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    Hello Envoys of Gaia!


    Rewards will have to wait until the the group phase has ended, but here are your voting results according to how many people voted for someone being either 1st or 2nd place in their specific group:


    See you again as soon the group phase has finished!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

    Hello Envoys!


    Your poems were awesome and the team had a hard time to choose the winners, but here the list:

    Top 3

    • Acheri
    • Aternalia
    • LordEdeiran

    But we decided that everyone else will also receive 1000 NT RC for their effort! fakebanana

    Runner Ups

    • LadyAelynthia
    • AshStein

    The rewards were already sent and you can find them in your item shop cart by pressing 'i'.


    Your AK-Team


    Hello Envoys!

    Here you can post your Easter Kingdom poem's!

    Easter Poem ~ Forum event

    • Write a poem about your Easter Kingdom
    • Maximum of 200 words
    • Include your character name and your server in your forum post
    • The best 3 will win the following items: Serena's Moon Emblem and 2000 Non Tradable RC

    Event period for ALL events:

    • 29.03.2018 until 03.04.2018

    Full Easter Kingdom News: HERE

    Happy writing!

    Your Aura Kingdom Team

    Dear Envoys,

    Saint Patrick's Day is around the corner and it's time to celebrate it Aura Kingdom style!

    All you have to do is collect "Four Leaf Clover". You can obtain them for example from the "Miracle Cube".

    For every 500 clovers collected (the whole server) you will receive 20% XP and Drop-Serverboost, with a maximum of 100% each.

    - The four leaf clover collected from "Oxalis Bushel" does not count!

    - It doesn't matter if the collected clover is white, green or orange quality - they all count!

    - You have to keep the clovers in your inventory until 19.03.2018 4am server time.

    Event period:

    16.03.2018 4am server time until 19.03.2018 4am server time

    XP and Drop-Boost period:

    23.03.2018 until 26.03.2018

    Of course there will be a Saint Patrick's Day Paragon too, on the 17th of March!


    Happy collecting!

    Your AK-Team