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    Can't AK just update patch w/o guitar class? And more class balance please! (ノ_<、) (been a weak ass guns+gren for over 2 years...)

    The guns itself is already an upper tier class. Of course, not as broken as Lancer or Shuri but it is still much better than the underdogs. And as listed, the balance won't even affect guns, only gren if you really want to use gren skills.

    There are indeed many kinds of freezing. It might be related to the servers, or the internet connection, or the incompatible drivers, or maybe it's the hardware, or simply because the game itself is never really optimized. Describing how it appears, for how long and whatever you think it might be related will help us pinpoint the problem better.

    About the game, did you keep/copy the old game files to the new one or fresh install? If it was the former, you may try perform a clean uninstall and fresh install the game all over again. If it was the latter, you may also perform a full scan and reset all settings to default and see if it helps.

    Also, by Ryzen do you mean the Ryzen with APU (integrated graphic) like the Ryzen 5 2400G? If so, are you using the APU or do you have a discrete graphic card? This game never seem to work really well with the AMD graphic as I personally see most of the complains came from AMD users. One way is to try to tweak with all the settings and hopefully find out there's one that will work out.

    Yes, a very cool idea. 30000 is no where near the amount needed to fort your gears up in the days of +30 and lv90+ gears so having to stop half way and find more frags is really annoying. When they introduced the +30, they should have done something to ease the process like this already.

    Um ok, this is not supposed to happen with Steam.

    Window 10 should be compatible with the game, if you haven't tried, maybe run it in Compatible mode of Window 7 or 8.
    If the issue persist, maybe give us some images on how it crash, any window it pop up if there is, or even better: record the whole process from opening launcher to after it crashed.

    Btw, what is your laptop specs?

    No, price IS a problem in the international servers. The RC : gold ratio was 1:0.7 2 months ago and now it's sitting at 1:1.1 or worse.

    This is not a good sign as it seems the whole game economy and activeness is depended mostly on paragon because a lot people (me included) only show up for paragon to get items for cheap. But what else then? The game itself is rather unmotivated with little reward for time spent grinding.

    The PVP is somewhat better, but not all that well. Cent is too slow paced and still unbalanced with most of the players just choose to go Bard-like class. Most of people still only do it once every 2 weeks for the reward and then pretend it doesn't exist anyway.

    About the forts, it looks nice when you guys finally lower the wall but without the Transfer, it doesn't look very bright to me.

    And yeah, this letter is not very informative too.

    I believe it's actually just a fraction information of your character that is saved on other character's database, all the data of your own character should be all deleted from the servers unless they managed to even mess that up. Unless you've spend quite some money to get some rare eidolons, you can basically get them all back with ease for just a week worth of effort, and maybe some luck.

    But if indeed you have spent money for them, and eidolons were expensive as hell back then (and now), perhaps you could personally contact the CM to have it solved to your right.

    So know they are saying : well you invested hunderts of € for every +30 item, wouldn't it be a shame if you have to redo this every time we release new content? But we like you guys soooooooooo much, thats exactly what we will do.

    German aren't supposed to be funny at all.

    No offense. It's a meme.

    Hmm.. Can you give out some more background information? Such as:

    • Your computer specs?
    • When did it happen? Had it happened before?
    • Did an error message appear asking you to send report to Aeria after the game crashes?
    • Do you have any other programs running while logging?
    • Any weird behaviors you notice with other tasks and suspect it might be related to the cause?

    Free stats is little to no reward? I'd beg to differ on that. 2k dmg and hp here and there will always add up in the end.

    And how long will it take to get those? Those are not free by all means. You have to pay your real time for it, a lot. And as someone who spent a lot of time for them, I wouldn't recommend it as a good source to invest your time in for those stats, at least not with the current patch. It's fun to do at first but soon will become boring before you reach to lv6-7 for each of them.

    The thing is there is little to no real reward for maxing them all, unless you're going for the very top of the Achievement leaderboard.

    In all of them, I find the Gathering is the easiest, fastest and most efficient to max out with useful perks that add a bit extra XP to other Jobs as well as the valuable 3% mspd in the final level. And some of the things you gather can be sold for gold if you don't need them. Thus if you're going to do it, try max out the Gathering first before being serious with the others.

