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    Hello, players!

    Good news! We have recently changed our Ticket System to a better one!
    In order to guide and support you through it, this general guide has been built.

    It’s easy-peasy! Just follow it step by step and you will be able to send us tickets again!

    To do this, you do not need a Glyph account.

    Keep in mind that we are constantly working on our Support page. Therefore, some changes are yet to come your way.

    Please follow the steps described in order to succeed when submitting a ticket to the Customer Support.

    Step 1: Go to the website of your respective game;

    Step 2: Click on ‘Support’ located in the Menu bar.


    This will refer you to our Support page:


    Step 3: Once there, click on ‘Submit a request' box under 'Non Glyph Account'.


    By clicking there you will land on this page:


    NOTE: Select topic and fill in the fields displayed with your player and account information (The more you can provide the better for us to assist you in a more efficient way)


    - Email address*: Enter the e-mail address to which your account is linked to or an e-mail address you have access to as you will have to answer the tickets from there.

    - What Type Of Issue You Have?

    ◦ Account Deletion: Requesting an account deletion means that the Customer Support will delete your account and all of its content.

    ◦ GM Services: Request the service to the CM´s of your game.

    ◦ In Game Issues: Reporting a bug, graphic issues, errors or any other issue within the game (i.e. DB Error).

    ◦ Payment Problem: Purchasing issues, payment errors, or issues with topping up your wallet.
    ◦ Report a Player: Report a player who is hacking, farming, exploiting a bug or has a toxic behavior in-game.

    Step 4: After pressing 'SUBMIT' you will have to go through a Captcha Verification Process in order to complete your request.


    When submitting a ticket, please do not reply/bump your ticket or create a new request if you have not received an answer from us yet. This will send your ticket back to the end of the queue which results in delaying our reply.
    We are constantly working to improve our processes and make them efficient, please support us with this.
    Thank you for following this guide, if you still have any questions, please visit our FAQ Guides for further information and/or contact us here via Discord or via Facebook.

    Your Gamigo Community & Support Team.


    Gamigo Hot Summer Sale - Huge AP discounts!

    We've got two smoking deals to get you a combined total of +60% BONUS AP!

    This summer may be hot, but our deals are on FIRE!

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    Offer excludes the following payment methods:

    Epin, Openbucks and Mobile Payments, PayPal Recurring


    50 freaking patches! o(≧▽≦)o

    What a long journey – and you all were part of it! rudecat1

    Thanks! \(★ω★)/

    To celebrate this milestone, Patch 50 includes several events! So let’s get the party started and enjoy the patch and the events! :AK3:


    Join the parade! ٩(◕‿◕。)۶ ٩(◕‿◕。)۶

    Every day at 12:00 am, 08:00 AM and 04:00 PM the parade will happen in Navea (X850 Y580)!


    Join the parade and receive fancy buffs for 24 hours!



    Vote for your Eidolon! :AK3:

    There are several Eidolons in Navea who are participating in a collection event. The Eidolon with the most Eidolons Contest Ticket and Aura Kingdom Anniversary Coin will win this championship! (¬‿¬ )

    To help your favorite Eidolon you have to help the NPC Eidolon Contest Judge Glenn (X 480 Y595) first. She will provide your with Eidolons Contest Ticket. To get Aura Kingdom Anniversary Coin you have to run party and hell dungeons. :AK13:

    The winning Eidolon will distribute its special statue for housing AND a fancy Eidolon pillow with itself as cover to all participating players! Time to get all cozy and sleep with an Eidolon pillow! (╯✧▽✧)╯


    The following table and list will show where you can find the Eidolons in Navea and in which dungeons you can drop Eidolons Contest Ticket:

    Eidolon locations in Navea:


