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    Just a personal concern:

    I don't like the gender swap or what they call it about, because its not humanity anymore T.T

    I accept the change of appearance (male look to female look)
    but please not the gender

    IGN: Kimoro

    Server: Phoenix

    My love letter: Find The Love

    Find the love

    I'm lost, I lost, something that I care,

    Playing, sleeping, the thing I do in this year;

    Aura Kingdom is one, of the great things that came,

    Kingdom of love, I assume, that exist in this game.

    Maybe, I found here, something that I lost,

    I don't know why, but I feel, I need you the most;

    Will you be, my destiny, or not,

    "Find the love" is only, what I got.

    You and me, maybe, are not meant to be,

    Here, is my letter to you, hope you will see.