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    Gaia Sanctuary doesn't need much of anything to solo these days, especially on the class in question.

    Trials should get a new path added eventually (similar to how Sanctuary has two paths) that will include Yumikaze. This should probably be coming soon. At that point, there will be another spot for focusing on Yumikaze.

    I did a smaller update. It was mostly a rewrite-tidying to some of the sections (namely, eidolons and weapon specialization), and I wouldn't even post a notice that I updated it were it for that alone, but I expanded on the trophies section for levels 95 and up, and I feel that sort of deserved a mention.

    When I did the update a couple of months back, I was more or less almost solely recommending the level 95 elemental trophies and leaving it at that. It was a bit hasty and careless to do that, and I would still suggest this if you are willing to fortify a few more trophies and swap them, as it really is the general best option. However, I should have ADDITIONALLY included some other options, and so I added some of those now. Outside of the defense shred trophies (which rely on outside variables and I feel have general merit), while I see many of the rest as somewhat of crutches in light of the new elemental trophies, not everyone has the funds and/or high stats to go that route. Therefore, there ARE decent alternatives depending on your situation, so I tried to touch upon those other options, and some uses/reasons for them. That is the purpose of a guide. Different players in different situations having taken different paths have different needs and uses. Even if it is not the best, now perhaps more than ever is a time where there's many options for trophies, and many of them have differing areas and degrees of viability, so I was a bit careless to dismiss them all.

    That being said, I BELIEVE I covered all of the notable trophy considerations for levels 95 and up, but if I did not and/or you feel something has a use that I didn't mention, please say so! Keep in mind that I'm also trying to keep an already big list of options as narrows as can be, though, so I didn't want to list the more niche things and overload some players.

    Great guide!

    On the floor that you mark as floor 1, you don't have to identify the the item and can just leave them on the floor. A relic will glow after 4 or 5 digs (i never counted) without identifying. This can save time if you want to go through the first 5 floor faster.

    I suspected that might be the case, since I noticed the last relic always activated after I would check an item to begin identifying it, but before I actually finished the identification process, but I never bothered trying to see if it'd work that way. You still need to check the item, however, correct? I ran around and dug at a lot of glow spots, but in my one try, they didn't seem to activate any relics until I started checking items. Also, I never counted either, but they seem to require slightly more digs for each next relic. The first two always seem to activate very soon, and the last seems to take a bit longer.

    Floor 5 in my example seems to behave the same.

    So if you don't care for the items identifying it will get you, you can slightly speed up those floors.

    Hall of Philae Floors 6 through 8 (level 90 requirement):

    These floors, unlike the prior five, will ALWAYS be in the same order. I will therefore omit pictures, but a video walk-through of all three of the following floors will be included below. Once completing the initial five floors, the usual end room of the dungeon has been changed to have a barrier. If you meet the requirements (level 90 or above), you may proceed. If not, you will not be able to go any further. The big draw of doing these three new floors, is that have a chance to drop level 95 accessories, as well as new level 95 elemental trophies.

    Floor 6: Ah, this one is probably the most frustrating for those going in blind.

    Interact with the stone tablet in the middle of the room, near the NPC, and the screen will transition. Afterwards, the room will be filled with all sorts of things. This is where the confusion begins. What do I do!? Don't panic, for one. If you find yourself going to run out of time, do not panic or give up! Remember, running out of time prevents you from proceeding onto further floors, but you can ALWAYS finish the one you are at now. So, if worse comes to worse, spend all the time you need in order to learn it.

    What you need to do is make both sides of the room match. The left side of the room is static; you can not change it, so your focus is on adjusting things on the right to make it match the left. Most items that do not move have two states only, so if something simply doesn't look as it does across the room, adjust its state. The exception is the stone near the front, it has three states (a dark Grey color, a lighter Grey, and a Pink shaded color, and spoiler warning; I miss this exact thing in my video below and enter panic mode for a few moments). Certain things simply move from their spot when adjusted, and some of these may have three states as well. Like with the stationary items, if you see something in a spot, and it's not there across the room, tell it to move. Eventually it will be right.

    Besides the initial NPC near the stone tablet from before the room started, the other NPCs CAN be moved and DO count as objects that need to be mirrored. It took me a while to understand that.

    There is one other mechanic to understand about this room. As you are adjusting the state of things, a treasure chest will sometimes randomly spawn. That will happen either five or six times. You need to gather these! Another will not spawn if one is already present, so as soon as one spawns, collect it. The floor can be 100% entirely correctly the same on both sides, but the tablet will behave as though they aren't, if you did not collect these. If this occurs, simply adjust the state of an item a few times to see if it forces a chest spawn (you see me doing this in the video during my panic moments, thinking it was my mistake).

    Once you learn what things are always static (some set pieces aren't randomized but ALWAYS the same), you will be able to narrow your focus on what to look for.

    Once you have the room matched, interact with the stone tablet in the center of the room. If it is correct, a large chest will spawn, concluding the room. You can relax (a little), that is half of the frustration of the three new floors gone already. The next two are nicer in my opinion.

