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    No, no. That's not the only reason. You could free up some spaces on your skill bar (and maybe put mspd/dd pet OR GK EMOTES) and you can switch just almost instantly rather than swapping your trophies or mspd emblem manually which I personally find pretty useful in speed runs. Though you'd still need Imperial in your dps set to dodge carpets.

    There are other ways to get ms , if you dont wanna switch to imperial cores instead of your current cores.

    Tab switching is one of them and it is the easiest. Basicly you can take 78-88 level blue imperial gears ( from valuable chests) and use them on second tab with leaf etc ..

    Then you can switch your gear tabs between bosses. Also with that way you can use trash ms cards on your weapons without losing any dps.


    Good luck doing that on sfl.

    I see that makes sense but to that i say if you're running end game gear and are already melting bosses in like 2s that 15cdmg is hardly noticeable no? There's that and say a situation where theres lots of mobs as that's how dungs are done now then the ms and stats would have a much bigger effect no? This is looking at specific situations like f30+st or being hit by certain bosses attacks (Fatima lift plus spiny thingy of death, time library f3 etc.)

    Oh sorry I was writing that at 2am. If you're only aiming for the paper stats+10%, cdmg cap increase will be much better for those situations you mentioned without question regardless the comparison of their chance to proc and not to mention you get much better paper stats too from Soul Reincarnation buff. This would later be more relevant when they add lvl 95 gold accessories that can increase your cdmg cap and awakening stuff cause it will be all about increasing cdmg cap trend.

    Consider this: You have to cast 5 skills to create the shield and the mobs only have 8s to break it. Now not only that but people mostly run at 250% mspd thus making it hard for them to touch you and these days you can reach 50%+ evasion without spending any points on it. It'll be so little chance for it to proc it (atleast for me running with 300%+ mspd constantly), even less chance if you arent the front runner.

    The only dungeon that makes it worth to take this tile is SFL cuz sarpa's blue fireballs thingy range can hit you at long distance rapidly once you get past them.

    But then again it's up to your preference, it's what I think is ideal and doesn't mean you have to copy it exactly. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    For lightning, not only they reduced the coefficient but skill range increased and area affected by the ricochet hits increased. This means if there are trash mobs around the boss, your damage will be even more potato due to nature of its mechanism. There's absolutely no reason for you to go lightning unless you want to be a special cupcake.

    Oh and dark first tick can also 1 pew the boss.



    Lancer is top #1 DPS right now even after the so called nerf and I’ll try to give a brief explanation & possible optimizations for this specific class from my experiences playing it.

    I’ll skip the basic game mechanisms, but in case you’re new; refer to Desparae’s guide and some basic info:

    Sub Weapon

    It goes without saying that Shuriken is the best sub for every DPS classes as it provides def shred/dmg taken debuff and does decent damage burst. Shadow Assault can be used as a gap closer although this isn’t really necessary as Lancer has its own spammable gap closer. Using both of these gap closer skills efficiently can save you 3 - 5 seconds to reach the boss. I won’t be covering about Dungeon Pathing in this guide but the idea is to make use of certain mobs positions as gap closer and find fastest possible path to optimize your overall clear time.

    Holy Sword is great for mobs management, flat def-shred, and sunderance jump. But personally I’ll go for Shuriken for damage wise so I’ll be focusing on Shuriken sub on this guide.

    Bard grants movespeed for zumzum and extra dmg details. Bard is only viable if you are full +30 and overgeared. If 1x Hymn of Doom is enough to melt a boss, stacking movespeed is better in this case. UNLESS YOU HAVE SOMEONE WITH +30 TO CARRY YOU 24/7 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


    I’ll start with lvl 80 and up cuz main quests give you enough lvl to reach that point.

