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    It depends on many factors, like cask principle. You have to find the shortest one, and calculate the marginal benefit of each one. Use the class who mainly use storm skills for example:

    You have 45% storm dmg.

    You have 90% dmg to x.

    Your 80% of dmg is come from storm skills.

    Marginal benefit of 30% storm mount: (30%/(1+45%)) *80% =16.6%

    Marginal benefit of 30% dmg to x: 30% /(1+90%)=15.8%

    According to this example, we know which is better mainly depends on this several factors: 1. How much elemental dmg u have? 2.How much dmg to x u have? 3. How much elemental dmg/total dmg u have? We cannot say, which is better, which is not directly. And the 3rd one will change. Like Hs, kill target by only one smite, holy dmg/total=100%.

    To be simply (not very accurate, but in most cases) :

    if Skill dmg / dmg to x >0.6: use dmg to x.

    else : use elemental skill dmg.

    We assume 0/0=1


    PVP is a complicated one. I will try to say simply, and only talk about 90 pvp version.

    In 90 pvp, normally, players give up -crit dmg. Because 90 gears give too much crit dmg. If you want to stack -critdmg, you will lose too much dmg.

    So, If you want to be offense, Skills dmg, or almighty, depends on your class. like hs, lightning dmg. Katar, almighty.

    There are 3 types mount is defense: Almighty, -x 30% dmg, -10% dmg.

    Gears can be switched before it start. So you can see the name list to decide you use which one.

    -10% dmg is a powerful one, when you don't have 75% dmg reduction. Don't say you can have more than 75% when the Heart and Stone. When you just came out, a +30 HS send you a Lightning, tell me where is your Heart and Stone. But there are many way to stack it, not necessarily to use mount. Like potion 10%+pvp potion5% +eido 15% =30% . Eido and pet can be switched during pvp. So, if you have solutions of dmg reduction, forget this mount.

    -x 30% dmg. Use which one, not depends on which dmg you receive most. It depends on which skills is deadly. They are not quite equally. You may receive much fire dmg from Rava, but u can heal. And, who kill you is always a lightning hs.

    The formula of -x dmg is equal to reduce others' skills dmg (if ignore other players). E.g. A lightning hs is using 30% lightning dmg, and you are using -30% lighting dmg. It is equal to both of you have no mount.

    Almighty is simple. It gives you a lot of stats, both dmg and tank. But not that tank, and not to much dmg.

    I haven't pvped since the 60s weapon mastery change and 90 gears/30+, but I can imagine katar being pretty decent just by stacking the "10% katar skill dmg, up to 10 times" on a target that can't cleanse it. If you're tanky enough to not get 1 shot, it should do you wonders. This is just speculation

    I remember that the debuff can be cleanse, not quite sure. And wiz has cleanse with cd 3.6s... Katar has been buffed a lot, but same to other classes,even more. Because of +30 & 90gears. Katar has to use bard to be sub, and half tank doesn't work out.

    In 80 version, I can use hs or duelist or other sub weapons, and Ashe+dps top+ -150% can still do 14k dmg. Dps people at most have around 25k hp at that moment. And we could switch gears. It was so fan to play katar in 80 pvp. You have many options, playing styles.

    Same to pve. I know katar can do a huge of dmg after 10 stacks of frantic. After 1 stacks, you can use other skills to increase the dmg to boss. So, frantic+razor wind is kinda necessarily. The question is: after this, is the boss still alive???

    Hmm just dont level can be very frustrating because you know there are classes that deal 500% more dmg with 1000% less effort...

    I have never said katar is good class in 60 pvp. Soc is pretty good a at 60, cuz the debuffs is a threat for low level.

    I don't want to fort 60 gears to +30... So, I prefer 70+pvp

    I have never tried katar 60 pvp. I know the things after 70.

    what's best offensive and deffensive mount your going to use for pvp and pve?

    pve: depends on your sub class, I like storm dmg. No defensive in pve.

    pvp: if you knew you gona fight with a lighning hs, then -lightning dmg is the best deffensive one. Nomal case is all resist, or all stat. To against someone who are using ahse, 40 critdmg is a good choice.

    it is not quite easy to touch 400%... unless scarify some other things. And I want to remind that, critdmg from Envoy, is only buffed primary skills, make sure that ur sub skill also have 400% cdmg.