    Floor 7: When you enter, you will see a grid pattern cage on the floor of the room, as well as up along one wall. The one on the wall has glowing orbs; these signify presence of traps in that area on the floor. I, personally, ignore bothering with avoiding the traps. If you hit one, it roots you momentarily, either turning you into a blob chicken, or freezing you in ice. Either way, it also spawns a chest. These contain archeology drops (nothing important), and are optional.

    Talk to the NPC to the Right when entering to start the floor. Once you do, your skill set will change. The first skill will dig for relics, and you will want to do this where you see a glow. The second skill is what you use on the relic once it appears. The third skill can be ignored, but it is largely the same as the second, only it is unique to only working on the optional treasure chests that spawn when you trigger one with being trapped. As you identify relics, you will gather pages of a journal. You need all 4 pages, the first of which acts as a fusion formula for the rest. Once you have the finished item, talk to the NPC, which will spawn a chest and conclude the room.

    Floor 8: Rejoice, for if you made it this far, the time limit is an afterthought for you. When you enter this room, talk to the NPC near the stone tablet. Once you do, the statues around the room will begin moving, in a line, but in random directions, for random distances, stopping periodically. You will need to seek out the glow spots, dig at them, and then identify the resulting relic.

    There are two factors to avoid. The first is the moving statues. If they hit you, they disrupt any dig or identification in process, and push you aside (you can be chained into being hit multiple times). It is an inconvenience, but a rather minor one usually.

    The other, and more pressing, is that every so often, the screen will shake, to warn you of what is coming next. A number of Red circular AOE carpets will paint the floor, where debris will fall. If you are in these circles as this happens, you will be prevented from using your dig or identify skill for a rather lengthy period of time. Avoid the statues once you get the screen shake warning this is coming. It's a good idea to run down either set of stairs to the sides, as they will never fall there, nor will the statues go there, making these safe spots.

    Once you have all of the required number of items, talk to the NPC, which will spawn a chest, concluding the floor.


    I hope this explains about everything! Here is a video walk-through of the three new floors.

    I overlooked the stone on the first floor, and lost some time there as I fiddled with items thinking I may have still had to force some chests to spawn (it's possible to finish the room and have it correct before they all spawn, although it's rare). It serves as a good example, though, not to panic, and to check for differences. From some angles, they can appear correct, and usually it's something you were overlooking all along. In my case, the moment I focused on the stone, I cried.

    If anyone has any questions, corrections, or additional tidbits of information that I didn't mention, I'd love to hear it!

    With the release of new floors for Hall of Philae, I've decided to make a small guide detailing this niche archeology instance. I was also surprised to find this never had a guide for even the initial floors.

    What is Hall of Philae?

    Hall of Philae is an instance (dungeon) that you can enter in Star Sand Desert. It is accessible at the same place that Ozymand Temple is.

    Hall of Philae is an archeology instance, and for the most part, it would be done for much of the same reason archeology would be. You can obtain items that you can vendor to an archeology NPC for archeology tokens, as well as some unique things, and some of the things from the new floors in particular are what make this instance attractive. After each floor concludes, a large chest spawns, which has its own set of drops, including Orange masteries, Maja key fragments and her eidolon accessory, specific gear and unidentified gear, among other things. Note that treasure charms do NOT work on these chests, as they are not a target you attack with combat like regular chests, but rather one you pick up, so they behave differently!

    Hall of Philae is split into two parts; the first and initial part, which consists of five floors, and the second and newer part, which consist of three floors. The first five floors are in a random order. The three newest floors are always in the same order. To enter the dungeon, you need to be level 55 (or... was it level 60 now?). You can then do the initial five floors. To progress and do the second and newer part, however, you need to be at least level 90.

    Let us move on to how the dungeon itself, and each floor, works.

    Hall of Philae - Explorer Base:

    When you first enter, you enter into an initial room. This room has three NPCs of importance. The first is near the entrance, and will teleport you out of the dungeon, but... why would you want that? The second is an archeology NPC, which can sell you an Identification Tool Set. You will need this if you don't have one, or it has ran out of uses. You may notice the NPC will not sell you the actual archeology pick-axe tool. This is not needed; you don't need one, and at any time where you would, your skill bar is adjusted to temporarily give you one. The third is an NPC which will open to the portal to start the instance, and it is at this point that the time starts. You will given a buff that lasts 20 minutes, and when this wears off, you will not be able to proceed to a new floor. If you run out of time, you will, however, be able to finish the floor you are currently on. This buff prevents the use of the Teleportation skill, and if you finish the instance before the buff time runs out, it will prevent you from teleporting even after you leave the instance.

    There is additionally an archeology NPC on each floor itself, so if you ever run out of the Identification Tool Set (although this is only needed for a few of the floors), you will never be stuck.

    Hall of Philae Floors 1 through 5 (level 55 requirement):

    As mentioned above, floors 1 through 5 occur in a random and not set order, so the order of these may not match your own. I will therefore just include them in any order here, and include a picture along with the description to help identify them.

    Floor 1: This floor behaves similarly to how an archeology spot on the field maps would. You seek out Yellow glows, dig where they appear, and then identify from among three colors which it is. Only digging and checking the item is actually required to get it to count, so if you don't mind missing out on the item it will yield, you can simply dig, check, and cancel the process without identifying it to speed the floor up. As you do this, one of four relics will glow. Once all four are glowing, the chest spawns, and the room concludes.


