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    Konnichiwa senpais! >///<

    I'm Cath and I play the strings class, lol jk xD I mean Warbow.

    btw I'm also a cute grill in Chimera, or am i ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ~ <3

    ;3; I don't see a lot of pweple who play bows, so I wanted to share my build nyan! >//w//<

    I'm lvl 95 and started ak aboout uhm... a year ago I think, so pwease dun bully mi ;;3;;
    The animation for light bow is super suggoooi xP so I use that build.
    de wings animation is suppppah pweatty and the class is tanoshii naaa~ :AK13::AK13:

    but you kno', if you feelin emo or smthing you can do the dark build. hmpff
    I have a videos UwU but only for boss kills and swuff, check this one out if you want

    i'm doin a doomgion Kyaa <3

    >///> not like I want you to or anything....



    To navigate tru the guide just search your desired things to know and scroll to that part, i made them shiny for you! and press the spoiler buttons to show contents!


    okie imaa need to be a lil' serious here :< it's a bit complicated

    bow is a unique class, unlike other class, bow can do chargies for their skills! :AK9:

    all bow skills has unique extra effects when they are fully charged (except for Blessing of the Wind)

    half charging a skill will give it extra 50% dmg while fully charging a skill will give extra 120% dmg and some additional effect :AK2:

    First of all let us all see what skill our lovely bow have! <3