    Lvl 80 - 89

    • Get full Lordswrath set, and craft dem all Imperials. I’d like to emphasize that movement speed is important. Faster movement = faster clear dungeon time. Don’t be a dead weight to your party. Generally, 250% mspd is minimal requirement nowadays.
    • Craft destroyer and nocturnal Lvl 80 weapons. Dark weapon for your main, and Storm for your Shuriken sub (Lightning if Bard sub)
    • Get lvl 80 PvP Lancer weapon for running. It gives 10% movespeed.
    • As for the trophies, get imperial guzigla, bestial time travel and imperial noripan. Imperial Noripan will be used for running.
    • Accessories. Imperial Arcane Frost if you have low eidolon prayers and titles stats (especially newcomers). Otherwise Imperial Perfect War which has slight more advantages for those with decent prayer/title/story stats primarily because of DMG against elite and higher damage base.

    Lvl 90+

    • Top set: Imperial Blazing top Set
    • Bottom set: Imperial Magic Sundering bottom set; this is really useful for Time Library and future awakening patch which translates overcapped crit to crit damage cap increase. The other option, Holy Spirit, is mostly for those who cash hard and really have high stats, or full +30; they benefit from those extra stats and do not require anymore crit/spd, and also get more higher damage base and slight damage detail increase.
    • Craft destroyer and nocturnal Lvl 90 weapons. Dark weapon for your main, and Storm for your Shuriken sub (Lightning if Bard sub)
    • Preferably nocturnal core on your sub weapon so that you can use gold weapon for your main weapon in the future. Lvl 95 weapons gives higher dmg base which is good generally for party runs, and considering that recent and upcoming high-end dungeons bosses have really high defense to the point that you can’t shred it, so it’s gucci.
    • Get lvl 90 PvP Lancer weapon for running. It gives 12% movespeed.
    • Accessories: Imperial Fearless Set for the DMG against elite. Old veteran players have ran calculations on these basically-upgraded PW/Arcane in the past, Fearless Set is superior. Splendid Set is still ok. There will be 95 gold accessories which increase your crit damage cap. Switch to this when it arrives, if ever.
    • Trophies: Guzigla as your main trophy. Time Travel is still good but there are few alternatives that can do better in some dungeons.
      • Wind Spirit Feather: This is better than Time Travel for def-shredable dungeons such as Shattered Netherworld or Chronowood Cavern or lower level dungeons.
      • Delfonia Trophy: Time Travel replacement for higher dungeons, that is if you’re lvl 95+

    Emblems and common stuff

    • Emblems: Get all dmg against elemental emblems, as well dark dmg emblem for violent bosses and a 14% mspd emblem for running.
    • Hats: Same, get dmg against elemental hats enchants, dmg against boss for violent bosses.
    • Mount: Lvl 3. Dark DMG mount.
    • Holy Chests: Nazrudin / Zaahir’s to boost dmg against Ice and Fire targets.

    Gear Enchants

    7% cdmg & 8% dual drive for your main weapon with PEN stat

    (dun need mspd cuz pvp lancer wep for running)

    7% mspd enchant & 8% dual drive for your sub weapon w/ PEN stat

    DMG enchants w/ PEN on armors/accessories etc.

    Costume Enchants

    • Hats: Elemental hats, boss dmg hat enchants as previously mentioned
    • Face: Frozen Lance +5
    • Costume: CDMG against elite 50%
    • Weapon: Sacrificial Lance +5

    Secret Stones

    2% dmg detail is must have, second stat would be 6% cdmg or elemental dmg if you already have reached cap cdmg (315% is cap for lancer)

    • Lava stones for main weapon and sub
    • Frozen Lance Range
    • Infernal Exile Duration
    • Sacrificial Lance CD
    • Rest can be any tbh



    • General Skill: Merciless Soul Strangler (or Storm Song / Refrain of Paradise if bard sub)
    • Atk. Spec: Zeal
    • Adv. Skill: Deadly Ditty
    • Defense Spec: Extreme Speed
    • Special Skill: Deep Blue or Best Defense

    Stats Distributions

    Activate Soul Reincarnation buff when trying to allocate your stats points and take dungeon stats debuff into account.

    Buff yourself with Shuriken or Holy Sword buff if that's your sub class.


    Ideally, you want to reach 50% speed and 90% crit rate first then you can invest in DMG.

    Lancer has low crit rate in idle by default, try to reach the desired primary stats before investing in DMG.

    If you are using end-game gears, you could spend 99 points to DMG and the rest of the points to speed for extra zeal chance.

