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    Better test Rage (Envoy) + Wild Fury together, check offensive detail list info about cdmg and see how it breaks down and Wild Fury doesnt increase any cdmg while Rage is active

    Wild Fury is raw cdmg while Rage is not. Rage is cdmg cap. So technically if you aren’t capped on cdmg or can’t reach there while in combat, you don’t have to use that Envoy node


    Greetings everyone!

    I, Rumi and the Jelly Chick family are here to announce that our cafe is open for business on Phoenix server! Here at the Jelly Chick Cafe, we serve you all the wonderful delicacies Azuria has to offer.

    Here are a few questions that you may have about our service:

    “What does your cafe serve?”

    The Jelly Chick Cafe provides any food, drink, and/or ingredients you need for whatever purpose.

    We also accept Eidolon Wishes, but food, drink, cooking and refining material eidolon wishes ONLY!

    Eidolon Wishes we do NOT provide:

    • gold materials or armor
    • transformation tools
    • any form of alchemy potion
    • cores
    • eidolon energy crystals
    • secret stone energy
    • fish baits

    “How would I place an order?”

    There are three ways you can place an order. You can contact me via private message or mail me in-game. You can also reach me on Discord @Rumi#4444, whichever you prefer.

    “What is the process of my order?”

    After you have contacted me about your order, it is immediately recorded. Our catering is a ‘first come, first serve’ service. In other words, whoever made their order first, gets theirs done first.

    Orders can take between 1 to 48 hours, depending on how busy I am in real life and how many orders have already been placed. Once your order is complete, I will first contact you via private message in-game. If you are offline, I will leave a mail or a message on Discord if you had originally contacted me there. You may also cancel your order at any time as long as I haven’t started on it.

    “How much will my orders cost?”

    The items we serve will always be lower than the Auction House! If you request a food used by most players such as Golden Latte, the market price will determine your total. If you request Eidolon Wishes, they will be a set price depending on the wish. The rarity of the ingredients and the quality of the food determines the cost.


    If you have other questions or any comments or concerns about our services, feel free to leave them under this post or contact me directly! And no.. We don’t serve Jelly Chicks. Jelly Chicks are friends, not food!

    Thank you for taking the time to read and we hope to see you make an order!


    Credits and thanks to Nisani for this wonderful display photo <3


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    wish i had these secret test results GS's used

    I've ran many tests which led me to the conclusion that it did indeed increase the skill damage as well. However, after doing it again and obtaining info from a source, it is in fact only DOT increase. So I do apologize about that! The mastery section has been updated.

    As some of you may have realized already, I am not a Game Sage anymore. I am taking a long breather from GSing. I enjoyed assisting and spending time with you all. And I very much enjoyed being part of the GS team and working with my fellow GSs.

    Even without my tag, I will still be around to help in any way I can. You can reach out to me in Discord or in-game.

    Thank you everyone for your support and the fun times I've had!

    Cheers, Rumi ♥

    I'ts always helpful to have either Quelkulan/Cyril as Defense Eido and an Eido (please Rav Mains correct me)

    a +45% Flame +25% attackspd eido +25% attackspd with +24% DMG as DPS eido.

    *runs back to forums I've actually knowledge from*

    I’m pretty sure you’ll still choose the Defence eidolons but just with 25% attack speed. But then again that would depend on if you’re going full DPS or a mix of tank and DPS.

    Hey, also remember ravs need 81% attack speed because their wep attack speed is 2.6s (pref 3x 2% attack spd/2% dmg secret stones) :D

    That’s true, but not as secret stones. Some players actually do so, but I prefer not to.

    Heyaa just want to explain a few things that you’ve wanted to discuss:

    1). I only put what I use as gears, it wasn’t a recommendation

    2). I don’t use elemental resist but most people do because they feel it’s needed. However, I disagree.

    3). PEN is very important yes, however it can be quite expensive to some, hence why I mentioned both DMG/DMG incase it may be

    4). I don’t worry about CRIT because we cap it easily. Mine is actually capped. What I think you were trying to explain is the whole CRIT overcap conversion that I mentioned quite a few times throughout the guide. The combos I provided in the guide are suffice enough, since bosses die after the combo. Sometimes maybe even with two or three more skills after it.