    A side note for Card duel because you can get some LP every 2 weeks which is nice and maybe worth investing: Check out the guide for card duel, I'm not sure if it's here in the new forum but it should be. In general: Build a full lv99 deck by dueling easy NPCs and maybe duel their easy-medium level for lower dueling time so you can do other things.

    I was pretty interesting in her thinking finally, maybe they learned from the current WB and get it right this time. Well, they did learn, they did make some improvements on the combat end but they screwed up the reward end. No need for much talk, everyone here pointed it out, it still has the same old problem but now also unrewarding thus not worth the time and effort.

    Is it good enough, though? For newbies, perhaps. For old players, not in a slightest.

    IIRC from an old old post in the old forum, someone said the durability decreased by the amount of skill casting and auto attack. This explains ranged classes usually have their weapons break faster than melee and a noticeable durability drop when Rav receive the nerf to swift from Spin2win meta to one with more skills involved in a relative time.

    But I guess there are more than that.

    Most of consumable items usually have various price depend on Supply & Demand. What is cheap today can be considered expensive tomorrow. So as long as you manage to sell them away, no one will care. Except for the people who bought it and found a cheaper price a moment later, I was one.

    That's a bug of the launcher, it's not supposed to behave like that.

    I did it once, though. You'll probably see weird things all over the places and it will eventually crash your whole game and then force rebuilding packages anyway (Gosh, that's a nightmare) . So don't try it.

    Maybe, there is. If you live in a galaxy far far away from our server or your ISP just suck with international speeding, you can have a hard time downloading things from AK server even if you may have a pretty good speed to your local sites. However, you can ask a friend/guildie who has the full game (patched) and live in your country or just have super strong internet to upload their game folder to a host near you.

    Or simply buy a better network plan.

    Or buy a really good VPN.

    Or just move your house next to the server and enjoy.

    Either way works. Good luck.

    Buying through Steam can cause some "little" problem like this.
    And by logging from another country, perhaps it's because of VPN or such, do you use any program like that? It usually won't cause any problem but it can happen. Just so you know.

    This... this is... disappointing. And I'm already used to be disappointed and I am a disappointment myself. But wow, I underestimated you guys.

    Don't think they'd ever putting effort to change such things. But you're free to hope anyway.

    They did attempt to change quite some elements in the game's UI, not everyone is pleased, but still.

    Ohhh, so it's coming. Finally!!

    I don't go discord so I may have missed out some announcements there. Looking forward to the official patch notes and exploring the new contents everyone has waited for just about a year long.

    IMO, this apparently is now a common business strategy for most of the games I've been playing (I'm not playing that many games tho). They all agree that as long as they can drag new players to come and pay to some extends, all is well and forgiven. I imagine this is what the conversation in the office sound like:

    People complaining? OK, that may be not good.

    Veteran players leaving? Well, it happens.

    Now they are raging and bid farewell on forums? Ah, I wish them good luck too.

    Our income hasn't reached the expected? RELEASE THE EIDOLONS SKEM BOXES AND TRAP PARAGONS!!!

    We have reached the expected but people are complaining more? That's enough work for today, grab me a beer.

    This is most likely the easiest way to grab players for PVP and it will sure work better than all the changes they attempted to fix PVP with no real result.

    So.. that's it?


    • 1 more Eidolon, just like in any patch.
    • Trying to fix PvP again. Really? How many people still care about that?
    • Eidolon event, huh? Cool, I guess. Hold on, Zashi is there? 5-stars for this patch.
    • Some bugs fix.

    Still waiting for a real patch with actions and kicking but oh well, we all get used to it.

    Well, I'd say having 200% mspd should be enough especially if you have gap-close skills that will make up for some mspd in dgns. If you run with a "zoom-zoom" party that clears out everything in its way, maybe use tiger for mspd boost (and if desperate, use combo skill to ride it for another big mspd boost, you probably won't need to deal any dmg in that party anyway, just get on tiger and leech).

    On the other hand, if you're in a budget, you can make use of the gear tab switching. Just craft a low level imperial set (or using any type of gears that offer the most mspd as possible) and place it on 2nd or 3rd gear tab and use it while running and swap back to main damage set when you need it. This applies in both inside and outside dungeons, it just requires a little more effort.