    Dungeons which drop item : (only team and hell modes) ( ̄▽ ̄)/

    • Alabastren Temple / OW: Alabastren Temple
    • Gydaie Glen / OW: Gydaie Glen
    • Miner's Steppe / OW: Miner's Steppe
    • Deep's Cavern / OW: Deep's Cavern
    • Candeo Core / OW: Candeo Core
    • Wrathborne Temple
    • Ghostweep Cave
    • Ozymand Temple
    • Titan's Root / OW: Titan's Root
    • Cadilla Felwood / OW: Cadilla Felwood
    • Frozenlea Plains
    • Twilight Forest / OW: Twilight Forest
    • Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory / OW: Sarpa's Forbidden Laboratory
    • Tomb of the Ancients / OW: Tomb of the Ancients
    • Chronowood Cavern
    • Shattered Netherworld
    • Lament of The Thunder-Dragon King
    • Landing of the Sky Dragon King
    • Siege of the Aqua-Dragon Queen
    • Pyroclastic Purgatory
    • Tempestuous Temple
    • Darkthunder Temple
    • Frozen Ruins of Zahr-Kazaal

    Gaia Chronicle Event!

    Little devils go wild! Save the world in this new Gaia Chronicle event and enslave these little devils, otherwise they will destroy everything and you will despair in Agony and Sorrow .



    Last, but not least, for the events in this patch.

    Re-run of the latest Eidolon Guildhall Spawn event!



    They are back and ready to share their fragments with you! rudecat17


    THREE new dungeons, well...two new dungeons and another Dimensional Hall!

    The new Dimensional Hall you can find on Hidden Valley at X:111 Y:613.

    This Dimensional Hall is for players with at least SLvL 1!

    And with the most exciting dungeon announced, it is time for some more challenging stuff!


    New chapters in Eternias Vault! Chapter 13, 14 and 15!

    Get ready to meet your fate!

    Gainey, Ruth and Von are awaiting you.


    But that’s not all!

    A new team challenge awaits you all! Eternias Vault Chapter 1, 2 and 3 – as a team version!


    This dungeon is not like others – it is hard, demanding and groups need to work together!

    But possible drops make it more than worth.

    Not just new, shiny SLvL 5 armor can be dropped, but also key fragments of Hermes, Demeter and Eirene! Last but not least, in both dungeons you can also drop new masteries!

    Let the farming begin! rudecat1



    (  ̄ー ̄)φ__

    • NPC added for the awakening quest
      • Spend gold to get a buff to certain stats during the awakening quest
      • Warning: If you are defeated by the boss, the buff will disappear
    • Several masteries/mastery boxes additionally added to Vault of Eternia (Team)
      • “Attack-Box”, “Defense-Box ”, “Special-Box ” and “Tactical-Box ”
    • Several Eternia related items additionally added to Vault of Eternia (Team)
      • “Eternia's Fantasy Academy Style", "Hand-dyed Clothing: Eternia (F)", "Hand-dyed Hairstyle: Eternia (F)" and Eternia's Timeless Hourglass”
    • Level of certain masteries changed which are only available through Vault of Eternia (Team)

    Bug fixes:

    • Auto hit delay issues fixed
    • Hidden walls in “Obscura Temple” removed
    • “Evil Smiting Edge Repent” stacking bug with different mastery levels has been fixed
    • Some display issues for overcapping CRIT DMG have been fixed
    • Quest “A Sacred Ceremony” has been fixed

    Good luck and much fun! rudecat17
    Your Aura Kingdom team

    Patch-Fix 20.12.2018

    • Santa Ayako und Santa Tyr: You can accept the gift from linking
    • Charakter-Interface: DMG and HP overview fixed
    • Tree Cave (solo hard and solo) fixed to 1 entry
    • Boss Shield for Banoleth and Bisolen lasts 20 Seconds


    On the 25th of July we had a maintenance , applying fixes to the patch 43. The following was fixed:

    - fishing set bonus fixed

    - more achievement fixes
    - Starcrescent Valley stuck players are free
    - Quest Aquila Platoon deactivated - can be abandoned

    - Login-Box Diamond: added 30 Megaphones

    Best regards,

    Hello Envoys,

    the world cup is over and France won!!

    And with this the final rewards have been sent out:

    1x France Soccer Jersey World Cup Edition (M)
    1x 2000 Ruby Coins (NT)

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

    Hello Envoys,

    the group phase is history and your rewards have been sent!

    Except for the people with 14 or more correct guesses. You were contacted ingame, to let you know that you have won 1 or more GM Wish!