    It doest have to be in solo situation. In group, less than 3s is common.

    And I am not going to say wiz should go storm. I am just saying the razor wind occupy a lot. And yes, ice do helps a lot, that is also the reason that why I didnt call wiz a fake shuri. I memorize that after 4th second, ice do more than storm. I calculated 1 year ago, not quite sure now.

    First, thx about this reply.

    1. AKUS ≈ AKTW -1 year. Same dungeon, same class, same skills and same function. I don't think it is unfair.

    2. I am not forcing people to change. But they should know more options. Eg. I know right mastery of shuri make more dmg, but I always use the left one, because left is more easy and convenient.

    3. You can solo ≠ you have more dmg. I just need an evidence that fire+ice make more dmg than lightning. I have seen lightning players, do Laser+Lightning to nuke. Pretty fast, and pretty amazing.

    4. So, do u mean fire one can nuke in shorter time than lightning?

    5. The benefit of -def in 85 dungeons is not quite high, cuz they have high stat of def. So have u measure: is that still worth to spend time on -def? I have calculated and tested. It depends. Some classes like wiz, make -def without extra time is still getting benefit from -def. But like Hs, if you charge drybones, u have to wait 5.5s for next charge. And it also depends on the 2 trophies and acc. I was using vicki+2-def trophies, so my hs can enjoy the -def. My point is : don't tell me what the debuffs or the buffs are, I know them pretty well. Tell me is that can make u kill boss quicker. That will be make sense. And, evidence plz. Videos or math proving, i like both of them.

    For current version, -def, or dmg dealt is able to affect your dmg. Howerver, not as much as previously . Pen is much more important than them. Ow toa has 90% reinforcement, but u at most have 39% pen now. I think u understand what is that mean. Trash pen card is not expensive, but it is useful.

    I totally understand it. But you might haven't played katar. In the past, if a katar want to be better: calculating for optimizing the skil rotation (really hard to do it for katar, cuz it soo complex), practice the rotation,(cuz skill has different gcd+ the skill of jump cast 2 skills). But how is the katar now? No matter how you good at those skill now, it worse than Frantic Lotus+Razor wind. After that, primary skills? Forget it. If using primary skill is not quite worse than using sub, that is acceptable. But if using sub IS the way to do much more dmg...Forget the belief.

    I do like using primary skill as much as I can. That is the reason why I make the video of hs without using razor wind. So how about this, show me a fire grenadier solo owtoa or sfl under 6s for each boss. If so, I agree with that it is worth to build a fire one.

    The second page of my character are 3* lv95. The last 2 is Katar and Grenadier, I am going to play it , so I care about the result.

    I wouldn't say that makes a Wizard a fake anything. I'd say that makes the Shuriken a joke of a class.

    Like u made a company, 51% of shares are belong to another person. Do you think the company is urs now?

    I realize that u guy dont like the name of fake xx. I am sorry about that. It is a popular joke in Chinese server, and I even have a bard, which id is FakeShuri. Even the guide makers are doing that. Like why chose go storm? cuz razor wind.

    Mine is all+30. I have all elemtal dmg eido and mount, so I think my test is fair enough. And I did calculation. Numbers wont lie.

    if go ice skill dmg

    Ice, wind,Ice.

    or wind, ice, iceball. No matter which one, 3 skills.

    Then I changed to wind skill dmg.

    Wind, Ice. done.

    from 3s to 2s, dps+50%

    I made sure that every test has a ice+storm glyph.

    The only one unfairness is my shuri is 130% and my staff is 128%

    But, indeed, wiz has a good dmg by main weapon, especially for long time combat. Again, if say BURST ( at most 4s) , razor wind occupy too much.

    If you want a higher dps, you have to find a way to do burst.

    Bow is similar as wiz, they all have a good dps for long time combat. But, lancer's dark, Charge dimension, 3s gone. In this 3s, which skill make more dmg?

