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    Well I suppose I should comment.

    (I don't quite have +20 everything)

    as of posting i've got 1205 achievement score

    There is always something to do.

    (leveling alts, starting up your own guild (I did that), Hunting eidos (looking at you vermillion, getting +20 everything.. I am on a budget we don't make much.... etc. )

    Been playing for 4 years. I am having more fun with Aura kingdom then I did with WoW as it is right now.

    yeah it is called 7thLegion.

    I do want to help carry them as well... However that also means I need to +20 everything.

    Accessories are at +4-5 and Armor is at +9-10

    ... going to be expensive

    Hello Some of you may know me on AKUS as Indard. And the characters I have played.

    Recently some of my guildmates on star wars the old republic showed interest in this game and they have been slowly flocking to it.

    I set up a guild for them on phoenix since that is where I play Along with a youtube channel. ( That is where I will upload content.

    I will be doing a let's play of aura kingdom. As a holy sword. I will be recording it and the recording software puts it into bits and pieces so i'll have to merge all that on my linux

    (I got increased storage on my google drive)

    Not sure how to get OBS to record... I suppose I could do that and edit out the display capture start and finish.

    We also have a discord. Guild members only.

    It makes me very happy to help people get into this game. I will be doing what I can to assist them.

    Until then Have fun.

    7th Legion High Commander Indard. (yes that is my guild rank and name on discord)

    had to do 7thLegion to get the name.

    Uh please be nice. 1st time running a guild that wasn't just something i had to throw alts into. (like on WoW)

    There is ALWAYS that ONE person that doesn't like it. Ah well. Can't please everyone.

    Sure it is easier to level but eventually you hit a wall where you need better gear.

    Reroll those DEF points into HP

    get dmg +2% secret stones

    everything else looks ok.

    For weapon mastery you want 15 into movement speed 30 into DMG then whatever... (I personally go for bulk)

    This game allows you to if you are ranged class shoot/cast on the move so KITE AND KITE AND KITE AND KITE.

    Gaming wiki quote


    Kiting is a term primarily encountered in MMORPGs referring to a popular method of killing mobs (monsters) or other players by staying at a distance, using ranged attacks, and running whenever the enemy comes near. Similar tactics may be used in other computer and video games."

    Have fun

    Running low level dungeons works as well.

    You could run dungeons get some gold and try you're luck on the Shuriken secret stone vender for the rare but highly valuable Crit dmg 6% DMG 2% secret stones. Those go for quite a bit. However you may drop tens to hundreds of gold trying to get that sweet proc which sells for QUITE a bit. I've seen 3k but I've also heard 10k

    For the good stat 80 eqiupment you want something around 115-120% on judgment (that builds into lordswrath)

    For the level 80 green weapon Shuriken wants storm. Tachi wants storm. Lancer was dark. Duelist most run ice but there is an upcoming buff to duelists that buffs holy (which is what I am running) a more risky investment is going for the level 70 gaia emblems the dmg against element tops off at +15% against that element. so something like 15% DMG against dark would be nice.

    Also DMG +8% emblems are good as well. (that buffs all of the Extra % against X ) However those emblems are 7g a pop.... and you usually get something rubbish.

    I run OW60 often (farming endora and vermiillion) and salvaging the level 60 greens (kind of pointless now unless you are doing crafting for achivements)

    I get alot of level 60 crafting materials those go for a bit.

    Analysis of Zeal and Extreme speed are the most sought after masteries. (Orange 65 drop from sky tower) Sky tower normal is open on the weekends then there is sky realm on thursday and elite sky tower on friday. (higher level stuff)

    The Gold version can be found in vault of eternity however you need something like +20 5 star crafted 80/90

    A sky tower clear with good gear takes roughly an hour.

    I wish you luck in getting gold to do stuff.

    as a Duelist myself Frenzy is like a Zeal proc. Slightly weaker but procs 15% more often. I think its 70%... Not quite sure on that (someone check that)

    Sometimes you can get a frenzied blades - zeal - frenzy proc at once and the boss just drops.

    Frenzied blades is a double attack lasts around 4-5 seconds.

    So basically more inventory space. Free level 50,60,70 pvp set and accessories. (new character) new eidolon. More GDP grindnig.

    The 500 valor coins are bound to character you can't put them in the Shared warehouse.

    However you can get TWO level 50 weapons since some of those are eido prayer...

    anything new content wise? Probably not. Back to grinding we go.

    I usually sub bard on everyone. That heal is so useful.