    Please check your inbox on your highest leveled character, a CM contacted you.

    For all the others: The 1000 NT Ruby Coins have been sent and are already in your shop inventory ('i')

    Your Aura Kingdom Team


    Raised amid snowfalls and blizzards, Eirene came to the Envoys of Gaia carrying her songs of peace.

    Eirene is able to control the power of frost in order to daze her enemies throwing snowballs at them. She can also command the guardian power of ice to counterattack enemies and recover own HP. This gentle healer will help you to be back on your feet after battling.

    A new 3 star form for Amaterasu!


    Isn’t she beautiful?


    Like in all the old RPGs, the new level cap is 99!

    Why 99 and not 100? Who knows! Perfect time for subless level 99 characters without border!


    New breathtaking maps!

    There is now Frigga Peak, with lots of mysteries to solve.

    Who was this big beast?


    Did the whale eat the seal or is the seal pooping a whale?

    And much more to explore! And after your freezing experience on Frigga Peak you can make your way to Desolate Desert!

    It’s so hot here that you will surely defrost!


    If you search long enough you may find an oasis, but beware hidden alligators… they may eat you!


    Of course both maps come with all the extras:

    • Dialogues for laughs
    • Oddities for frustration
    • Elite monsters for hunting
    • Archeology for all the moles
    • Collecting and new dishes for all the gourmet envoys
    • Fishes and king fishes for envoys with a boring hobby



    Two new dungeons!

    Glacial Ice Cavern and Subterranean Sanctuary!

    Explore the depths of the ice cavern Glacial Ice Cavern, but don’t forget you panties to not catch a chill!


    And afterwards your adventure will lead you to the mysterious Subterranean Sanctuary!


    You can now upgrade your armor secret stones to purple quality!



    • Orange secret stones need to be level 70
    • You need 10x Secret Rainbow Crystal

    Then simply fuse them and you will have a shiny new purple secret stone, with random stats!

    Purple secret stones don’t come just with 2 random stats, but 3! And to top it off: Their maximum percentages are increased too!


    Secret Rainbow Crystal can be farmed in all versions of OW: Emerald Marsh and OW: Silent Ice Field.

    With new potions and higher stat caps, a new secret stone randomizer will be introduced too!

    You can craft them via the alchemy NPC in Navea.

    Exchange your Secret Stone Randomizer with 5 gold and then use the product with Secret Rainbow Crystal and some other items to craft a new randomizer!
    Was this everything? NO!

    On top all classes have now secret stones for all armor slots!

    The secret stones for your skills from your weapon mastery have been added!

    Story Review System

    You always tried to skip the story or just didn’t pay any attention to the movies?
    No problem!

    After doing quest Lv.55 Hidden Vault you can now watch all unlocked movies, again!

    The drop event for Elite Sky Tower and Sky Realm will end next week! Fixed XP-curve for lower levels


    Good luck and much fun,
    Your Aura Kingdom Team


    Hello Envoys!

    You always had the urge to create your own paragon?

    Then this will be perfect for you!


    This time you can create your own paragon!


    - Include the IDs of the items (

    - Make it balanced

    - Include some stoppers

    - Paragons are just suggestions so we can freely modify its content if we consider it

    - Only one paragon per player is allowed to be submitted

    Proposals can look like this:

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 50111 Smooth Leather Eye Patch 1 No
    1 40025 Advanced Lucky Card 3 Yes
    1 50764 Red Bean Taiyaki 1 No
    1 40553 Premium Back Accessory Enchantment - DMG 1 No
    1 40194 Fluorescent Bead 5 No
    1 50430 Strawberries and Cream Popsicle 1 No

    You have time until 10.07.2018 (End of Day)

    Afterwards PM Bardock will choose up to 3 paragons and they will be used.

    The creators of a chosen paragon will receive a costume of choice - which was already released.




    A world cup penguin is loose on the field. Bring your camera!


    A football-loving penguin will run around in Azuria. The penguin will make several quick appearances for about 10 minutes each during the Saturday morning (server time).

    In-game announcements will pop up whenever he's out on the field. Be quick to spot him playing with a football and take a screenshot.