    Don't say I have +30. Dungeons are easy enough for +20. After 70 sniper came, the game is changed. No tanker, No doctor, No supporter, Only dps.

    I just lazy to build one more +20 to prove it.

    Your comparisons still make little sense to me, unless I am missing something o.o? It honestly looks like you just compared the main element of many classes to another class with the same element that is more simpler and broken.

    Tachi has almost nothing in common with Shuriken besides preferred weapon element. Wizard having a 400% crit damage cap doesn't make it a good Shuriken by throwing it on as a sub-class because a Shuriken main is a better Shuriken. Ravager isn't weak. I can go on; a lot of your mentions are just wrong.

    Just go to check how much % of dmg is made by razor wind. I have lv95 wiz. if talking about burst. 30+45 storm dmg is even better than 30+45 ice.

    Just like Alibaba, 20%+ shares is beyond to Softbank(the largest shareholder), and Jack ma still say alibaba is Chinese business.

    See how many dmg is made by razor wind.

    Wizard having a 400% crit damage cap doesn't make it a good Shuriken by throwing it on as a sub-class because a Shuriken main is a better Shuriken.

    This situation not only happen in those classes. Tbh, same to Hs. Razor wind is occupy 50%+ as well.

    This IS as unbalancing game. Especially after shuri came. I don't like it, but I have to admit it. If do burst, more than 50% of dmg come from razor wind, and you tell me, isn't it a fake shuri?

    Sorry i forgot to tell you that im a newbie

    i only know about the masteries that are in the skill tab

    when you go to skills, the masteries tab there.

    1. Shuriken toss, dmg%+11%

    2. Zeal

    3. Razer wind -def12% or dmg receive+3%*6. Depends on if the target can be -def

    4. Move spd

    5. Break def

    6. def or eva or dmg dealt.

    I am saying the burst of each classes.

    It hurts

    Or go make more dmg without lancer. Truth always hurts

    comfyythe only comparable classes are gunslinger and shuriken, none of the other classes are the same just because they use the same element

    Not only same element, also the dmg. And I am saying how does other class make burst. Can guns make more dmg without razor wind in 4s?

    Also by playing that way you are trying to nuke with a non-nuker class, which is pretty ineffective.

    Since dungeons are easy, every classes have to find a way to do burst.

    Shuri, Lancer, Hs. no need to explain

    Duelist (95 gold), Katar (frantic lotus), Grenadier (laser). to support sub skills to make burst.

    Tachi, Guns. are all fake shuris.

    Reaper, Bow, Sorc. are all fake lancers.

    Wiz, 400% cdmg to support razor wind + ice glyph(-def with out extra time)

    Bard, chose holy or wind. to be a fake shuri or fake hs.

    Rava... I dont want to say some bad to rava... But rava is my 1st character, and at that moment, rava is god, spin to win. But now...sigh.

    You cannot do -def just for -def. -def is for higher dps. And most of dungeon that we go now, is -60% or -70%dmg reduction.

    Because I am from China, I have many friends who play in HK or TW server. In theirs' test, for SN, CC. +20 is able to nuke a elemental boss with my combo. Dont't tell me +20 is hard. Many players +20 by $0. For +30 player, it is easier. Charge laser+ Charge hs' lightning. Next one. For Ow toa & sfl, u just cannot do -def, theirs def is 5k+, and 2nd and 3rd boss have a buff: def+100%, def+150%. When u can -def, the boss is soo weak that u don't have to. When the boss is tanky enough, u can't -def. And for now, the Pen is the key variable of dmg.

    And, I remember the lightning combo has a -cd mastery. Check if I'm right.

    And, at least u have a lightning skill, cd1.5s gcd1.4s.

    Again, dps does not depend on how many def have u broke. It depends on u need how many seconds to kill the boss.

    When you build attack speed, jump cast is good. since most of the basic skills of grenadier don't have burst damage.
    Normal attack of grenadier is so effective added with DPS skills of Fire from Fiery Grenadier mastery envoy.
    If you know the timing and skill rotation you can actually do the combo for Charge Phase Shift laser + Charge HS Lightning + Plasma Cannon to get the 3 hits combo but, this combo happens when half charge of Phase Shift Laser, then you will wait again for its skill CD that you cant rely on.
    Still Attack speed with + Jump Skills added with Fire DPS is effective both PVP or PVE. (Just Sharing Base on my Experience) :AK2:

    After the combo, then start to jump cast.

