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    Dear Envoys of Gaia,

    Today I have to communicate that after 5 years in Aeria Games and 2 years working on this amazing project that is Aura Kingdom… it is time to take my space ball and go to a new planet.

    These two years have been amazing with all of you. I feel privileged to have been the Product Manager of this incredible game. Working with an incredible team for incredible players. It was not just a job; it has been a reason of joy on many occasions - also of some headaches too ^^ but what is life without those? :AK1:

    During this period, we have achieved many things together and I am glad to have been part of the still current success of Aura Kingdom. Some decisions have been more certain, some others were perceived more unfortunate from your side, but in all this time, I cared the most about this game and about the player experience. Every time I had to take a decision, I was always having you, the player, in mind!

    Now new challenges approach me in my professional and personal life, but I will always remember Aura Kingdom where all the magic started!

    So, you AK community, keep being amazing and keep making this game the best Free Anime MMORPG ever!

    Aaand for you to remember me, there is a new Paragon with the word BARDOCK on it ^^. Those letters are purely decorative and with low rates… but if you are very lucky and get one of them… you can request a GM Wish!

    Aaaaaaaand also a 50% EXP boost is active until Monday 5th of August!!

    Enjoy and thank you for everything!!


    Your PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Aura Kingdom


    Sad to see you go, but wish you the best of the lucks in your next steps!

    Thank you for all these months of good service to our game and to our players. Aura Kingdom will miss you.

    And also thank you for your last advices, there are, indeed, insightful.

    wuwewuwe ciao ciao!

    Dear players!

    Finally, some words coming from your PM Bardock, after long time of silence! I hope you all are doing great.

    We are starting this new year full of excitement in Aura Kingdom! We are happy to see that many of you are enjoying all the events that are coming in weekdays, in weekends… But the best is yet to come! Soon will reach the Patch number 50. Yep! We have deployed 50 patches, full of content, since we have started this big adventure more than 4 years ago.

    Since then the game has evolved, has faced changes and new challenges, and we all, with the support of you, the players, have overcome and we still work day by day to deliver you the best MMORPG experience (and for free!). So this is a good reason to celebrate, and as soon as the Patch 50 goes live… Aura Kingdom will be full of games, events, celebrations, daily quests… and even Eidolons will join in this celebration in a big Parade!

    Really, what is coming never has happened before in Aura Kingdom… are you going to miss out?

    And we are preparing much more for the rest of the year, keeping the course of updates flowing! We are aiming to have more different seasonal events, and more variety on them. We want every single patch to be unique and full of fun. Keep an eye on our patch notes to find the latest news!

    I am getting some comments about the Awakening quest. For some players is truly challenging, and well, it is meant to be like that. It is a jump to a whole new level and yes, it is challenging but not impossible…. In any case, we don’t want to create a nightmare for experienced players and in the next patch we will implement some features that might give you a bit of help.

    And last, but not least, I take the chance to welcome the new players who has joined us recently! Thank you for choosing Aura Kingdom and I hope you all are enjoying this game! Don’t hesitate to get in contact with the community, with other players, Game Sages or our Community Managers in case that you feel a bit lost! We will make sure your first steps are steady!

    Well, it is time to go for me, Idun has invited me to eat some apples… and I don’t want to miss that!

    Enjoy our game, and see you at the celebrations!

    Your PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Aura Kingdom


    Dear players!

    How is it going? Here is your PM Bardock, about to drop some lines concerning the latest news in our beloved game, Aura Kingdom! Long time without a letter of this kind, since last time I decided to go again with the Video Producer live letter.

    Some things have changed since then! After the last patch, that we have just released, some updates have been implemented.

    The first one, you see immediately when you login to AK. We have implemented a Login Rewards system. Don’t forget to login every day to get free rewards! … and through the Login Rewards system you will be able to obtain Benkei! An exclusive new Eidolon that will be only obtainable like this!

    Another update, and not a small one… We have finally done a full class balancing in the whole game. This has been an open topic for ages and finally, we are very glad and proud to announce that all the necessary adjustments have been done to have a fairer and, overall, funnier game in which no matter which class you decide to start your adventure… you will always have big chances to be the best! You can read all the details in the last Patch Note.

