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    The point is as it stands both paths achieve the same results in most dungeons because the bosses are easy to nuke. Except the def shred build will out perform in the few tanky dungeons that are in the game at the moment, and future harder dungeons.

    Flat def shred does not have a cap. Also some bosses have bonus armor, so your normal cap def % shred is not enough. Also in the future you will get more bosses you can't nuke in 2-3 seconds.

    As you said "most bosses die very quickly" so both builds achieves the same result. The bosses all die in matter of seconds. The difference is the def shred path also covers a bonus aspect. It allows dungeons you can't nuke like that to be completed faster. To recap, you are not losing anything when going the def shed path since both builds nuke the same, since the bosses are just not tanky enough. However, when you don't go the def shred path you are giving up the few dungeons you can't nuke like that.

    Well, using those skills will reduce your dmg output for sure. So, to prevent that you might wanna use a nocturnal eid. I said Diao and then Yumi , i still saying same thing. Since most bosses die very quickly you dont need flat def shred much (assuming you capped %) , yes its good to have but i always prefer dd

    Also that is very legal dw

    How fast is a solo OW SFL hell mode nuke?

    Nice guide! Well done.

    But, but I have a quick question. Why do you need a nocturnal eido as ronin/shinobi when you have two nocturnal skills? The Ronin nocturnal skill already 100% heal you from 1% hp. In future patch notes they are reducing the animation time of the ronin nocturnal skill for it to heal even faster.

    Also why Diao Chan over Yumi/Cyril. Yumi has double def shred. % def shred from eido acc and a flat def shred from skills. Shouldn't that out damage the small DD given by Diao? Cyril has the insane damage from his storm ult, since eido benefit from your % of storm skill dmg as well.