    5). With the mounts, costume enchants, Gaia emblems, and Weapon Mastery points the bonus to elementals is fairly high. I did, however, think of balancing out what elemental bonuses I had on my secret stones for each important element which is flame, dark, ice, and lighting. I think you got Storm from the example I provided.

    Thanks for your input though~

    Also, quick thing you didn't mention:
    The main reason why shuriken sub is like extra super good for rav is that fact that tornado can proc TF5, meaning that you get a billion procs of TF5 on tornadoes. So, 24 dmg eido is still really viable because of this in case you're too poor for 45 flame.

    I wasn’t planning on explaining the sub classes on a detailed level. Only the important basics. I do agree though about not affording 45 Flame, so I’ll change the wordings on that one /o/. Thank you~

    very great and detailed guide. There is a correction to be made about the rage tile envoy. Rage is actually CDMG CAP and not just cdmg. You can easily raise your cdmg cap by a further 30% at 5 stacks while b2b-ing dungeons. In the end it's just personal preference whether to take it or not but I'd recommend it. Below is a personal envoy i'd use. Cheers! :)

    Thank you for sharing! I’ll definitely look back over this guide again to make sure I didn’t miss anything else

    Costume, Weapon, and Armor Enchantments

    The color of the text corresponds to the quality of the enchantment needed


    • Head Costume: DMG against Boss Monsters and HP +3%
    • Face: Raging Slash skill level +5 and DMG +3%
    • Body: CRIT DMG +25% against Boss Monsters or CRIT DMG +50% to Elite Monsters (if you are capped on cdmg) and DMG +3%
    • Ornament: Move SPD +5% and DMG +3%
    • Costume Weapon: Horizontal Slash skill level +5 and DMG +3%






    Weapon Enchantments

    • Primary Weapon: Move SPD + Dual Drive or CDMG + Dual Drive (any quality; gold or orange recommended)
    • Sub: Move SPD + Dual Drive or CDMG + Dual Drive (any quality; gold or orange recommended)

    For weapon enchantments, you’ll want to use Move SPD + Dual Drive on both your weapons. Any quality is suffice, but having orange ones (Move SPD +9% and 8% chance to activate Dual Drive + PEN) with different SPD values is perfect. If you cannot afford Move SPD + DD or Move SPD at all, try to use another enchantment with a different stat, but with dual drive. Once you can afford it, you can replace it with Move SPD + DD.



    For Armor and Accessory Enchantments, everything should be DMG 3%/4% with flat CRIT values and 1% PEN

    Secret Stones

    DMG and Elemental target damage is the most important stats on a secret stone. However, some ravagers also use other viable stats such as attack speed or CDMG. I don’t use Attack speed since it’s really not needed anymore

    It's your choice to build however you like but this is what I recommend:

    (All should be their second and first highest values, EX: DMG 3% or 4%)

    Weapon: Lava with DMG 3%/4% and Damage against elemental targets +xx%

    Sub Weapon: Lava with DMG 3%/4% and Damage against elemental targets +xx%

    Orange Armor Stones

    • DMG 2%/3%
    • Damage against elemental targets +5%/6%/7% (no holy or storm boosts, no lightning after SLV3)

    Purple Armor Stones

    • DMG 3%/4%
    • Damage against elemental targets +6%/7%/8%
    • CDMG +6%/8% or if you have enough, Attack Speed +2%/3%

    For elementals, I’d recommend to have each important element in one piece of your armors for balance. However you can choose to boost full Dark/Flame as well if you like

    Example: Ice target damage +8% helmet secret stone, Dark target damage +8% belt secret stone, and so on.

    (Remember don't boost Storm or Holy)


    • General Skills: Boulder Crush
    • Attack Spec: Zeal
    • Advanced Skills: Crippling Wind
    • Defense Spec: Extreme Speed
    • Tactical Spec: Break Defense
    • Special Skills: Deep Blue or Best Defense (if you are squishy, once your DEF is capped switch to Deep Blue)

    Bard or Holy Sword sub

    • Whirlwind Slash (DEF shred)

    Weapon Mastery

    Path Direction: Left

    Where you’ll put your points:

    Where you’ll put your points is boxed in red. Most players go for Elemental Resistance, however I personally don’t. I put the rest of my points in damage against certain elements to increase my DMG output.