    Floor 2: This floor is strictly a gathering floor. Relics are strewn about on the ground, and you gather them up. You have a chance to obtain an aura after you do, and once you have the aura, you should run towards one of the ruined statues to transfer it. As a note, the very small round relics, as well as the horn relics, will never give you a glow. After you've done this three times for each statue, six total, the chest will spawn and the room will conclude. You may gather any remaining relics for their drops after this point, if you wish, but it is not necessary.


    Floor 3: Somewhat similar to the prior floor, there are items strewn about on the ground. However, they are glowing one of three colors, and you need to target the item and use the skill that corresponds to each color. Each item has a chance to drop a Sun Runestone. Once you have seven of them, give them to the NPC near the stone tablet, and the chest will spawn, concluding the room.


    Floor 4: This room is simply concluded once all of the chests are gathered, and there are 27 chests. Another NPC will participate in trying to gather the chests. It is very possible to get all 27 chests yourself, and the NPC seems to have a set order in which he chooses the chests. In addition, there are spots he will often run back to between chests. I do not have the exact order known myself, but roughly, I start in the far right corner, then work towards the far left, then collect the row of 4 or so along the right, and then the last 4 or so along the left, as that seems to be the way the NPC approaches it. Once all chests have been gathered, the screen transitions, after which the floor concludes. There is no large chest that spawns in this room.


    Floor 5: This floor can be a bit frustrating, but once you learn the mechanics, it's simple.

    At first, it will appear similar to the first floor. Glow spots will appear, and you will need to dig there and identify them. Do this twice. As with the first floor, you don't need to actually identify the item; just to dig and initially check it. Once you dig a third time, before you can identify it, the screen transitions, and you will appear back towards the entrance of the room, showing that this floor is not simply like the first. There are three goblins in the center along the back wall of the room. Ignore the last dig you did, and run to them. After some moments, they will begin to flee. Your skill bar changes to give you three skills. The first is an attack, and the other two are traps; one is a bear trap that will halt any goblin for a few moments that steps too close, and the other is an AOE trap which will rope any goblins for a few moments.

    The key in avoiding the frustration is this; their initial behavior is to run a bit, then stop, and then run, and repeat. Once, however, they have been obstructed by anything, be it an attack or a trap, their behavior changes to more or less run nonstop, with the pause severely shortened (to next to nothing), making them much harder to lock down.

    Therefore, ensure that once you have trapped a goblin, you dispose of it before it can ever even move again. Rope, attack, trap, attack, attack, repeat is a good order. It is okay if some flee at the onset, because their pattern will always be to to pause until they have been disrupted, so they are easy to lock down and dispose of. Focus on one at a time if you have to. If one gets loose and runs endlessly, however, it can be more difficult.

    Once you dispose of all three, the screen transitions again, and afterwards a large chest spawns, concluding the room.


    That concludes the first part of Hall of Philae. On to the new floors!

    The guide has been updated! With the release of Awakening some time ago now, and with more stuff coming soon, I updated what needed it, and dropped out some of the older stuff. It was a fair bit behind, but despite that, it was just missing a few key things, so I updated it to keep it correct.

    For those who've read it already, here's a summarization of the changes/additions so you don't need to read it all again.

    1. The gearing section has dropped some of the recommendations for older and lower level stuffs, like level 70 and 80, since the goal should be to get to level 90/95, picking up only what you temporarily need to get you to be able to do that, and then work on gearing now.

    2. The gearing section has been expanded to include some level 95 stuffs, and all of the Awakening stuffs, since the content/level cap was 95 last time the guide was updated.

    3. The gearing section is mindful of the new level 95 trophies coming in a few days (I think?), and emphasizes to get them, and where to get them. Spoiler, it's new Hall of Phillae floors, and you can farm them with characters level 90 or higher. Since these more or less will become the only trophies anyone should want to use (ideally, anyway; lacking crit damage and the lack of ease in fortifying numerous trophies [thanks for removing transfer scrolls, Aeria...] again makes something hard for this class).

    4. Addition of new food/drink recommendations.

    5. Small changes to weapon mastery. I snuck in advice for how to set it for the actual Awakening quest (namely, use 15 points in accuracy). I would have liked to make a small sub-section for preparing for that, but I'm not sure if I had the space for it.

    6. Minor changes to the skill section to account for some changes.

    7. I cried tears all over, because a few missed tags broke my posts bad, which took forever to fix, because, for some reason, a forum software in 2019 has no non-WYSIWYG editor (if it does, please tell me where it is and how to disable it!), resulting in posts being awfully broken by missing a single URL tag somewhere. If remnants of this destruction remain somewhere, this is why, and I apologize!

    8. Some other small changes here and there just to update it (one example, the guide had a bias to choose between defense shred or not since the meta and dungeons at the time were high on defense, making the usefulness of it more hit or miss, but that time is passed).

    I may have missed some small stuffs, but I think I got all of the important bits updated and there now.

    Hello! If I may ask, what was your character name and server?

    Your question inspires a history rant, so here you go!

