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    Hello and thank you for detailed explanation. I will try my best! :AK9:

    Secret stones:

    Try to get DMG and CRITDMG, I personally prefer to get the high DMG, then get dmg against elements (pref dark, ice, fire, lightning) and aim for CRIT DMG secondary. You dmg against bosses is really really low, so I would work on that first.

    Do you have another trophy instead of the noripans? Delfonias Earring (or Debaka Trophy) is the one I would recommend.

    Thanks for response! Oh i forgot to change my noripan to delfo+20. I have it. comfyy

    Wiz Stats(jpeg).jpgHi everyone! I wanna get some advices from OP wizards and some explanations about future gearing. As i know i need more CDMG from secret stones and PEN-cards. I have enough dmg only for 10 floors Eternia's dung, WDD and full SN rudecat4

    Now my goal is Cesela for awakening or Eternia. In this time i go with usual IV Eligos. rudecat1