Become a Game Sage! [Status: CLOSED]

  • Status: Applications are closed.


    Greetings Envoys!

    The Game Sage application period has been reopened. We are looking for a variety of people to cover many different skills and tasks (creating banners; writing guides or news; developing and hosting events, etc. ).

    We wish to build a strong and motivated team of people willing to support one another, individuals and the community as a whole.

    For Which Server/s:

    • Chimera
    • Phoenix

    Basic Game Sage Areas:

    • In-Game Support
    • External Support (Discord/Forum)
    • Event Organization
    • General Support [Shared Responsibility]
    • General Moderation [Shared Responsibility]
    • Quality Assurance (Bugs and Localization) Reports [Shared Responsibility]

    Future Team Set-Up:

    • We are searching for people from different time zones, to offer a strong coverage to players from all over the world
    • We wish to have a (close to) 24h coverage for forum/discord/in-game presence and events
    • Your timezone and ability to fulfill the roles below may influence the result of your application:
      • Event GS
        • Phoenix: Any timezone applies
      • In-Game GS
        • Phoenix & Chimera: Any timezone applies
    • The GS Team will be enabled to function independently, after an initial training period

    What You're Expected to Do:

    • Have notable presence both in the Discord Server and inside the game towards the general public and both the GS team and Aura Kingdom Staff (CMs, PCs, etc.)
    • Document, and manage reports (bug, glitches, bot reports, etc) that you find or from players and double check in-game whenever you have time and wherever you're contacted
    • File forms, sheets, and/or documents on a daily and weekly basis
    • Enforce the rules (Terms of Service, Fair Play Rules, Discord Rules) and/or moderate/intervene (whichever is applicable) in public chat either in-game and/or the Discord Server and/or private chat whenever needed
    • Socialize with the community at random intermittent points, and perform basic support (question and answers, bot reports, etc.) whenever possible both in-game and in external platforms (Discord/Forum)
    • Work in a diverse community and with a diverse team environment (GS Team and Aura Kingdom Staff); show presence, and socialize in team activities, conversations, discussions and various random encounters
    • Take part into assisting CMs, SGSs and the LGS in important, trivial or non-trivial matters whenever asked
    • Provide ideas that may help promote the game to players outside of the community every now and then
    • Specific Expectations for an In-Game GS
      • Be online most of your free time for extensive in-game support (helping players via question and answer, bot reports, etc.)
      • Host in-game events twice or more on a monthly basis (Discord and/or Forum events are situational)
    • Specific Expectations for an Event GS
      • Be able to go online in-game at least once a day, and with enough time to socialize and/or do basic in-game support with the general public
      • Produce and plan creative events, whilst being able to meet deadlines in a timely fashion
      • Work with the Head Event GS and fellow Event GSs for further discussions and/or approvals regarding proposed and/or modified events
      • Host in-game events thrice or more on a monthly basis including Discord and/or Forum events
      • Have good memorization skills, adaptability and flexibility to adjust to event schedules whenever needed
    • Specific Expectations for an External GS
      • Be available in external platforms (Discord/Forum) enough to both moderate and spend time to either socialize or partake in discussions
      • Provide game and technical support by referencing external guides or creating guides that may help players and the staff alike
      • Produce and plan ideas that may help make the Discord server and/or Forums more convenient for players and the staff alike
      • Be able to go online in-game at least once a day and with enough time to socialize and/or do basic in-game support with the general public
      • Host in-game events twice or more on a monthly basis including Discord and/or Forum events
    • Please see the GS Master Sheet for your limitations as a GS towards the general public

    General Requirements:

    • You must be over 18 years old
    • Able and willing to work in all above mentioned areas, while concentrating on a specific area
    • Must have time to contribute to the community
    • Have strong people skills, enthusiasm. patience and knowledge
    • Have desire to expand and improve the community
    • Show teamwork and ability to work, and foster discussions with others
    • Have or be willing to meet any additional requirements
    • You haven't violated our Terms of Service, Fair-Play Rules and Discord Rules
    • You don’t share your account
    • May not remain a Game Sage for another game

    Additional Traits:

    • Familiar with the Terms of Service, Fair-Play, Game Rules and Discord Rules and enforce them when it comes to public moderation of chats and/or threads alike whenever needed whilst maintaining a composed and professional attitude
    • Has leadership skills, or is familiar with what a leader should do, whilst knowing and applying one's limitation in a leader-member relationship
    • Has in-depth game and technical (basic software troubleshooting) knowledge that revolves around the game
    • Able to show initiative at most times in any area, and resourcefulness through various research (i.e. outsourcing through TWAK, JPAK or other official servers, etc.) whenever needed
    • Knows, or is willing to learn Google Docs (including Forms and Sheets) whilst keeping the given sheets and/or documents up-to-date
    • Can perform simple to tedious tasks under pressure whenever needed, whilst still being able to meet deadlines and pass the required documents on a timely manner
    • Has the willingness to continuously learn and grow whilst being in the team
    • Has the ability to balance real life and GS work, and has good time management skills
    • Can do anything else asked by the staff, SGSs or fellow GSs or meet any additional requirements besides what's mentioned above

    You don't have to have all of the preferred traits written above. If you're willing to learn more about that while also being able to contribute to the team, don't be afraid to step up!

    Click here for more info about Game Sages!

    Application Process:

    • The form will stay available until July 2, 2019 - 11:59 PM EST
    • After the form applications close, the evaluation process may take up to 2 weeks or more (depending on the team's availability)
    • Applicants will be contacted by a CM, LGS or SGS, i.e. to reject the application or for additional questions via the forum, Discord or Aeria account (whichever is preferred) afterwards
    • The newly picked Game Sage candidates should be ready for action by next month

    Do not hesitate to apply if you think you got what it takes to be a Game Sage! You're willing to go through good and bad times with us? You're a team player and willing to rebuild a strong GS-Team with us?

    Apply Here!

    We are looking forward to your application!


    Your Community Managers and Game Sage Team


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