    If you want to go with what most players choose, you will do the following (When Weapon Mastery is 70/70):

    • DMG: 30 points
    • Move Speed: 15 points
    • Elemental Resist: 10 points
    • Damage against Dark targets: 20 points
    • Damage against Flame targets: 20 points
    • Damage against Lightning targets: 20 points
    • Damage against Ice targets: 20 points
    • 5 points (left)- Whatever you choose

    After Awakening, you can put points into CRIT instead.

    The present elements after Awakening will also change from Dark, Flame, Lightning, and Ice to Dark, Flame, Holy, and Ice

    Mounts & Costume Hat Enchant

    For mounts, you’ll mainly use Damage of Flame skills +30% and Damage against all elemental targets.

    When you encounter Violent bosses, you will use the Damage against Flame Skills mount and Boss Damage +10% costume hat enchantment.


    For bosses of a particular element, you will switch your mount, costume hat, and emblem to that element, as shown below:




    For violent bosses you’ll switch back to your main emblem.

    For violent bosses you’ll switch back to your main emblem.

    • Move speed emblem: Move SPD +14% (For move speed increase)
    • Damage emblem: Flame skills +14% (Against violent bosses)




    The stats you’ll aim for pets will be mainly Move SPD +3% and the chance of triggering Dual Drive.

    You can switch out between the two if they're not on the same pet



    Holy Chest

    For the Holy Chest system, you will want to boost your Flame and Ice target values. I'd recommend going either all Flame (for full flame boost since Ravager's element is Flame and will need it for Flame protected bosses) or 2 Flame and 1 Ice (for balance)

    You will boost them by getting level 60 gold Zaahir (Flame weapons) and Nazurdin (Ice weapons) and forting them to a max of +15 to receive the entire boost.





    Note that the type of weapon doesn't matter. It can be an Axe or a pair of Pistols.

    Skills and Rotation

    For this section, I will show a few of the skills I use in my current rotation as a Ravager/Shinobi and will show one for Holy Sword and Bard.

    The rotation should be able to give you an idea on how ravager’s main skills are used. Feel free to create your own!


    • Boulder Crush (Raging Slash) for stuns
    • Soaring Slash (gap closer; DMG boost unlocker)
    • Flame Slash (main skill)
    • Horizontal Slash (DEF shred)

    With Shinobi sub

    • Razor Wind (strong nados)
    • Blood Corruption (3 DMG increase stack and is used while luring mobs) (Optional)
    • Shuriken Storm (increases detailed DMG by 10% and is used while luring mobs) (Optional)

    With Holy Sword sub

    • Dry Bones (DEF shred)
    • Charged Divine Thunderstrike or charged Smiter's Edge, depending on build (bursts)
    • Divine Sunderance (gap closer and extra, faster stun)

    With Bard sub

    • Ballad (Detailed damage increase)
    • Healing Harmony and Holy Notes (heals)

    Certain bosses require tactic to beat, such as a timed stun. It's important to jump-cast each time and use the appropriate skills to quickly kill the boss. Before I get into the details, it's important that you know that Soaring Slash should always be used first so "Ranting and Raving" can be activated.



    Remember, Soaring Slash first! This gives you the ability to throw on your DEF shred and x2 Boulder Crush attack.

    • Combo Example : Soaring Slash > Jump-cast > Crippling Wind (Razor Wind) > Horizontal Slash > Flame Slash . . .


    If you use Blood Corruption and Shuriken Storm, it's best to use them while you're luring mobs or attacking mobs that are close to the boss so the buffs stay active long enough.

    Ravager/Holy Sword

    • Combo Example : Soaring Slash > Jumpcast Dry Bones > Jumpcast Flame Slash > Soaring Slash

    Using Smiter's Edge (charged) on mobs is a good for controlling the crowd if you lured. Making sure you have a charge for this is good at the end of the dungeon. Divine Thunderstrike can also be used the same way, but it's less effective since it doesn't cover much of a large radius compared to Smiter's.



    Due to not having the storm nadoes from Shuri sub or the heavy burts on Holysword, you'll put in more effort to make sure Ranting and Raving stays active.

    Make sure to spam Soaring every 10 seconds.

    • Combo Example : Ballad x3 > Soaring Slash > Jumpcast > Raging Slash > Jumpcast > Flame Slash > Ballad x1


    And that is the end of this Class Guide! I hope this serves you guys well and that you use it to your heart’s content!

    If you feel like I’m missing anything please let me know or if you want to share your thoughts leave a comment. If you have any questions feel free to reach me on Discord or start a conversation here!