    As someone who started playing since when the game was close to new, I all but stopped playing around the mid/mid-end of 2016. I did return for more or less a mere three straight weeks to grind from levels 90 to 95 with some friends when the level cap was raised, and then stopped again (botting was insane by this point, and I'll get into that shortly). I've "been around", even lately, but I have not been actually playing with dedication for some years. I just come around to see what's going on and chat with a decreasing list of friends (so these days, it's barely ever). There's many reasons why.

    I've been playing games for a long time (perhaps nearly as long as some here have been alive), but this was my first full foray into an MMO, because it broke many of the trends that almost every other MMO game had which kept me away from the genre for the last decade and a half. It will also likely be my last/only one, unless another game similar to what made Aura Kingdom great initially comes along (and even then it'd better fix the remaining things wrong this game had), which is highly unlikely. It didn't require a subscription, it didn't require an insane time commitment/grind, and it was easy/casual enough to be appealing to more players while still having a side appealing to the "tryhard" players (learning the mechanics, performing them well in the case of jump-casting, and soloing dungeons, namely). This genre was a big turn off for me because they are generally nothing but devices used to require you to KEEP playing, and thus spending. The progress is made slow and requires grinding, and subscriptions were (less so these days?) required, all designed to keep you playing and spending. The genre has a horrible reward for investment ratio, making it highly time disrespecting. Playing in a massive world with many other players is a WONDERFUL concept... but awfully executed. I never understood why EVERY SINGLE MMO EVER seemed to get it all wrong, but that's capitalism. Sadly, gaming as a WHOLE has trended towards some of this (loot boxes are the big one I dislike of the last five or so years). That being said, there's also many things gaming is doing well, but that's a bigger subject.

    Anyway... getting back to Aura Kingdom, it was an exception to all of this, so I gave it a try. Most of it was good. Unfortunately, there was an accessibility issue (pay wall of +20 at first), but with everything else going well (plus being new and active), this was sort of overlooked by many of us. The other issue was incredibly ludicrous imbalance between classes. By time we started learning of the mechanics (jump casting was nice, the rest was awful) and especially come the level 70 and 80 metas, things started turning worse.

    Fast-forward to today and everything is exactly like the worst of MMOs all rolled into one game. Around mid-2016, accessibility got even worse. Paired with that, X-Legends furthered the game in ways that made things awful, including needing to invest so much more into every little thing. Imbalance is worse, both between the classes AND between the player compared to the environment. On Aeria's servers, botting is incredibly rampant. It's also hard for new players to catch up. There is zero reason to start playing this game here if you haven't already, and if you had, there's little reason to keep playing.

    Unfortunately, mobile gaming is everything I just described to the furthest extent possible, but that's a transition I saw starting a decade ago. Do people really do that?

    As for what I do now, I'm back to bouncing around between many other games and having the fun I used to before Aura Kingdom (Epic Battle Fantasy 5 just released and I've been waiting years for it!). I still stay involved with friends here, sometimes even signing in, and also keep involvement in a way I'm not allowed to discuss! I did have a LOT of fun here, and met some amazing people (some of whom I miss and don't keep in touch as much). I don't regret my invested time and energy at all, but unless a miracle example occurs, I won't be giving MMOs another go around after I part ways fully with Aura Kingdom either.

    I am still around to force Tsuruga to still have to see the occasional huge rant from me, and to spread many foxes everywhere.


    Until then, have fun!

    Yes, you should prioritize 30 points in crit on more or less any class post-Awakening regardless of gearing or stats situation. Points in speed should ideally only be the case if you need it to cap (which many may). If it's not needed to remain capped and you can afford to go without it though, then it's not worth taking for the higher zeal chance, as you'd be sacrificing points that could instead be put elsewhere, like in move speed, damage, crit, or damage against elements.

    It's not like Holy Spirit is incapable or anything, but post-Awakening, Magic Sundering becomes better due to the fact that overcap crit has a benefit now. The reason(s) Holy Spirit was better before was because it has 2% more damage dealt while the proc on Magic Sundering was wasted. It's still better from levels 90 to 99, but now (post Awakening) that the latter is no longer true, it becomes more beneficial for your damage than 2% damage dealt. As long as you don't need the crit damage from Holy Spirit to cap, then Magic Sundering is better. All classes use the benefit of this crit, and Tachi is no exception.

    Now, if cost is a concern, that is one thing, but if you're worried about changing from one level 90 bottom set to another like it might be a waste or short term, don't worry. The set remains relevant for a long time (it is currently still the best bottom set in Taiwan a year and more from now even at S.Level 10). S.Level 1 bottom sets aren't better, nor are S.Level 5 bottom sets.

    You absolutely should switch to Magic Sundering bottom set, in my opinion. With the scaling per level (and much higher than before) stat requirements starting after Awakening, the extra crit is going to be much more valuable than the 2% detail damage. The only reason to stick with Holy Spirit bottom at all is if changing from it means you also no longer cap crit damage (only Wizards should potentially have this concern).

    I'd also change your envoy to be closer to something like this. You're trading some damage/offensive stats for HP and the Dark Spear Raid tile. The only thing I'm unsure of is if the last 1.6% crit tile would be better than the damage 2% tile.

