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    I'll speak for the current meta for Katars. Since you're shuri sub and you should be using left path weapon mastery, Storm element should be your best option. I've tried a full storm skill dmg setup but what works best in my testing is the following:

    Weapon: Storm

    Eido: 25% A/S and 45% Storm skill

    Mounts: 30% dmg vs X element

    Katars aren't super reliant on just one skill, so the extra storm skill on mounts doesn't help all that much when you aren't Swift striking. When "Ride the Wind" envoy node procs, it bursts pretty hard and storm skill benefits your shuri nado aswell.

    You don't NEED a storm eido, but it performs better than a regular dmg eido. Against violent bosses, I just have a storm skill mount, haven't really looked into what would be best but I'm assuming a dmg dealt mount would be (do they go up to 20%? Don't remember).

    Edit: Emblems

    I just swap between 8% dmg and 14% movespeed. If AK gave us another hotbar, I'd have ele ones. I don't bother leaving my bag open to swap things.

    Also, 15% movespd tiger if u wanna zoom zoom.

    I remember that the debuff can be cleanse, not quite sure. And wiz has cleanse with cd 3.6s... Katar has been buffed a lot, but same to other classes,even more. Because of +30 & 90gears. Katar has to use bard to be sub, and half tank doesn't work out.

    In 80 version, I can use hs or duelist or other sub weapons, and Ashe+dps top+ -150% can still do 14k dmg. Dps people at most have around 25k hp at that moment. And we could switch gears. It was so fan to play katar in 80 pvp. You have many options, playing styles.

    Same to pve. I know katar can do a huge of dmg after 10 stacks of frantic. After 1 stacks, you can use other skills to increase the dmg to boss. So, frantic+razor wind is kinda necessarily. The question is: after this, is the boss still alive???

    Yes it can be cleansed. I was saying that it's strong vs classes that CAN'T cleanse it. Wiz, Sorcs, Lancer (on lightning path) are the only ones that can cleanse it (Katar's isn't very reliable when acc is near cap and right path loses too much damage compared to left). I thought we were talking about pvp here but yes, it's not efficient to stack frantic up to 10, you just need the extra boss dmg combined with your other skills, produces better results time wise in dungeon runs.

    I haven't pvped since the 60s weapon mastery change and 90 gears/30+, but I can imagine katar being pretty decent just by stacking the "10% katar skill dmg, up to 10 times" on a target that can't cleanse it. If you're tanky enough to not get 1 shot, it should do you wonders. This is just speculation

    That CDMG is PVE, PVP gears have different detailed CDMG. Charge Master is basically useless cause you can easily cap both CDMG to boss and elites with gears. You can take them if you're leveling your right path and you don't cap CDMG. If you took Charge Master node, you can activate it using your charges from using skills on mobs, then get more charges from using swift strike/blitz on bosses depending on your subclass and if you use electrocution on your rotation before using lotus strike. Also be sure to utilize your backstrikes on bosses.

    Small correction.

    That CDMG is actually primary weapon CDMG, meaning it only affects main weapon and it applies to both PVE and PVP. The "detailed" PVP one is in addition to the primary weapon one. For example, if you had 240% primary and 230% CDMG vs players, you'd have a total of 470%. The same formula applies for PVE (CDMG vs bosses and CDMG vs elites). Your subweapon's calculation would be using your regular CDMG, not the primary one.

    depends on class, like Lancer, the more dark dmg the better cause like 99% of your dps is from 1 thing, same with shuri/gs but like katar gets dmg from a lot of elements. Idk what class this person is so I just gave the general suggestion.

    Oh I was referring specifically to Katars since he posted it under Brawler:AK2: and I agree lol

    Does it work if you release the charges through inner strength first? Because I tend to have both 3/3 on inner strength charges on uptime with the lotus buff uptime. Or will it not work at all if the lotus strike buff is active?

    Do you actually need all that cdmg? The 10% dmg is cancelled wether you have any 6% skill dmg/per charge buffs up or not. Correct if I'm wrong.

    Hi, if im going wind ele, what is a good envoy build?

    :D (still noob)


    Here's what I'm using. Storm build here

    1. This node is "Flame Charge'. Pretty self explanatory since it boosts your ACC/DMG by 15% when fully stacked.
    2. This node is "Secret Techniques'. Also self explanatory. Crits give you 10% primary dmg and regular stat page dmg.

    3. This node is "Ride The Wind'. Boosts Cdmg of your storm skills by 15% and has a 10% to proc 30% more dmg on next swift strike.

    4. Movespeed nodes, you need these.

    4. Primary weapon dmg nodes, take them.

    5. Nothing really better to take, makes you a bit tankier and helps with No.6

    6. When evading, 50% chance to remove a debuff AND to get all stats increased by 10% and cdmg cap by 20% for 6 seconds. Like No.5, not really anything else to take and it's not bad. (It says cmdg, but it's crit dmg cap and cleanse helps). Number 5 and 6 are to be taken together (not one without the other)

    The rest of the stuff is more personal. Those lotus nodes help when clearing some of the elites of dungeons and it feels smoother since it has a lower cooldown when it goes on cooldown (left path lets you cast it 4 times @lv60). I don't use the bottom left grey tile since it cancels the lotus strike dmg 10% x 4 from the left weapon mastery path. You can take off some dmg nodes if you need more crit and vice versa. This is generally the set up that you want.

    I believe that it's working properly. There is a bug however with the left path mastery. The part that says when you cast lotus strike, 10% more dmg. Without Charge Master :

    You can get +10% dmg on lotus, stacking up to 4 times for 6 seconds (refreshes on each cast).

    With Charge Master, you don't gain the buff.

    Still got stuff to work on, but here's my gear!

    +30 Lv90 main weapon/sub weapon
    +23 PW Ring
    +21 PW Necklace, Cloak, Guzigla Tooth and Delfonia's Earring
    +20 Holy Spirit top
    +20/21 Lordswrath bottom

    Using elemental mounts and 45% storm skill eido.

    This is usually the setup I run minus the 15% movespd tiger and +18 imperial leaf.