    ~ Rumi rudecat17

    Hello everyone!

    I present to you a detailed class guide for a PVE Ravager!

    Please note that this guide is for end-game (Level 80+)

    Table of Contents

    • Basics
    • Sub-classes
    • Offensive & Defensive Stats
    • Eidolons
    • Envoy’s Path
    • Food & Drink
    • Gear & Cores
    • Costume, Weapon, and Armor Enchantments
    • Secret Stones
    • Masteries
    • Weapon Mastery
    • Mounts, Gaia Emblems, and Pets
    • Skills & Rotations


    Ravager is a flame based class that is balanced both in the tank and DPS regions.

    Storm is not a viable element for Ravager, even paired with Shinobi sub. (so stop saying it is pls ty alice_derp)

    Pros of being a main Ravager:

    • Rage meter/Titan's Fury ZxbajZfhrOSALnDhn-qG37esCY7OByyMzX1qaSJ3z98JgJBozJnjiq3451PswCvTXnrSNo6uS-wD_qFJk8oMNiRwG4_ahNcIPO7Rzv5BsT8DvikileYGLyuOZM1zTqq1czWvsJ8Y
    • Highest Attack SPD cap than any other class
    • Highest base damage
    • High AOE range
    • Great tanky and DPS balance
    • Caps CRIT and CRIT DMG easily
    • Fun, fast, and smooth gameplay if played correctly


    • Low Move SPD
    • Might feel heavy to some players who aren't used to melee playstyles
    • Jumpcasting is slightly difficult for some

    With the new class balance, Ravager has become a bit stronger with it's new effect called "Ranting and Raving". \o/

    What is this effect?

    When you use Soaring Slash on an enemy, "Ranting and Raving" becomes a status on the target. It allows you to access debuffs on certain skills:

    • Boulder Crush : Will hit twice
    • Horizontal Slash : Flat DEF Shred
    • Aftershock : Damage of Axe skills +10%

    Due to the skill animation interruptions, you'll only want to use Boulder Crush and Horizontal Slash only. I find Horizontal to delay my rotation a tiny bit but not as much as Aftershock, so it can still be used if you jumpcast it correctly. Also, it's a really large value so using it is a nice benefit.

    So all in all, you'll want to make sure Soaring Slash is in your rotation and at the beginning of your rotation to ensure higher DMG output!


    • Shinobi (Recommended): Shuriken is the best secondary class in the game by far and should be used for Ravagers. It allows you to have more advantages and a higher DPS output than any other subclass could give. Shinobi can give damage boosts and constant DPS. For your Shadow Warrior, you have the choice between Rettic (DMG +100%) and May aka Dancer (Damage taken +2% stack). You will choose May. The element on your shuriken sub weapon should be Storm Fsn9CwnQgx8Mqsq8T_XRPjUUcpOUmoRXhIj2bvsp1xPWwb-gSOk1wjLkSLGa1otH8lL-kSUgTqMNhswcU7w-8_Q6Fgr8dNr1RCPX25e5rjmFW5ri-Zf1ZXW0rPmAKdvDpnrOnO1o
    • Holy Sword: The second best subclass for Ravagers. Going Lightning build is recommended due to its consistency, however Holy Crusader is viable as well. Together with Ravager, Holy sword has great bursts when charged and is excellent at clearing away multiple mobs because of it’s AOE skills
    • Bard: Bard is also a good sub-class, however doesn’t have a high DMG output compared to Holy Sword and Shinobi. Bard allows you to increase your Boss Damage by 12%, provides you heals you may need, and a nice Move SPD boost. The element for your sub harp weapon should be Lightning if you want to use Ambient Drone as a second stun. If not, any element, or even violent will do since you won’t be using Bard skills that do damage. If for some reason you do to use Storm Song or want to at some point make a bard main, go for Storm element

    Offensive & Defensive Stats

    For Offensive, you'll want to put points into DMG until lvl99, then the rest into SPD

    After awakening, you will want to take points out of SPD then put into CRIT


    Defensive you will put points into HP until capped, then the rest into Defense



    Here is what you should reroll the buffs to. I personally use Alice because she's quite nice to use.


    1⭐: Attack SPD +25%

    2⭐: Damage of Flame Skills +15%

    3⭐: Damage of Flame Skills +30%

    4⭐: DMG +16% or Damage against Dark Targets +30%

    For other Eidolons, you should have an Eido that increases Movespeed and/or has a nocturnal buff.