    Katar was my favorite PvP class. I also was interested in solo dungeons by katar. But after 90 PvP and Level 60 mastery came, EVERYTHING CHANGED!

    what do you mean everything changed? so katar at 90's is bad at pvp?

    No, not bad. But not as good as before. Katar was the best class for solo duel. Now, still good, but not the best. Reason:

    1. Dot. In the past, people only have 20k+ hp, dot is very useful. No, 50k+ hp, but dot only increased by several level.

    2. Acc. The mastery increase the cap of Acc from 75% to 90%. Katar have a Envoy that Eva a hit have 50% chance to remove a debuff. In the past, katar had 95%-75%=20% chance to eva. Now 95%-90%=5%.

    3. Half tank is not useful now. 90 purple have too much critdmg, and other factors of dps. Other players have more critdmg, the -critdmg is not as good as before. And, if you use the Ashe bot, you lost too much dmg. In the past, dot is nearly a half of your dmg.

    4. Have to sub bard now. Cuz Acc up, Keres Wishlist has retired. And golden - Heal mastery. And, other class have been buffed, like Rava has a -heal skill as well. Sub other weapon is easier to die.

    5. Other classes are buffed. Bow: -heal, Combo, dd, all elemental resist. Wiz: 3.6s cd remove debuffss, high critdmg, combo. Katar's dmg is base on debuff, how if they can remove the debuff?

    Just few updates, but they are like Domino. And I said Everything Changed, I mainly say PvE. You havd to use calculating to decide the skill circle and practice those difficult fighting skill to make more dmg before. Now Frantic Lotus+Razor Wind is higher than whatever u play your katar skills. This makes me sooo sad.

    However, Katar was buffed as well, even though have some short boards. But it is still a good pvp class.

    wow i never thought guns is bad at pvp lol

    gun can be a annoying supporter. Like throw a -heal trap to the someone who is frozen by wiz...

    I wrote some tips for pvp katar in the forum. I hope you will be interested.

    There is no doubt that PvP is a P2W game. But if you are +20 and you still want to play pvp. I suggest you go tank. At least, dps is base on alive.

    Top and Acc: tanky purple gears

    Bot: Ashe with -3% cards

    Eido: -150%

    Katar was my favorite PvP class. I also was interested in solo dungeons by katar. But after 90 PvP and Level 60 mastery came, EVERYTHING CHANGED! In PvE... just look at my PvE guide. And half dps set is not suitable for 90 pvp. Fortunately, many tips of Katar are still can be used in PvP. I don't quite want to call this a guide, cuz I don't want to introduce too much basic knowledge of Katar. And the people who want to play Katar pvp, must play pve to lv up.

    Only one tips for New pvp players: In 30s, Only can be stunned 1 times! So do not use stun if you don't have to.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Katar:


    High Hp. High critdmg. High general dmg reduction. High slay line. Have a good stun skill. A healing skill with 2.4s cd.


    Long gcd. Buffs and debuffs require a long time. The high slay line is base on buffs and debuffs.


    Glove= Inner strength cd-10% Very Important cd from 3s to 2.4s

    Belt= Holy Note (Bard) cd-10% Very Important cd from 15s to 12s

    All -2/crtdmg 6%

    Weapon Thunderous stone, reroll to -2%

    Costume :

    Just normal PvP set.

    Weapon Mastery:


    Points: same to others



    I clicked a Combo with tachi for connection.

    Method: change sub to Tachi and click it, then change sub to bard.


    All purple dps sets.

    Trophy: Stone+heart. When we have 20% atk spd 95 gold, let heart retire.

    Weapon element: Not important, Most of your dmg is violet. Dark, Lightning is a little bit better.

    EIdo: 24%dmg/25% atk spd, 8%dmg/60% critdmg.

