Aeria more money to re +30 a full set of accessories, or suffer the stat loss of non-+30 accessories for the cdmg cap proc.

    If we go into more details, looking at armor; we know that at this rate a lot of people have a set of holy spirit, either full or w/e but most people +21'd it. This means that for awakening, when you need moonlight bottom, a casual player with +21 is going to have to re +20 a full bottom set or waste all the gold on transfer scrolls. Same idea for +30 people, they either have to fully refort a whole set to +30 or just suffer without +30 or waste the 45k-60k on transfer scrolls and then re-+30 from there.

    In the extreme future, people won't be able to use new ele trophies because no one will want to drop that much money to +30 a full set, most people will still barely be able to afford 1 at this rate.

    It's just a really shitty change because it doesn't just screw over f2p people, but it also makes whales suffer. This change helped literally no one, even if they fully revamp the LP mall to try and help the f2p's it's pointless unless they make unlimited scrolls for 1 lp a piece, because at that rate that's what it's gonna take to save people.

    so, Lighting or holy?

    Lightning is better for short burst fights, holy is good for longer bosses (none rn) because dmg taken from smiting edge needs to stack. Up to personal preference, they're both just holy sword at the end of the day.

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 40393 1-Star Weapon Fusion Stone 1 No
    1 40452 Card Duel Water of Life - 5 Points (Non-Tradable)
    1 No
    1 40289 Emerald Shard 1 Yes
    1 50101 Custom Gothic Lolita Jumperskirt (F) 1 No
    1 40392 Cesela's Key Fragments 1 No
    1 40499 Premium Treasure Charm
    2 No
    1 40274 500 Loyalty Points 1 No
    2 40574 20th-Order Accessory Fortification 1 No
    2 51273 Custom Imperial Alchemist's Garb (F) 1 No
    2 40289 Emerald Shard 2 Yes
    2 40453 Card Duel Water of Life - 10 Points (Non-Tradable) 1 No
    2 40461 3-Star Eidolon Purification Scroll 1 No
    2 40705 Auction Expansion 1 No
    3 40454 Card Duel Water of Life - 15 Points (Non-Tradable) 1 No
    3 51516 Custom Uriel's Summer Rock Outfit (M) 1 No
    3 40253 General Ability Transfer Scroll 1-20 1 No
    3 40029 Advanced XP Card 2 No
    3 40547 Premium Costume Enchantment - DMG 1 No
    3 40289 Emerald Shard 3 Yes
    4 40289 Emerald Shard 4 Yes
    4 40454 Card Duel Water of Life - 15 Points (Non-Tradable) 2 No
    4 51472 Custom Costume - Kitty Bath Set (F) 1 No
    4 40745 Mount Stat Shuffle Stone 1 No
    4 51722 Blue Tanuki Sticker 1 No
    4 16724 Blueprint: Fairytale Floor 1 No
    5 16698 Blueprint: Nautical Table 1 No
    5 40455 Card Duel Water of Life - 25 Points (Non-Tradable) 1 No
    5 40289 Emerald Shard 5 Yes
    5 40262 5000 Loyalty Points 1 No
    5 51367 Custom Glorious Heroine's Outfit (F) 1 No
    5 40633 Superior Weapon Fortification Scroll 1 No
    6 40455 Card Duel Water of Life - 25 Points (Non-Tradable)
    2 No
    6 40289 Emerald Shard 6 Yes
    6 40057 Superior Ability Transfer Scroll 1-30 1 No
    6 40637 Superior Accessory Fortification Scroll 1 No
    6 40495 Superior Mastery Pass (Non-Tradable) 2 No
    6 51529 Celestial Silver Hunter's Pistols 1 No
    7 51664
    Custom Hairstyle: Ringabell Ponytail (F)
    1 No
    7 40057 Superior Ability Transfer Scroll 1-30 2 Yes
    7 40709
    Muse's Key of Gaia 1 Yes
    7 40262 5000 Loyalty Points 1 Yes
    7 51729 Custom Winged Guard Suit (M) 1 Yes
    7 40455 Card Duel Water of Life - 25 Points (Non-Tradable) 2 Yes

    Exactly this, I expect nothing less.