    Envoy Path

    This is the Envoy Path I use. Below I will explain the nodes you should and should not activate and why:


    Nodes you should use:

    Vindictive Burst - Every attack gives a nearby enemies -8% DEF shred

    Why it should be used: This debuff is applied to both bosses and mobs, so it gives Ravs their own DEF shred

    Pyromaniac - Damage of Flame skills +10%

    Why it should be used: This node increases the damage of Flame Slash by 10% = more burst DMG when Flame Slash is used

    Finishing Blow - Deal extra damage with less than 25% HP

    Why it should be used: This serves very useful when bosses are at 25% HP or less, that way you can easily knock that boss right out of the park!

    Wild Fury - Every attack gives CRIT +2% and CRIT DMG +3% boost that lasts for 10 seconds. Can stack up to 5 times.

    Why it should be used: If your CRIT DMG is just near the cap, this node is for you

    Rage - When attacked, you have a 30% chance to trigger CRIT DMG +5%. Can stack up to 5 times and lasts 6 seconds.

    Why it should be used: This is good for when you want to hit Ravager's CRIT DMG cap

    Armor of Thorns (optional) - 5% of DEF added to CRIT and Received DMG -10%

    Why it could be used: Now, I don't personally use this node after awakening simply because it barely increases CRIT enough for it to make a difference. I have even heard from some other Ravs say that their cap barely budges. So therefore, I'm not bothering to use it

    But if you want the small difference, you can go with this Envoy instead-

    The last point can be put where ever you want, CDMG or DMG most likely


    Food & Drinks

    These are the foods and drinks you'll need to use for each level:

    Non Awakened:

    Food: Dreamy Heaven

    Drink: Golden Latte


    Food: Creamy Chicken Pie (lvl90)

    Drink: Golden Latte

    Gears & Cores

    For Armor, some players can't afford Imperial gears, so I encourage them to have bummy, low level imperial set on one gear tab, and Bestial on the other when running with faster players.

    Level 80

    • Weapon: Destroyer
    • Sub: Nocturnal
    • Armor Cores: Imp and/or Bestial
    • Top Armor set: Lordswrath
    • Bottom Armor set: Lordswrath
    • Accessories: Perfect War
    • Trophies: Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth and Time Travel Theory Code

    Level 90

    • Weapon: Destroyer
    • Sub: Nocturnal
    • Armor Cores: Imp and/or Bestial
    • Top Armor set: Holy Spirit
    • Bottom Armor set: Sundering
    • Accessories: Galactic
    • Trophies: Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth and Time Travel Theory Code

    Level 95

    • Weapon: Destroyer
    • Sub: Nocturnal
    • Armor Cores: Imp and/or Bestial
    • Top Armor set: Holy Spirit
    • Bottom Armor set: Sundering
    • Accessories: Galactic or the Wild Howl set
    • Trophies: Delfonia's Exquisite Earrings and Guzigla's Bloodied Tooth (either or) Dabaka's Makeshift Contraption (for the extra DEF shred); Winston's Sword Fragment (CRIT increase for Awakening)

    Awakening SLV1+

    • Weapon: Destroyer 101 Axe (or you can keep 90s, it's still good to use beyond this point)
    • Sub: Nocturnal 101 weapon/90s
    • Armor Cores: Imp and/or Bestial
    • Top Armor set: Holy Spirit
    • Bottom Armor set: Sundering
    • Accessories: lvl 80/90 CRIT sets or the Wild Howl
    • Trophies: With Ravager’s Envoy Defense shred node along with Horizontal’s flat shred, Dabaka’s Makeshift Contraption won’t be needed. You can continue to use Guzigla’s Bloodied Tooth with either Delfonia’s Exquisite Earrings for the zeal or Winston's Sword Fragment for the extra CRIT stack increase

    For more information about Awakening visit Chris’ Awakening Guide.

    The HS top is a lot more expensive compared to magic set but you are paying 20kg+ for better base stats. While I paid maybe 1k for both recipes and lose 4% dmg but get way better fort bonuses compared to HS.

    I agree here. I also use the same top and bottom sets. And not only is it less expensive but it's worth it considering we'll eventually get the overcap crit converted into CRIT DMG, which would serve very useful. And base DMG doesn't really mean much.