    Mount: All stat 20%, All resist 20%, Critdmg 40%

    Fighting tips:

    1. The most important for Katar: jump cast 2 skills

    The duration of jump is 0.9s. Some skills' gcd is lower than it. So, it is possible to use 2 skill in the air. I will post a video for an example below.

    Blitz gcd is 0.6s

    Jump+0.1s+Blitz+0.6s + other skills

    Practice this skill, it helps u do more dmg in the duration of stun.

    2. 0.1s Frantic Lotus

    Use the jump cast 2 skills

    Frantic Lotus + Lotus Strike, for one more red point.

    Eg. Jump, Blitz, Lotus Strike + Jump, 0.1s Frantic Lotus, Lotus Strike.

    3. Keep Katar's skill dmg 36%+:

    Inner strength will cost both red and blue points, each+6% katar skill dmg. So max:36%

    Same to Lotus Strike: mas: 36%

    Theoretically, the max can be 72% when both max.

    But 36% ~54% is more possible in reality.

    There are totally 4 buffs, max stack for each is 3. So, each max stack is 18%

    Cost one point can refresh the duration time for whole stack.

    Eg. I have 2 blue point buff from Inner strength. Then, I use Inner Strength to cost one more blue point. Now, 3 stacks of this buff, and the duration time is refreshed.

    Use this skill to keep 36%+ katar dmg skill dmg.

    4. Inner Strength + Holy Note +Inner Strength.

    For emergency healing.

    5. Debuff of Frantic Lotus

    You don't have to keep press it. After the target has one stack, you can use other skills and hits to stack it.

    Test it again, no, you have to press it to stack. Other hit can only stack dmg dealt to boss...

    6. Highest burst

    When you have 36%+ Katar skill dmg, the target has 10 stack of Frantic Lotus, and 3 stacks Dot.

    (Jump, Blitz, Lotus Strike) + (Jump, 0.1s Frantic Lotus)+ (Jump, Blitz, Lotus Strike)

    7. Practice combos in the bot-right corner of Candeo Mash

    Like what I show in the video below.

    Jump Cast 2 skills: False&Success.

    The 1st time is showing the false one, you can see the atk is after the gcd of 2nd skill.

    The 2nd time is showing the right one, the atk is appear during the 2nd skill.


    Just one question, I was looking through sets in encyclopedia and I was wondering what your opinions on the level 95 top and bottom sets (the ones that give zeals as set bonuses) from Sky Realm? Not just for shuriken, but in general.

    Bottom part is worse too much than Holy or Magic. In 7 sec, only one hit +25%...Forget it.

    Top part is acceptable. That Abyssal Pursuit is not quite helpful too much, cuz it only buff normal atk. But Spd+4174 is really attractive.

    But I don't suggest use this as well.


    1. No crtdmg. For shuri, it fine. But the crtdmg cap of many other classes is more than 300%, like tachi,wiz.

    2. No move spd!!! This is a strong reason. No move spd, no loot. This game is just like Popkart now.

    3. Even in Eternia Library, spd is not a big problem, but crit is.

    4. 2%dmg deat less than Holy or Lords.

    5. Even consider the price. If you don't worry about crtdmg, I suggest that Lords top + magic bot.

    is gunslinger good for pvp?

    any gunslinger pvp guide?

    I haven't played a pvp gun, but I used to sub gun for my katar. For my knowledge of this game, I can make a analysis

    Advantages of gun: -heal, move spd. more -critdmg from Envoy.

    Disadvantages: Low Hp, Low dmg, -critdmg works to so well for 90 version. When people leave the -heal trap, debuff disappear. Main dmg is from the wind, but players are not npcs, they know leave from the wind.

    i thought gunslinger is good pvp class lol.. btw any guive for katar?

    Katar was the best class for solo duel. But unfortunately not in the lv90 version.

    Dot and -crtdmg is very helpful in lv80 version, cuz players only have 20k+ hp, and only about 500 critdmg. You can do half dps, half tank.

    Now, the importance of dot is not quite high, cuz we have 50k+ hp. And, easy to get 600+ critdmg.

    Half dps half tank, means no dps and no tank now. And Frantic Lotus is a debuff, can be cleansed by some classes. So katar is a good class for solo duel, but not the best.

