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    Small question: since gunslinger CRIT DMG cap is 300-320% it is worth to wear Sonic Bomb enchantment on the costume instead of CRIT DMG againt boss/elites?

    +5 skill level adds between 15-20k of skill dmg

    It depends if you are going for high level pvp (level 70 and above) or low level pvp (40-69)

    Not sure about 90's PVP but i think they use either almighty or All resistance 20% (forgot its name)

    For Low level pvp you can try one of those

    -Crit Dmg 40% (when u dont have element build)

    -All stats 20%

    -flame skill dmg (if you are full flame build with 65 zaahir weapon)

    -All resistance 20% (when you have problems trying to keep alive)

    Grenadier class is still playable. It is going to take you more gears, level and effort to use it, tho, in comparison with other classes when you are starting.

    Like eL_DIABLO said, cannon is a support-type class that… can’t support. (Feels bad).

    Healing Crystal and Machine gun turret are very outdated skills, (which is the grenadier mechanic system), Those things may help your party if you are carrying low level players in low level dungeons. But for endgame runs with high level players they are useless.

    Grenadier mechanic system should be changed into another one or Turret/Crystal skills should be redesigned completely. Idk Why x-legend isn't doing any of those two

    Let's start

    You cannot do -def just for -def. -def is for higher dps. And most of dungeon that we go now, is -60% or -70%dmg reduction.

    I’m aware of the damage dealt reduction of bosses. The reason why new instances have less damage reduction nowadays is because they already reduce player’s overall stats as a debuff.

    Because I am from China, I have many friends who play in HK or TW server. In theirs' test, for SN, CC. +20 is able to nuke a elemental boss with my combo.

    There is too much stuff to say about this

    1- (and most important) You cant compare the metagame of different servers.

    The difference in contents, class reworks and other general gameplay mechanics between NA/EU servers and TW server is pretty big to make a fair comparison.

    2- The few main cannon players out there already made a flame build for the fiery-icy grenade chain combo, the current meta, boosted using the +50% skill damage from crystal. Additionaly, golden 95 weapon boosts that meta even more. If it is possible to dps by that way, no wonder why would you want to force a sub weapon build gamestyle.

    Laser path is a crowd control-type weapon mastery. It decreases your cannon capabilities against bosses by many reasons. You also lose Heavy destroyer aggro control, which helps you to handle certain bosses (ideal when you are low level and/or mid geared). If you pick laser path your cannon dps is going to drop down, forcing you to use another damage source like your sub to inflict dps.

    The only way to make this weapon mastery path effective is, indeed, relying on your sub and being not cannon (charged laser + sub spamming all the way)

    3- It is already easy, tho, to solo SN and CC. those are really easy dungeons with +20 using the current cannon meta and the current NA server content. No need to rebuild your cannon based on your sub. And I don’t neither suggest trying that gameplay style for new cannon players.

    4- I want to believe that your friends were making a test only. Those are really easy instances. A well played cannon (with an end game player and maxed stats) can take down almost every boss relatively fast using flame build. Even faster using 95 weap + deflonia trophy (which i lack). If they really need to force a sub weapon build with their current TWAK content to take down bosses, then they are doing something wrong or they are just farming alt characters with their main's build.

    if you are main shuriken or main holysword trying cannon,yes, you can go that way (building a storm / lighting skill damage grenadier for sub weapon spamming, ) But then your are missing the whole experience of the class (micro-economy, heavy destroyer aggro, massive auto attacks, positioning, cannon skill rotations)

    5- You are not going to spent a charge into divine thunderstrike when sub holy, (which sounds like a 95 main holysword trying cannon for the first time). The divine explosion is limited as sub, and thunderstrike isn't worth it unless you can deal a great amount of dmg with that single hit (which requires a hs lighting build instead of a flame cannon one)

    Dry bones and Smite edge repent for 10% dmg dealt/%dmg received are still the most reliable choices for normal and starter cannons with flame build.

    The only reason to aim for lighting cannon is if you already have a main holysword with lighting build. Lighting cannon itself is not powerful

    For Ow toa & sfl, u just cannot do -def, theirs def is 5k+, and 2nd and 3rd boss have a buff: def+100%, def+150%

    I’m also aware of how every boss works, Bosses from ToA and SFL are exceptions. You can still inflict %dmg recieved status using smite edge mastery. Dry bones isn't the only thing HS can offer as sub.