    This also makes the PvP more interesting! Have you tried it recently? There have been several changes to make it more exciting! And fun! and competitive! And a bit laggy! Ermmmh..… yes, we know. We are currently working on this with XL in order to fix it. They are facing the same issues in their server, so we hope to have a fix on this soon!

    We also tried to tackle a big topic in the community for the past months related to the Fortifications... We have listened you, read your feedback, and thought about the best solution. As a conclusion, we have added Superior Fortification Scrolls in the Loyalty Points shop! Fortify and Enjoy!

    That is a good opportunity to remind you that your feedback is very important to us. We cannot always apply exactly what the community wants, but we always take your worries and suggestions into account. So don’t hesitate to contact GSs or CMs to provide useful and (if possible) constructive feedback! We all together are part of Aura Kingdom!

    And events, events… the academic year has just started for many people. One thing I really liked when I started school again, was to play the trading card games and collecting them… Based on that we created the Academy Collection Event that many people are currently enjoying. Collect the costumes, trade them, change them, and win!

    But that is not the only event! We will be present at the MAG Convention in Erfurt (Germany)! There, you will have the chance to meet CM Danmaku, to participate in a drawing and cosplay contest, to check out our concept art book… and you might even win one of these exclusive decks of cards! ^^


    So, to sum up this big bible/letter here, I have a really good feeling for this start of the Academic Year. We now have a game fully updated and enjoyable (and balanced!) that promises tons of hours of fun!

    After so much writing I feel like playing again… and Eirene is waiting for me already there… ^^

    See you in Aura Kingdom!


    PM Bardock.

    Product Manager of Aura Kingdom


    Hello inhabitants of Azuria!

    Here I am, back on the keyboard to deliver you some updates on the past week's topics and also to bring you some news. I hope you enjoy this read!

    First, I have an important announcement to make. Your beloved Game Masters will soon be changing their tags to Community Managers. You might have already noticed their tags in the new forum that was opened in February, but soon, this change will go into effect everywhere (in-game, forums, Discord etc.). In other words: your GMs will be renamed into CMs. Nothing else changes, their work and duties will remain the same.

    The reason behind this change is that, apart from being Game Masters, they also work with social media, they communicate with you not only in-game but also on Facebook, through tickets, on Discord and so on. So, Community Manager seems like a more fitting job title, doesn’t it?

    Another piece of update concerning GMs… I mean, CMs :D As you know, for the past months we've had many team changes concerning CMs, affecting especially the US/EN server, but overall affecting the whole franchise as we work as a team. I personally apologize for all the hustle this might have created and I want to thank all the Game Sages for their help. Thanks to them, our community has been alive and full of events, not to mention all the support they give to our new and old players on a daily basis. You rulez, guyz!

    But soon enough, the situation should get better. You might have seen him already on Discord and in-game, but I am glad to officially announce that GM Adrivian is back in Aura Kingdom! Many of you already know him as he used to be a GM in AK a couple of years ago. Please, welcome him back! He is already preparing something special for you all… stay tuned!

    In terms of content, I am aware that our latest updates haven’t been jam-packed with it, I know. But well, game development is not something that can or should be done in a hurry. So that is why some patches have had less content than others, which -I think- is understandable. However, we are approaching patch date and for the next one we have something you all will love. How would you like it if new Eidolons could enter the Guild Hall…? :3

    Regarding technical issues… during the last two months we have experienced some critical issues that we have been able to resolve. But I am still not happy because the 5am lag on Phoenix is still occurring. Believe me, I know how annoying it is. We are still working on it; cleaning data, re-doing queries and everything else in our power to reach a solution. Almost every maintenance we try something different to fix it but, so far, without success. All I can ask for is a bit more patience until we find the root of this Son of a Biscuit Eater…

    Last but not least, concerning your sales feedback. Once again, thank you all for the constructive thoughts and ideas you continously provide, especially in the Sales channel on our Discord server. It is really valuable. I try to read it as often as possible and some of the changes you've suggested should be noticed sooner than later (yep, the feedback about the Fantasy Voucher pricing is already on my table… keep an eye out ;)

    And finally some last words on upcoming events. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a date associated with bad (or maybe good) luck in many countries. So we have prepared a few special promotions for that. Will you be the lucky one? :)

    If you have any thoughts or questions you can always reach out to our Game Sages or Community Managers! We’ll be glad to hear from you.


    PM Bardock

    Product Manager of Aura Kingdom