    For Solo: Wiz, Bow

    For Kills: Lightning Hs, Flame shuri.

    Support: Bard, Sorc.

    Having a high eva boss or two might be fun give a new challenge to those who are bored of the current bosses

    My hs has 59 acc now. If necessary, 15 in Weapon mastery, Emblem 8%, Weapon costume 8% , pet,5%

    Total= 95%, The cap of acc is 90%

    Yes, it let me scarify some other boost, but not quite big.

    And, this is talking about hs, how if bow, katar, duelist, grenadier? No influence at all.

    I assume that bosses have 95 eva. and this is the result, how if they don't have as much as this?

    Dungeon is this game..

    Hp*10, we can say the party and hell mode is for party.

    Hp*100, the boss can be called boss in other games.

    When I forted my gears from +20 to 30, I can only tell my friends who play other game that my dps is increased 100%.

    I really feel shame to say I can spend 2 SECONDS less on boss.

    1. Where gone others boosts to razor/fireball from envoy, weapon mastery etc.

    2. Why only 2 or 3 seconds of fight if stun is 4 seconds and u can leave boss dying in razors.

    3. And even if fireball better what usage of symbiosis envoy then?

    1.My mistakes, calculate again below.

    2. Then, let's calculate 4s for this combo

    3. Clear mobs, and the situation more than 1 boss, like trail.


    Wind:(1.5+1*3*0.4)*1.2weapon*1.95*1.2 umbral*1.32 total boost=10.008

    Fire: 4.4* (1+27%+90%)/(1+27%)*1.1 Envoy*1.2 umbral*1.06 Eido achiev =10.519

    Smite: 1.7*2*1.1 more dmg/1.27 no primary dmg *1.06=3.122


    1s Wind: 3*0.4*1.2*1.95*1.32=3.707

    1s Holy flame: 0.250

    I didn't calculate your first wind doesn't have urmbral's buff for 2 second, so I don't put 1.2 in the 4th second, but it you still have bonus mark.

    I didn't calculate the 10 dmg dealt from Smite.

    This is unfair for my combo, but mine is still win.

    If only talk about our current version. There are some boss are violet element. And in Owsfl and toa, I cannot do one hit as well, so Holy Flames are very helpful.

    But for 105 verson, I will go lightning for sure. Just same reason that I recommend Holy now.

    I have a question, you suggest to pick symbiosis envoy but no words about it in guide. Mention please tornado umbral tornado combo or say why it is bad

    That combo, the first Wind with not red chakras. and umbral start at 2s, which means lost 2s of dmg from it. And umbral's dmg is not quite high, it doesn't worth for 1s.

    Numbers won't lie:

    We igore the the more dmg from red and umbral

    Wind, Umbral, Wind

    Wind, Firebal, Charge Smite

    The 1s dmg of a wind (impossible to enjoy the Destruction):

    (1.5+1*3*0.4)*1.2weapon*1.95(assume you have eido achieve and emblem) =6.318

    The Fireball enjoy the Destruction, assume you have the class potion, you should have 27% primary weapon dmg:

    4.4* (1+27%+90%)/(1+27%)=7.518

    I don't even want to calculate the Charge Smite.

    Remind: the 1st wind: red>blue


    Wind, Umbral, Wind (3s) < Wind, Fireball (2s)


    It maybe hard for them to reach cdmg cap without the cdmg stones and envoy tiles unlike you who can reach them from +30 fort bonuses.

    If I am writing a guide for wiz or tachi, I might agree. But you know this is shuri, only 300. And we are in Phoenix, do you thin 2/6 is cheap? The money 6*2/6 is probably +20 all.

    About your holy vs lighting calculations

    If you don't have the time to use smite to boost your boss damage by 100% because the boss dies fast, you also don't have the time to get the holy flames to tick. So lightning still does more damage.

    From your video, the first boss died without even triggering holy flames and second boss received 1 tick.

    Case 1, no time to charge:

    No matter holy or lightning, just razor wind.

    Case 2, no time for holy flames, burst in 2s:

    Holy: 5.25*1.35=7.0875 Sunderance + chage smite

    Light: 5.632*1.2=6.7584 Ice +Lightning

    And, Sunderance> ice

    This is compare 2s burst.

