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    The "Shuriken Toss" skill seems to be the one that causes the player model to appear in places that it isn't in. Sometimes the player model appears to be floating slightly above where it should be, and other times it is worse. I am unsure on what exactly causes the effect. I do not think that it is caused by monsters that use skills that push, or throw you around, although It seems like the effect occurs more often this way. It also seems like just using the skill can cause this effect.

    Things to note:

    I am using Shinobi as a sub-class.

    I do not have a mastery selected for the skill.

    I am unsure of the effect reason.

    I am using "Storm Warrior" weapon mastery.

    At the time of the occurrence, I was in Shattered Netherworld on channel 3, although this has happened other places.

    My active Eidolon is Bahadur (3-star).

    At the time of the occurrence, I was using PvP Damage armor.

    If any other details are needed, please let me know.