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    sir you have to know that 99% of the population is just silent readers
    just because you don't see them commenting doesn't mean they don't exist

    no one is forcing you to write "guides"

    and not all people play for min-max optimization

    some just come to cosplay, some just want to hang out with friends

    look let's say IF

    so what IF

    again i'm not trying to demotivate you to write guides,

    but you have to know the truth on what's happening in the community

    and when writing something for a community be sure to be open to feedback both positive and negative

    people are sharp tongued but most of them normally has their point

    and look im writing essay too now, and this is special for you because you are trying to do something

    no one forcing me to write but i write anyway with HOPE that you can improve

    its the same when you are writing guides, things in world will turn out unexpected most of the time

    if you really really want to put up a comprehensive guide despite all this i recommend you to

    wish you all the best :D

    no offense but when writing a "guide" you have to think on reader's perspective not your perspective

    for example

    saying cdmg stone is useless and recommending ele secret stones,

    yes it might be common sense but you have to know

    when people DO read guides (which is well, like who the f does that anymore)

    its mostly new player and they probably want more actual comparison that they can relate to

    not just some "NO MATTER WHAT" or "ITS JUST USELESS"

    it might surprise you but most of them don't even know how crit damage works, let alone boss damage or elemental damage for that matter

    so you really need to touch on those which bring us to my second point

    to be blunt the guides you are writing is no where near "comprehensive" again no offense, its prob just your way of wording

    not the actual content itself, yeah sure your guide is new and more up to date, but its not doing more than what a one line comment can do

    third, you literally calling people or a certain group of people; stupid. on a guide, i'd suggest not to do that,

    i think you are mature enough to know why :)

    but hey! just my two cents, hope you can improve your guides and help people ;)