    Case 3, Have time to charge but only one hit:

    Lightning win. But I haven't met the target that I can only use lightning to nuke by one hit.

    Case 4: Long period combat

    Holy flames win.

    And in the video, 2nd and 3rd boss, the flames at least burned 2 times.

    For improving this guide, I like to here feedback, but bring the reason plz.


    So far, every comment is old player imagine what is good for new players. I haven't seen one really new here.

    I start to doubt, am I writing essays?

    Trying to make a guide that old players feel it is useful, but for 0 new player.

    Worse than I just posting "Showing Off" videos.

    I have worked for this guide a whole afternoon today. I desire some motivation....

    IV: Envoy's Path.

    If you are geared, you won't worry about how to survive, so no combo skills.

    Normal case:


    Time Library:


    Gears/Eido/Secret Stone/Buffs


    Armor: Holy Spirit. Magic bottom has more crit, but less dmg and dmg dealt and crt dmg to boss. In normal dungeon, even suffer the debuff of SN or CC, my crit rate is still 100%. So it only helpful in Time Library or you don't have enough crit. If you change Envoy and Masteries, 100% in 12f is possible. It depends on your eido wish and achiev.

    Weapon: 2*orange. Shuri's 95gold is useless. Due to Ninjutsu: Destruction, primary weapon bonus has less benefit, and no crit dmg to boss. Only advantages of shuri's 95 is higher stats. But you can buy a trash one, just switch for level of buff.


    a, Ultimate. more dmg stat, and +25% dmg dealt to elite helps you clear mob quicker.

    b, Splendid. More spd and crit, less dmg. +30%crit dmg to elite is worse than +25% dmg to elite. This accessory is better in Time Library, if you don't have too many eidos.

    c, Vicki (85 gold). Most dmg when solo. You can use 18% dmg taken for razor wind, without losing -def. It makes your burst to single target extremely high. This is why I can kill bosses by 2-3 second in the video. Without vicki, I need 4-5s at that moment. Now golden mount and eido achievement come out. I don't have to use fire ball for second skill if I use vicki, just wind+toss is enough. However, to be honestly, vicki has many disadvantage: a) expensive. b) hard to collect. c) no spd. d) a little bit less dmg stat than 90 orange. e) -40%def has cd. f) If you attacking muti target, you cannot control who receive the debuff. But it really fun.


    a, Tooth+Feathers= For move spd.

    b, lv90 Feathers+Neqzal= -def, for solo or support the team.

    c, Tooth+Delfonia= For Malice or the targets cannot be -def.

    d, Feathers or Neqzal + Winston= For Time Library.

    There also some 95gold has not come to US serve yet, like atk spd+dd and -def 5stacks. They are also useful in different cases.

    Why storm?

    Dmg of razor wind is more stable. You cannot kill everything in 2s, and even in 2s, razor wind's dmg is still not lower than fire ball.

    45% storm dmg +what?

    We will have 4 star eido, so 45% storm+45 flame is the best for burst. For now, 25% atk spd, 8 dmg, 5%dd, all fine.

    If you are rich or lucky, reroll 6 eido to 45% storm+45% dmg to elemental targets.

    Atk spd is important, but you can get it from other way. eg. Shadow Hand. The cap of atk spd is no less than 0.5s per hit. The function is just like cdr. So 30% from shadow hand is enough. If you don't want to drink the potion. 25% atk spd is the best.

    Secret Stone:

    No dmg2%/critdmg 6% !

    No dmg2%/critdmg 6% !

    No dmg2%/critdmg 6% !

    You can easily touch the crit dmg cap by using the gears that I suggested. No benefit that using 2/6.

    What I suggest is dmg2%/dmg to elements 7%. You have 7 ss, including weapons. It is possible that you have 2%/7% of six elements. So don't tell me that 2/7% only increase dmg to specific elemental target. NO MATTER in WHICH CASE, BETTER THAN 2/6!!

    I am using the dark one, cuz most of bosses are dark.

    If you want to show stats, I prefer dmg2%/hp2%.