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    Just wondering what is this mysterious build that this person (Top 1 Grenadier) is using.. and how is he that tanky but still have high dps..

    The things that I only know about this build is..

    - He is using the right weapon mastery

    - He said he have half tank half dps build

    - He is using Taninth Eidolon

    Like in 5v5 pvp, 5 people are trying to kill him but we just can't. But then he can only kill us with 1 attack. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?



    My guess is..

    Since he have taninth which reduce enemy's crit rate by -50%.. he also have tons of reduce RAW damage from players, that's why he is this tanky.. hmm what do you think?

    This is really helpful, thank you, I don't have element build and I use pvp set so I guess crit dmg is my best choice?

    Hello, I'm a gren and I want to focus on PVP, where should I put my stats on my Weapon Mastery? I'm thinking of putting them to DMG, HP,SPD, CRIT and CRIT DMG.

    but some people say max move speed, is this true?

    Is this stat best for Grenadier's mount in PVP? Flame Damage +30%? Will this have a big effect or boost to your damage output in PVP?

    Also how can grens deal with tanks in PVP? especially those with reflect damage, I just try to ignore them but when they focus me, I die. It's just ridiculous that tanks have very high hp and def and still deal good damage plus the reflect. lol

    That's what I feel also even when using quel in pvp I still get 1 shot by some players especially holy swords and shuri so I guess it's just better to just go pure dps?

    The best stats for weapon masteries go as follows:
    Move Speed 15/15
    DMG 30/30
    Then the rest is Elemental Damage

    And if you're going pvp then Qeulkan or Cyril would be best cause of the -150% Crit Damage Taken

    I don't really understand, some people say go full dps if you're playing grenadier since it's a long range champion and you have stun and snare skills. It would be better to have the highest dps possible. "Offense is your best defense", etc.

    and some people also say if you're going PVP then you need CRIT DAMAGE, so why does the "best stats" for weapon mastery doesn't have CRIT DMG or CRIT?

    And also the eidolon, quel and cyril are both eidos for getting tankier, but I thought they say go full dps?

    So does this mean, your guide or way of playing grenadier is going tanky? rather than DPS type?

    I see, so if I want PVP sigrun is ok? or should I switch to Yarnaros or Uzuriel? and also can you please tell me what passive skills I should pump up in my weapon mastery for DPS?

    Currently I have this on my left weapon mastery

    30/30 DMG Up

    30/30 SPD Up

    17/30 Crit up

    8/20 Crit DMG up

    Is this correct?

    and could you please post what accessories we should use for level 60-70? thanks!

    and oh btw, is there a green or orange Fiery Grenade skill?

    How bout Sigrun for eidolon? So we should level up left mastery first (+ %DMG) before right? cause everyone is saying that DPS grenadier is so much better