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    Dont get me wrong, but you mean its okay for us to not jump casting right? XD

    Well as a warbow you can jumpcast to maximize your damage (you can even jumpcast every skill; even those charged ones but you'll only AA while you're charging the skill in the air). You should just try to do that everytime. Someone could calculate if it's worth to use 25% aspd on eidolon (just calc 8% dmg vs 25% aspd)

    I guess you're just starting with the warbow so you won't have money to use that expensive scrolls for your eidolon so you're forced to use a eidolon with 25% aspd + 24% dmg which basicly means that you already have your aspd cap.

    Just try always to jumpcast if you can and you're fine. Jumpcasting is always a positive aspect [more damage + possibility to move while charging --> This is even a very important point since the warbow charge will be cancelled if the enemy is out of range]

    charged DS --> JC SS --> JC and uncharged DS --> JC and uncharged CS --> charged DS --> JC and uncharged CS --> JC and uncharged DS --> JC and uncharged CS

    Kinda looks like you aren't using L95 warbow.

    Rota can be different if you're using another wep (like 85; 95 & all these stuff)

    But as I known from my times playing warbow you were able to jumpcast every skill even if you want to charge them. These jumpcasts wouldn't be that effective like "a real jumpcast" but you can still do 1-2 aa while charging in the air.

    What I want to say:

    Jumpcasts for warbows are possible and can be used but a-spd isn't that effective as it is on other classes.

    Sure you can but remember: if a holy uses "ice splitter" you'll die.

    Basicly the lancer can kill ppl very fast (using 3 red --> 2red, 1 blue) but dies that fast aswell (cuz fuckin' reflect)

    Just use holy or katar and pvp is easy

    Gear Switch

    This underrated feature allows you to switch a set of gear in a single button press. The idea is to use one set of gear for running, and another for DPS. You will not lose mspd from using gold quality gears and you can free up some skill slots and save money on cheap movespeed cards on weapons.

    Isn't it prohibited which you've shown in the video? I always thought that macro using isn't allowed cause it's a third party software which brings you an advantage.

    I've read the whole guide and just got one question/add.

    Headgear | 2% HP with 4% DMG to Players card and 3% HP

    I don't get the reason why you play on HP on headgear. I prefered to play on 2% Heal + 3% heal card which improves my heal. Guess this is in +30 PvP time even more important (Enemy uses expose weakness + maybe some kind of class debuff and your heal is down)

    I guess if you have full +30 you're going to have enough HP

    They're in process of removing <Superior Ability Transfer Scrolls 1-30> in-game, making them really expensive and pretty much exclusive to whales.

    As I heard from trustful sources they're going to add another Ability Transfer Scroll 21-30. This item can will be like These Superior one except of one thing: Your stuff can lose up to 10 fortification. If this is going to happen, it'll be so annoying to fortify your weapon again.

    dmg and element.

    You can get more mspd through imperial gear, accessory/trophy fortification levels, lv 40 crafted Noripan Leaf with Imperial core, 14% mspd eido emblem, mspd eidolon (tiger, cleo, ayako), mspd cards on gear

    Prefer a weapon swap (L90 pvp weapon)

    12% mspd

    some professions (like gathering 10) = mspd

    uhm buff food

    dunno anything else tho

    :/Why does everyone make holy spirit set for 90s??

    Is the magic sundering of the abyss set good:?:

    also what about the ultimate fearlessness accessory set??(i see people using the splendid galactic set only)

    I'm using magic sundering bottom set after awakening. In my opinion the holy spirit set is better before awakening.

    For me there is no reason to use galactic set, my lancer got the 20% spd overcap in fight. Why should I use a set which buffs some spd when my spd is already on cap. Furthermore I got crit-dmg against elite capped.

    Hello, can you clarify this and give instructions to reproduce it? If so and it works, I will add it! I've been in groups that have killed either or first and it never seemed to spawn the chest until both were dead.

    If you're referring to skipping the scarecrow boss that comes after, I didn't put that in since it's more of an optional thing after the floor, although maybe good to put that too?

    I'm talking about Shirley and Ashe (Guess those were the names of them)

    We always did it like this:

    - someone pulls out the shirley to one side while the others kill ashe

    - ashe died and the chest appeared

    I could try to make a video in 2 week (got no clear from that week)

    Is there a prerequisite in being able to do this though? I remember that it's happened twice in a handful of my 5man raids over a year ago but after that if Ashe was DPSed to 50% he'd immediately receive an invincibility shield that blocked all damage

    I've heard already heard about that issue but only in low dps raids. I never had issues like that when doing it solo so the requierement to do it shouldn't be that high.

    (I'm playing on AKDE but I stopped those sky tower runs since it got useless)