    Not that this should be misrepresented, but is the balance thing just a small love tap to some of the underplayed classes? After the last three or four (or however many it's been?) supposed balance changes, I've pretty much given up expecting a real shift to the state of the game's balance after watching it over around a four year cycle from around two years of Ravager Kingdom, to around a year of Shuriken Kingdom, to now Lancer Kingdom with no end in sight (which gets more pronounced after Awakening). I get that perfect balance is hard, especially with a sub-class system and fortifications making a huge difference (and being highly access walled), but I honestly think they don't even try.

    The decrease to the cost of certain masteries (especially the four from Vulture Vale and Blizzard Berg) is loooooooong overdue!

    Remove warehouse npc from Helonia Coast and Crescent Hill.

    Warehouse card level limited increased to 28.

    Level requirement for Navea increased to 28.Updated the first prize in the Heroes' Leaderboard.

    Why? What am I missing that necessitates keeping new players out of the warehouse until level 28/Navea?

    The three places I can guess offhand you might be majorly missing some is secret stones, emblem, and costume head enchant.

    You do want to try and use level 80 (not level 70) enchant cards where you can, as you mentioned. Since the weapons are both 8% dual drive though, you could just stay with them until you can replace them with level 80 equivalents. Ones with penetration/no dual drive would probably be more of a rough side-grade or marginal upgrade at best.

    Try and get 6/3 secret stones (6% crit damage/3% damage dealt) or better. You can get up to 8/4/anything else with advanced secret stones now, but have fun with that.

    I'd try and get a four star eidolon that allows you to use a 40% crit damage buff, and this can be incredibly frustrating to get for the same reason I said to have fun with secret stones (*sigh* RNG Kingdom now; casual and fun Aura Kingdom is dead), so it's easier to choose an eidolon that has this already as either its three or four star buff. The alternative would be to use 16% damage anyway, which is equally rare, so whichever you work around, it's much easier to choose something that has it already. Eirene and the unreleased future holiday version of Ayako are the absolute best ideals, however.

    I'm not necessarily looking for recommendations as to what to do to have fun. I've also gone through and done pretty much everything the game has to offer, especially during 2014 to 2016. After that, I largely quit, just playing once or twice for a few short stretches to check in what little new content there was, which wasn't much since most of it went behind accessibility/payment walls.

    I pretty much made this posting at the time people were, for whatever reason, doing Shattered Netherworld solos en masse like it meant something. That was around the point that soloing literally meant nothing (not that it meant a whole lot before either since it was 90% Ravagers doing it), so I was trying to prod the community to try and limit themselves during accomplishments, but as this thread shows, there was no such thing. I guess people aren't interested, which surprised me because in the same breath, people complain the "game is too easy" but seem totally content in playing in situations that makes it so easy that they complain.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to discourage or shame people from finding fun in whatever they naturally find fun. I was largely a casual player myself (that is, after all, why the game was so great, back when it was casual before all the RNG and grind infestation took over). I just figured there'd be more willingness to try some different things, so to speak, and found it surprising there wasn't (well, game is largely dead here, too, I guess).

    S.Level 1 staff gives crit damage, although Shuriken will not.

    Getting the secret stones will be a big help if you're currently still missing out on most/all of them (as they can grant up to 56% crit damage at best presuming you can get full 8/4 stones on everything, or 30% if being conservative and factoring in 6/x stones on armors only), and you're missing 24% to cap right now (44% if you change to level 95 accessories). Looking forward, I'd probably consider it on the eidolon.

    It wouldn't bring back the old players or attract new players, in the long run you are just losing more and more.

    As an old player, honestly, Aeria could freely give me +30 for every piece of gear, ever, for the rest of the life of the game, and I still would not come back. The reason is because the game is infested with player botting, and dungeons are dead anyway too. At the current LP cost, and with a limit per week, they are barely what I'd consider accessible though, especially for a feature two years old.

    With the release of Eirene, The eidolon section has been updated!

    This is a very good eidolon for wizards, and if there is any confusion involving how her skill works, I hope I clarified it. A later eidolon comes which is an attractive option as well, so I also included it, and compared how they differ (and thank you to the other players who informed me of this to begin with, and I hope I understood it correctly), to try and give players the information to make choices about what they may want.

    Your suggestions would amount to an overloaded and broken class though, so it wouldn't make anything less braindead. If there are issues to be fixed, they need to directly be fixed (not that X-Legends will do this), not introduce another class as the solution.

    Many players on both Taiwan and Aeria mention about the poor state of balance (regarding PVE as a whole [which involves gearing and fortification], and between classes themselves), and no, nothing ever gets done. There have been some class balances, but for the most part they don't do much. The Ravager and Shuriken both saw changes (termed "nerfs") while each was the strongest class (by far, mind you), and neither of those changes actually brought even a bit of bringing the classes closer together. X-Legends are far more concerned with just throwing content out there as long as it generates income as opposed to actually trying to develop a properly balanced game, and Aeria cares no more about it either (but that's the far majority of MMOs anyway, just some do it worse than others).

