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    Next to pvp:
    Pvp vs Pve gear is too strong. they shouldnt match up against each other... good point but the pvp is not visited often atm. if seperated the pvp gear would be completly pointless, since many players would only play the pve only pvp.

    Instead i would decrease the pvp-armor stats. the pvp armor is way too strong compared to pve. with pve u are dealing almost no dmg at all against these players. another option would be to limit the pvp upgrades to +15 or +20.

    For example, if a level 80 player is in a level 60 area, then they get a -20% stat debuff.

    ...and what about the players who are lvl 80 and dont have a gear yet? the full gear will still solo everything. u only hit the weak ones with stuff like that. additionally why should a small ini gets better, if u are getting better? makes no real sense...

    1. "Everybody can oneshot a boss even in hell dungeon if you are properly geared."

    same as above, doing something against this will only hit the weak players who are still missing the gear. additionally if u would hit only players with better gear then the point of making ur gear stronger becomes more pointless. if the debuff gets too strong the publisher would loose money cause of less selling of mighty reinforcements.

    "Git gud kid!"

    but yes u have to, there are still players who think the are able to solo dungeons just because they have the matching armor but never used an reinforcementspell on these. its not only to harass players, some really are bad and dont understand the system at all.

    The floor can be 100% entirely correctly the same on both sides, but the tablet will behave as though they aren't, if you did not collect these.

    never had this problem. i just left the treasurechests without collecting them.

    Additionally hall 6: Its easier to just start from the beginning or the end and just move along changing everything as u move slowly to the other side instead of running wild across the room. It will be easier to spot changes to be made if u do it that way.

    I am getting some comments about the Awakening quest. Forsome players is truly challenging, and well, it is meant to be like that. It isa jump to a whole new level and yes, it is challenging but not impossible…. Inany case, we don’t want to create a nightmare for experienced players and inthe next patch we will implement some features that might give you a bit ofhelp.

    Well since i havent seen yet what the changes will be i will just stating an opinion based on the current state. I think the Awakening quest is fine as it is right now. Its better this way since u will now for sure that the chars who cleared it have at least a decent equipment. Instead i would change the experience gain during level 80-90, so it would be slower to level. that way all chars will have enough time to build a decent gear before reaching that point. The point itself should stay difficult to clear.

    if u are s5 fatimas item

    if just s1 or higher then delphonias earring+anotheritem like dakaba, deadly ice or similar things. it depends on what stats/defdowns or other stuff u are missing and ur class.

    Well another example against the pve ranking: How would u make it?

    You cant compare the dmg dealt in dungeons to each other

    First example: Hitting on a mob in lower dungeon with less defense migth increase the dmg output. So the first point u would have to consider: Which monster in which difficulty-mode was hit.

    Second example: A party with 4 class a chars and 1 class b char in comparison to a party with 5 different classes --> more defdowns and dmg inflicted debuffs --> more dmg. So the next point u have to consider would be the mixing of the partys.

    This said only 2 things could happen:

    first: A really detailed dmg chart with rankings. but thanks to all the things to consider: a real comparison means a really long chart with every possible situation compared to the exact same situation.

    second: A completly meaningless short chart where u cant even get any information out of it who would be really better than another player.

    And all the people who already has +30 gear and screaming for more difficult dungeons....yeah and ever thought about non geared players? not everybody can afford a full +30 gear. so if u are making it stronger u still get by without problems but what about all the other players who might even struggle with the team inis at this point already...

    And for the pve ranking: Against it. Then the ranking would just be filled with the speedrunning +30 gear guys and as a normal person u wouldnt stand any chance. what would be the point in that. only that: Pushing the ego of the already geared players...

    1. I think the auction system is fine as it is right now, no need for changing it.

    2. the not diguppoints in archäo shouldnt been shown on the map. part of the difficulty lies in finding the spots urself. I would not have anything against the other part with the collectibles.

    3. would not have anything against it

    4. I wouldnt mind getting higher chance to obtain but how exactly did u choose the duellevels for that? randomly?

    5. Against it. U are getting exp on specific things and if this is done ur way then it becomes easy to obtain the higher levels by just doing quests instead of actually catching a fish or so. should stay as it is.

    6. Wouldnt mind it since cooking costs a lot of money.