    It's a long road to level 95.... Until then make due with what you can afford.

    Duelist left path (for example) level 60 mastery has dancing bailsong dmg +30% range +3 meters and each time you dodge cooldown resets.

    (i'm at level 54 on that and 48 on the other)

    Power creep does happen and some classes get very very powerful while others are struggling to catch up.

    (shuriken for example its powerful. holy sword powerful, something like a duelist they need time to optimize)

    Some people run into problems running dungeons.... Either A not having good enough gear or B needing forts or C Both.

    until people get optimized with forts which takes quite awhile and good equipment (which AGAIN takes quite awhile if farming) dungeons take awhile.

    For weapon mastery 30 in DMG X amnount in Speed to cap. (in my case 8 points in spd)

    15 in elemental resistance is useful but 15 in movement speed is mandatory for basically everyone

    I've got 23 in HP and 10 in DEF

    Definitely want Lordswrath Top and bottom and try to get perfect war.

    (I don't have much gold... (So im using dawnwalker accessories. more bulk max spd and eva with that on (i'm broke ok?))

    Level 80 enhancements give PEN +2% and this will stack. So if you have two crafted level 80 (hope ya do) that is 28% PEN

    Deadly core gives crit DMG +15%

    For secret stones you want to try and get some that have CRIT DMG +6% and DMG +2%

    but that can be expensive at least try to get DMG +2%

    Lava Secret stones for duelist are sometimes cheap. key word is sometimes.

    masteries Crackling Slash is the Dot (it doesn't really hit that hard)). Eagle Dive is slash cut Crit % +X amnount I have orange so its +20% crit on that skill

    orange Zeal (a MUST for everyone)

    Purple lightning DMG +X percent (7% in my case (need to farm that later)) This skill will last for 20 seconds (30 if you use the sky tower gold blades) 30 second cooldown at max SPD (50%)

    Extreme speed Which is EVA +6% and Movement speed +15% (everyone runs that) break defense a % DEF shred and Best Defense. Which is 1-3% DMG into DEF depending on if you have blue green or orange (orange takes 60 VV medals and 60k DP (or was it 70k))

    The envoy nodes that are lit up are the following

    Frenzied blades 10% chance to proc and each attack is a double attack +20% DMG lasts 6 seconds cooldown 12 seconds.

    bat fang is the 3% unnerfed nocturnal MANDATORY

    Focused target 5% more HP and 10% ACC Shred (well each attack has a chance to)

    Frenzy text says attacks 25% chance to do more dmg over time but actually its more like a 25% chance for I think its 60-70% Zeal proc (this will destroy most everything when it goes off)

    and the last node lit up seems to be Horn of Reprisal

    Evasions have a 20% chance to buff you with DMG +20% DMG taken - 25% ACC +20%

    I've heard this is a PVP talent... i don't think so its so useful when it procs.

    Also you can have times where Frenzied blades, Frenzy and zeal proc all at the same time and the enemy just melts.

    Though I did end up with a holy element weapon which boosts dancing bailsong by 20% and I mostly use that skill for AOE (along with the envoy nodes and left path which is an extra 20% with a +2 meter range (level 60 effect is dmg +30% +3 meters range and when you evade cool down reset (I think that's what it means don't have it yet)) (2.5 second animation 3 second cooldown)

    Cross slash envoy as well ( +2 meter range because at 3 stacks enemy takes 40% more DMG from duelist skills)

    Eidolons it really depends on what you have. Or what stats you need.

    Eligos gives more ACC and has a DEF Shred While Yarnaros has a stun

    Both eligos and yarnaros have ATK speed +25% and DMG +24% usually what everyone runs. (and they are very easy to get)

    Hel has a DEF shred and a stun. Crit +15% Crit DMG +20%

    I tend to use Hel if I need more crit (also because she is level 70) ( i got the 3 star bundle when it was out)

    Kotonoha can be used as more of a support role because aoe nocturnal

    (kind of easy to get)

    more crit dmg would probably be uzuriel (can easily 3 star make 3 alts)

    But mostly you wanna use Eligos and Yarnaros. because of the dmg +24% ATK speed +25%

    (and easy to get)

    I went for more of a bulk evasion set. (have a mount that gives +20% EVA)

    so I am a exception to the envoy path linked above. it's just how I play.

    Happy farming.

    (when i EVENTUALLY get to 85 im grabbing that keres 5% DMG into EVA and grabbing that 20% Crit mount i have)