    This is applicable only if you have atleast 90% crit and 50% speed with all buffs/debuffs taken into considerations.


    Make sure you cap your defense to 80%, then go for HP.

    Envoy Path


    This is the ideal envoy for lancer. Switch to GS sub to skip few tiles and take ult, then switch back to your preferred sub.

    Some dungeons easily break Mark Protection’s shield, while others don’t. In this case you can sacrifice left mspd tile and use Mark Protection to your preference.

    Weapon Mastery


    Lancer dark path is the left one. List ordered by priority:

    • 15 to mspd
    • 20 to dmg against all elements except storm and holy
    • 30 to dmg
    • Remaining points go to crit dmg, speed, or crit rate


    Either Yumikaze, Hel or Verdandi. They all provide 4s stun which is most important.

    Yumikaze has AoE stun, def shred trophy, flat def shred and some dmg buff.
    Hel gives flat def shred. Verdandi has nocturnal and nice cleanse.



    Reroll one of those to 25% ATK SPD and 45% Dark DMG

    Get a 15% mspd cleo or tiger for running.

    Food & Drink

    Dreamy Heaven + Royal Jelly Tea best


    I expect you to have basic understandings of Lancer’s Runes System before proceeding into rotato details.

    Whenever a Lancer skill is used, a Mark of Fire or Mark of Ice will appear on the stone tablet. The stone tablet is visible on the UI and is linked to the skill Mark's Awakening. Once there are three marks on the tablet, a special skill can be used depending on the combination:

    Three Fire summons: Blood Lance - Soul Reincarnation

    You need to cast this before any bosses. This one is really OP buff.


    Two Fire and one Ice summons: Demon Lance - Hymn of Doom

    One or two casts of these are enough to melt a boss.

    There are other two skills but they’re practically useless:

    One Fire and two Ice summons: Thunder Lance - Sudden Death (nerfed).

    Three Ice summons: Soul Lance - Divine Frost.

    Things to remember

    Skills that give you Ice Runes:

    • Frozen Lance: Your gap closer for zumzum.
    • Demolition Lance: Yummy instant flat def shred.
    • Lightning Strike

    Skills that give you Fire Runes:

    • Sacrificial Lance: Ez fire rune summon.
    • Infernal Exile: Spam on random mobs, it can be used for boss (30% crit received chance on left mastery) if you REALLY lack crit rate although it's best to have enough idle crit so you won't have to cast this on boss and reduce kill time.
    • Soul Strangler: One second cooldown. Spammable Dark damage (20% received lancer dmg debuff on left mastery).

    Running through mobs

    Wear your mspd set: PvP weapon, noripan, mspd emblem, and tiger/cleo eidolon. Apply 20% mspd cleo/tiger buff. As you run towards to the boss, collect 3x Fire Runes. This can be done by spamming Sacrificial Lance or casting Infernal Exile on random mobs. Cast Soul Reincarnation then get 1x Ice Rune (Frozen Lance or Lightning Strike) from mobs and 1x Fire Rune (Sacrificial Lance) JUST before the boss to prepare your Hymn of Doom. Do note that Soul Reincarnation only lasts 11 seconds hence this requires proper timing and correct skill order and mob positioning.

    Arriving at boss, start switching main weapon, your emblems and hats according to the boss elemental attribute and use your DPS eidolon/trophy. Assuming that you use Shuriken sub; start off by casting Razor Wind. Soul Strangler follows up next as it gives received lancer dmg 20% debuff. Now you have 2 Fire and 1 Ice, cast Hymn of Doom. Start preparing for your next Hymn whilst dpsing the boss, cast Demolition Lance to get another Ice Rune and spam Soul Strangler (1s cd) two times that should give you enough runes to cast another Hymn. Rinse and repeat till boss dies.

    Other skill rotation variations or similar which apply Soul Strangler debuff after Hymn instead:

    Soul Reincarnations > Collect 2x Fire > Use Frozen Lance (1x Ice) to get closer to boss > Hymn of Doom -> Soul Strangler and repeat Hymns

    This rotation is situational or works best for +30 since they can kill with just 1 Hymn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Any input/suggestions or questions are welcome.

    Thanks, bye.