    When u can -def, the boss is soo weak that u don't have to.

    When you run as cannon being a newbie player who starts AK every boss monster is going to take more work and effort than usual. Most shurikens and hs players don’t understand this, and neither old school ravager players (i experienced this myself being main cannon since mid 2015 and going royal panel all the way as grenadier) They find hard to get how low tier classes handles dps

    Everything counts to maximize your damage output, and even more when you are still working on your gears. A weak boss for a shuriken or a holysword is a tough one for a cannon. That’s why it’s a rejected class in most servers.

    Sadly, new cannon players are going to read this in a "DO'S AND DON'S for greandier" post

    I don't think jump cast is a good idea for grenadier, and I think go lightning will be better

    When u can -def, the boss is soo weak that u don't have to

    Because I am from China, I have many friends who play in HK or TW server

    and they are going to suck as hell

    Throwing sub weapon skills like crazy and not jumpcasting. believing that they are playing with the same contents as TW server has and do not dealing –def reduction to bosses because you find them too weak.

    comparing the overall performance of an x class with cannon is the reason why they end up being storage characters to make space for a shuriken/hs/lancer instead.

    Unbalance between classes is something that everyone must catch.

    And for now, the Pen is the key variable of dmg

    Agree. But

    1- I still don’t get what is the relationship between this on a "DO's and DONT's" topic for cannon.. You get pen with gears and enchantments, and with the last patch using consumable items too. Builds and skill rotations cannot increase your pen (again, in NA/EU servers, i dont know if that's possible in TW server)

    2- A full pen build is expensive to get, as well as +30 fortification equipment. Not for everyone.

    And, I remember the lightning combo has a -cd mastery. Check if I'm right.

    It has.

    Again, dps does not depend on how many def have u broke. It depends on u need how many seconds to kill the boss.

    This is true. Overall dps isn’t all about defense reduction. LOL.

    My reply was about which sub holysword skill deserves to be charged, when and why. And how to properly cannon for starter players (which is the main topic of this post)

    Since dungeons are easy, every classes have to find a way to do burst.

    Grenadier (laser). to support sub skills to make burst.

    Nothing to say about that. Everyone has the right to play and experience the game as they wish. Maths and meta are just numbers, you dont need to rely on those two things to have fun. Going cannon that way is perfectly fine if you are satisfied with it.

    As a grenadier player what i can say is:

    if you picked cannon because you want to experience the class, going for sub weapon burst damage build isn't the answer. That's not a grenadier trying to find a way to do burst, that's a x sub class trying to fit on the grenadier to make their work, using cannon as a zeal food proc. Not the proper way of playing and experiencing a class.

    in my opinion:

    Any class should be played trying to maximize its main weapon capabilities, not vice versa. (it makes sense for me)

    it you want to pick x class to maximize and build your character around your sub weapon, picking your sub weapon as main instead would be a wiser choice.

    I don't think jump cast is a good idea for grenadier, and I think go lightning will be better.

    Your basic attack will cost them.

    Charge Laser, Charge hs lightning, Lightning combo, Eido ult.

    if you are going to waste every hs charge into divine thunderstrike you are missing the whole purpose of being sub hs: dry bones.

    Also by playing that way you are trying to nuke with a non-nuker class, which is pretty ineffective.

    When you're running hell instances, bosses have -90% damage reduction. That makes cannon low dps even weaker. To counter that you need to deal as much defense reduction / increased dmg taken as possible, reason why dry bones is better than trying to nuke with sub weapon raw damage + combo,

    Dont forget also that Combos and Eido ultis have 30 second cooldown, You are able to launch that lighting combo only once every half-minute, while on the other hand you can keep dry bones defense reduction always active

    Don't forget also to drop your Turrent!
    i usually use Gale turrent for decreasing Movement Speed of target and -Def.
    if the target is eva type. use Solar Turrentc.


    Gale Turrets deals %DMG and %Move SPD reduction, only suited against melee targets in pvp

    If you want shred defense reduction use solar Turret