    There was a letter to the community X-Legends made detailing their plans for the summer or whole rest of the year (I forget), and for the most part, that is what has been happening and will happen as far as I know.

    There's been a new class, and there are new Sky Tower floors (41 to 45) too. Some new S.Level 5 (105) gear drops there (namely, a new accessory set which sounds nice, but can really only be made use of by one or two classes maybe). I think there's now some silly leader board pertaining to Sky Tower which has some ludicrous buffs/items as rewards. There were some new eidolons, two in particular that the letter mentioned (X-Legends basically made alternate costume skins for Alucard and Nidhogg, a future eidolon, and made them new eidolons instead). There's also been a loooot of new costumes (both original and eidolon look-a-likes), mounts, and eidolons, many of which look pretty and add to eidolon stat boosting potential through prayers and eidolon stories. Some more eidolons get three star forms.

    For the most part, it's what their letter has said. It's nothing bad, but it's been a little bit of everything small only (sans the new Sky Tower floors which are a major thing content-wise). There's been no news about a new level cap, no content (like new dungeons, maps, or S.Level 10+ stuffs), but I would guess unless they plan to really slow the game down that it should come late this year/early next for them given current pacing of a new major meta every year or so. Taiwan is currently at late S.Level 1/5 gear/content with an S.Level 10 cap. Currently, Aeria will soon(-ish?) be getting a class balance and a new level cap of S.Level 5 (105), as well as S.Level 1 (101) gear/content, which is new story quests, maps, dungeons, and some stats mechanics changes, of which constitute Awakening.

    I'd rather see the existing classes (and state of the game as a whole) balanced better, rather just tossing a new broken class into the mix yearly. I'm not a fan of the way overloaded and broken kit. I'm not really sensing any sort of cohesiveness, theme, or reasoning to a lot of this either. I know Aura Kingdom is already rather broken, but this would just push it way further.

    The new class set to come is a guitar weapon using class that is somewhat of a support/DPS/utility hybrid class. It is likely a year or more off, given that's how far this version is behind in content compared to the original Taiwan version, developed by X-Legends.

    Sadly, it's so much more than that. The bot plays the majority of the game for you. It does your quests. It runs your dungeons non-stop, getting you drops (which range from recipes to gear to materials and can be used or sold), income, and experience/levels. It does your professions. It does your achievements. It does your eidolon prayers. It links for you to complete your eidolons that Aeria overcharges you for just to get the first key for to begin with. At this point, it practically does almost everything to my understanding.

    With the game becoming easier and easier over time, to me, the point of playing became more about the progression (the journey along the way, so to speak) and not just about endless end-game dungeon running where bosses die when you look at them, and these days, a bot plays the actual entire game for you and you just occasionally do a dungeon or PVP event now with the result of the work the bot did. I mean, I don't see the point in playing that way, but to each their own I guess? I know I surely don't want to play in an environment that is so tainted by it, though.

    Bot linking for eidolons might not directly impact others, but botting is way, way more than that. I feel it's impacted the economy negatively perhaps as equally as gold buying (the difference being that gold generation through bots has typically been through mass means and has caused more inflation, but that by itself isn't the damaging part to the economy), with the addition that it's impacted far more areas of the game. In either case though, you're just at a big disadvantage compared to those that do it, and bot use seems pretty rampant in recent times.

    As someone who played back when the masses of bots for gold generating were a common thing, I would find it more off-putting to play in today's environment than back then.

    It'll be more useful once awakening comes up too due to the new mechanics and debuffs from dungeons we will be receiving.

    This isn't entirely true; it's potentially more the opposite. While it is true that the higher stats will potentially give you a bit higher crit overcap after Awakening (though if you're not a blessed player with high prayer stats and a huge eidolon collection and can't overcap crit after reductions by a nice margin, this part won't even matter then), I want to clarify that there's nothing in the mechanics of the changes of Awakening itself that directly makes the set effect become better. If anything, that very thing makes the gain from this set potentially diminish somewhat. It's not major at all or anything, but I just wanted to clarify that so people don't think the set is less important now.

    As another related aspect, this is the same reason the Wizard class has been, and continues to, suffer somewhat minor indirect nerfs. When the theoretical crit damage cap of every class goes up the same amount (from this accessory set and from Awakening mechanics), the difference between the Wizard and other classes only potentially shrinks. Theoretically, classes that have no extra innate crit damage cap over the natural 300% cap will be gaining the most from this accessory set and the Awakening changes to come.

    I'm not, and it's funny you say that because I'm rather terrible verbally. I speak just enough to scare the children and short attention span people away. ^^;

    Also, I just realized this was the thread I started. I thought this was the one RayneeDay started. Everything turns into "the state of Aura Kingdom" these days, I guess, and it can't be helped.

    I'm not going to pretend like the supposed "Golden years" of 2014 and 2015 were as good as nostalgia suggests. Though the game itself was in a much better state at first, there were some pretty big issues in those years too, with the game, with the management, with teams, etc., all of it. I'm one of the first people who will tell you mid-2016 was the "great shift" for the game and created a new and second era (when the game died/went bad, basically), but even I won't pretend it was truly that much better beforehand.