    You can post this screenshot on our forum (a thread will appear on the 16th of June). Don't forget to write your character name and your server when attaching your screenshot in the forum thread..


    Only screenshots that was taken and posted on the day of the event will count.

    Only screenshots of the penguin playing football counts (his football must be visible).


    1st valid screenshot: 1x Tyr's Key of Gaia, Football Outfit of Choice + 20.000 Ruby Coins (NT)

    2nd: 5x Tyr's Key Fragments + Football Outfit of Choice + 10.000 Ruby Coins (NT)

    3rd: 2x Tyr's Key Fragments + Foootball Outfit of Choice + 4.000 Ruby Coins (NT)

    All other participants (that caught the penguin his football in a screenshot) will get a participation reward.


    Somewhere on Channel 3

    Date and Time:

    16th of June - throughout the day until 12:00 PM server time/EDT.

    Hello Envoys!

    You always had the urge to create your own paragon?

    Then this will be perfect for you!


    This time you can create your own paragon!


    - Include the IDs of the items (

    - Make it balanced

    - Include some stoppers

    - Paragons are just suggestions so we can freely modify its content if we consider it

    - Only one paragon per player is allowed to be submitted

    The creators of a chosen paragon will receive a costume of choice - which was already released.

    Proposals can look like this:

    Row ID Name Amount Stopper
    1 50111 Smooth Leather Eye Patch 1 No
    1 40025 Advanced Lucky Card 3 Yes
    1 50764 Red Bean Taiyaki 1 No
    1 40553 Premium Back Accessory Enchantment - DMG 1 No
    1 40194 Fluorescent Bead 5 No
    1 50430 Strawberries and Cream Popsicle 1 No

    You have time until 20.03.2018 (End of Day)

    Afterwards PM Bardock will choose up to 3 paragons and they will be used.





    PewPew with the power of love

    Venus, the goddess of love, went to the Envoys of Gaia looking for romance.

    Giving off a sweet pink aura, Venus releases her Cupid arrows everywhere. Not only can it reduce the enemy's damage and render them unconscious, the atmosphere of love can also restore the members' strength. She is truly a full-service Resource God.

    Star Buffs
    Lightbringer I ~ DMG of Holy Skills +15%
    ✰ ✰ Combat Medic I ~ Heal +5%
    ✰ ✰ ✰ Combat Medic II ~ Heal +10%


    HueHue max level here I come

    New PvE packages for new characters!
    As soon you reach level 30 you will get the “Uber Goodiebag” which includes another package ~ packageception!
    This new package is restricted to players level 50 or above and contains coreless gear, to ease the struggle to level up.


    Again, the level 50 package when opened contains the package for level 60, and this one contains the package for level 70.
    But that’s not all!
    All characters with at least level 70 receive the quest “Summoned to the Battlefield”. This quest provides your character with a level 70 PvP set. But choose wisely because a character can only get either the DD or the Tank-Set. On top you will receive 500 Valor Coins, to help you reach your first PvP-Weapon!


    Lots of space!

    Ever struggled with inventory space? That is no more!
    With this new inventory expansion you can use up to 15 bags, instead of 5 bags.
    This means up to 200 more slots - per character!


    1. Here you can see all your currencies now
    2. Here you can store your bags to increase your inventory space
    3. These are the different pages to navigate in your monstrous inventory.


    • The ‘Sort’ function only affects the tab you are in
    • To move an item from tab X to tab Y - watch the gif


    • The font for the party search was adjusted, so it should work now with all resolutions.
    • Optimization for the Encyclopedia!
      • A search function was added!
      • Some categories were moved to have a better structure!
      • You can find now the requirements of the classes for special masteries.
      • Several Level 70~85 Accessories, Armors and Refining Formulas can now be bought. (Yes you can buy now formulas for Blinding, Arcane Frost and Perfect War!)
    • Item Mall Banners
      • New shiny item mall banners can now be found in the item shop!
    • New Loading Screen
      • Winter is almost over and this leads to a new loading screen background.
    • New Launcher
      • Get now the help of Tyr!
    • Mount Shuffle Update
      • The mount shuffle system in Navea was updated. You can now find new mounts inside!

    Have Fun!
    Your AK Team