    The thing is, precisely because there were hurdles back then, starting in 2016, it accelerated, and that is precisely why it's so bad now. Pay walls went up more, and for longer, accessibility went way down, the game itself became far, far less casual and less rewarding for your time (but still pretends to be casual...), and yes, these are problems in which the fault is on both X-Legends AND Aeria, not just the later. However, the latter chose to focus too heavily on short term profits backed by high player turnover rate due to greed, rather than player retention and long term health of the game (and maybe their company at this point...), and it's no secret the trading of stocks or majority ownership or whatever in the company has resulted in even more management woes. To be honest, I don't entirely blame the current Aura Kingdom team; they are honestly little more at fault than those closer to perfect (in our minds) teams from 2014 and 2015, and the real blame lies in... well, call it the bad side of capitalism, greed of the higher ups, or whatever, but the resulting mess of these collective years CAN NOT be denied, and pointing fingers, or arguing over whether it's the developer or publisher, or whether it's this year or that year, is really not what matters. What matters is this... what do we have today as a result of that whole? What is Aura Kingdom in 2018 on Aeria's servers?

    Here is what we have. The game is increasingly inaccessible, the game is increasingly far less rewarding for the time put in, the game is increasingly less active, and... oh, a big one expounding that last fact, but the game is increasingly becoming plagued with botting (and I don't mean the masses of gold generation bots, which have actually become less of an occurrence [probably because the game is near dead], but rather actual players botting) that it's almost unreal, so what little activity it appears to have is mostly a false display as well.

    The botting is probably the biggest thing killing whatever was left of the game for me, and it doesn't help that accessibility is so bad that it drives this (keys for eidolons are so expensive, it leads people to buy one, then bot link for the rest, that lovely idea of an experience curve before it was rightfully abandoned was so horrible that it lead to the rise of dungeon botting, the last two level races were heavily determined by botting on the first few pages of the leader boards, etc.). Now, I'm not justifying the use of such means (more the opposite; I personally don't get it, because if it's so bad that you have to bot, why not just walk away?), but I DO, at the same time, see what motives can push the use of such things for others. Now, botting is a complicated matter, and while it's better to err on the side of safety to avoid false positives, botting is so rampant that seemingly the majority of long-term and end-game players, including spenders, do it. Aeria knows it, and yet Aeria can not make a mass effort against this, because they'd be cutting out a huge part of their financial support, so they are forced to pseudo-tolerate it and be a bit more lenient regarding it (I've seen people who bot and even buy gold get unbanned). I don't know why there was never a captcha implemented (or rather, why it was removed) or why they couldn't do more checks on the side of the server for these things (I have no idea how this works, so forgive me), but the thing is, while nothing may be fully preventable, Aeria has made seemingly zero effort to even try it, and it goes a long way to me, as a player, to show that they do not care about the state of the game at all anymore (which is awful), and only for profits. It's not sustainable.

    Although I realize this would mean keeping a game installed, updating it when you go to do so, etc., this is why I'd always routinely log in (once every few months, a couple or few times a year, etc.) in a game like this, even if I was "done" playing, unless I literally didn't care if I entirely lost the account. I stopped heavily playing, depending on how you count it, starting as far back as mid-late 2016, but I still log in somewhat regularly for random reasons (mostly to chat). Any account that had AP associated with it SHOULD be flagged as exempt, though, in my opinion, regardless of age. Apparently accounts have spending level status associated with them and I wonder if this is one supposed reason why.

    Anyway, unless you were particularly invested in some of the costumes and eidolons, as has been said, leveling and gearing would be little issue, at least compared to where you probably stood when you stopped playing. Level 60 gear is entirely obsolete now (besides the Sniper armor set as a start, and Guzigla, level 70 stuffs is too), and the quest line takes you to, what, level 80s or 90 now (I haven't done it since the changed experience curve), so you don't even need to grind until much later than where you were, possibly like level 90+ now.

    The costume scheme is set up so that new costumes are ludicrously expensive, but old ones are generally very cheap and potentially plentiful (the voucher shop made this so), so likewise you probably don't have anything that'd be too expensive to get back. That kimono you showed pictured (which isn't even dyed)? It was cheap as nothing in 2015/2016, and better ones have come anyway. The staff costume? It's been cheap forever, too (although, personally, I think it's still the best one in the game!). Same for that back accessory.

    Is it still unfortunate you may have lost it? Absolutely. I'm not telling you it's right (it's not), but even if you had all that stuff still, it HAS been devalued greatly, so at the least it should be trivial to get back. Fortifying to +20 is also now much easier. Fortifying beyond that towards +30 (yes, this is a thing, as it's as silly as it sounds; the game as a whole got far easier with far more broken classes), new costumes, and eidolons are where it's hard to progress. As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same, and Aura Kingdom is exactly like that. If you're looking for something casual with friends, it can still meet that.


    While I've been playing games for a while, this is my first real MMO game as well as my first Aeria game, so I didn't know what to expect initially. I was always put off from getting into MMOs because of up to three things mostly; recurring subscription costs, horrendously slow rate of progression (I say this as someone about as far from wanting instant gratification as anyone, too, but MMOs are just way too slow and way too high on time demands on the premise of keeping you playing and thus potentially paying), and/or so much impossible RNG. Combined, these three things made the time spent on one of games of the genre seem so far less rewarding than literally every other game genre ever, so I just enjoyed the many other games I did instead.

    Then, along came Aura Kingdom. I found it one day in mid 2014 and liked the visual style and it seemed casual and promising enough, and the lack of a subscription cost at least made me give it a try. Casual, accessible, and yet still good MMOs (bonus points if it's at least relatively balanced too which few seem to be) seem to be once in a Blue moon thing or even rarer, so even though it had it's issues and mostly turned into all three things I am turned off by in the genre, it was fun for a long time regardless, and I met some incredible people!

    dont forget they also modify the fortify system potential reset...

    Remember when the supposed reasoning for this was because fortification scrolls would be more accessible? I'd say, my oh how the times have changed, but even back then they were made inaccessible too, so really it's always been like this even during the supposed early golden years (just, you know... the pay-walled period of time did eventually lessen and end after, what, four to six months, and didn't instead linger for what's going to soon be two and counting years only to be followed with signs they're removing other features to monetize it even more).

    A lot has seemingly changed while a lot has seemingly stayed the same (as the saying goes) since I last did PVP in the level 80s/+20 times, so I don't know how applicable this would be, but I wouldn't see any reason it wouldn't still be, so...

    Per the Wizard envoy, taken from my guide, I would probably suggest something like this, which is more or less saying "your PVE envoy works the best" (given you're using the Bard sub-class in PVE, anyway).

    If level 69 and below PVP is still a thing, I used this when I did that.

    I have less of an idea of what to suggest for a right path/flame Wizard, as my experience with it is limited (and the results at that time were poor). Maybe someone else who plays it can contribute for that, but I would probably think something like this would more or less be close to ideal. Either way, I would follow the same line of thinking and say "whatever you use for PVE will likely work best here", just adjust it for having Bard sub-class and the combo skill if not already.

    Second thing, and this is more an exception to the rule but it might be worth a mention, but the harp element on some classes who get a combo skill from pairing with Bard might want to try and get an element that matches the skill. I've always recommended Wizards to try and get lightning element for the Harp.

    It became clear long ago the only thing Aeria cares about now is the bottom line, even at the cost of the game's health and long-term potential/survival chances. Why worry about player happiness when you have such a high turnover rate you can just convert more newer players into spenders?

    They have always targeted the top end; that is nothing new as it's been the strategy since day one in 2014 (or late 2013 if you're counting beta), and even back then they were hiccups (+20 was monetized almost as bad though we're fast to forget, accessory fortification was more so, the level 70/75 weapon fiasco, there were bad GSes back then too), but things changed drastically in 2016 (vote for your eidolon event disappeared, level 80 restructure accessibility was the first sign with those dumb flash sales, +30 monetized way more than accessory fortification, that silly level curve adjustment, level 90 restructure solutions repeating the level 80 ones, botting has become so rampant, and worst of all, the population mass which kept the game active and healthy died [what remains fall mostly into that botting category, the big spenders, or both], oh, and add removal of things now too I guess to that list, etc.).

    It's a shame, too, if they would have taken a more balanced approach, it could be big still AND have those new players coming in. If people would stop begging to have the chance to throw hundreds of dollars at Aeria during fortification insanity events for a feature over two years old (and ironically, some of the same people complaining at the state of the game, do this), then maybe they wouldn't turn a blind eye to the complaints. Aeria only looks at their bottom line. I hate to blame the victim here, but vote with your money or they won't hear it. Now everything is locked up behind time limited spend sales, or seemingly being removed entirely.

    Well, that's not exactly too surprising if you selectively get just enough to be under Red panel and then stave off completing certain ones until the end (which is what you did), especially since there's a lot of things you no longer have to do to get it these days.

    Still, nice that you skipped the worst panel in the game so fast, and figured out this was possible. You can get the Yellow panel in a few days/a week (less if you know what you're doing), and then the Red panel isn't too awful to get either, but you'll generally be stuck with that one for a while. Come to think of it, the Black panel being the highest one is the longest time we've been stuck with the same highest panel; seems I've had it for over two years now. Panel system when?

    Also, this is still much better than yet another solo of level 85 or 90 dungeons, haha.

    It's because whales aren't buying fort insanity promo (which is what kept +30 locked up behind paywall for 2 years counting) anymore they just transfer it to their next set and so on, they once never cared about the F2P players that grinded for months on end just to afford one +30 weapon main weapon.

    Talk about milking it dry

    Well, the "free to play mass that grinded and kept the game healthy from within" has honestly disappeared slowly but surely starting long ago and is likely all but gone by now. That's seemingly largely been replaced by the botting mass.

    They're in process of removing <Superior Ability Transfer Scrolls 1-30> in-game, making them really expensive and pretty much exclusive to whales.

    This is gonna backfire badly GJ making everyone unhappy except your pockets, this move is so aggressive and needlessly greedy

    Not that I'm defending the decision, but +30 itself pretty much already requires an insane amount, and even before that (which was... two years ago now?) they were locking the game up to spenders long, long before. It'll hurt the state of the game (well, nothing is really left to be honest?), but don't color me surprised at this.