Channel change and Loading screen crashes.

  • Written by: Riaren


    Hello fellow Aura Kingdom players,

    Along with a vast majority of players, I too was faced with the channel change and loading screen crashes. I tried a whole heap of things in attempt to fix it (From uninstalling and reinstalling, to downloading old files from my friends version of AK) Let's face's quite annoying when you're in a party ready to teleport to OW's or Sky Tower and you're scared to even accept the teleport because you know what's going to happen next...CRASH!

    Well, In saying all that. I've managed to find a fix. Now I'm not guaranteeing this will work for everyone because everyone has different PC settings (And this is in no way an official guide or fix) But for a lot of you it could help, Just as it's helped me and a few people that I know have the same issue.

    So...Below is a short but completely worth it guide.

    1. Press Windows key + R (or search 'Run').

    Type services.msc in the popup box.

    2. Once this is open click 'Name' to sort in alphabetical order (Names starting with A at the top)

    3. Find 3 processes called Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Superfetch, and Windows Search.

    4. For all 3 of these processes, double click the name and you’ll see a dropdown where it says Startup Type. Put it on Disabled and hit apply but don't close the box.

    5. On that same opened box theres a tab, ‘Recovery’ Click it and find the 3 drop down boxes ‘First Failure, Second Failure and Subsequent Failures’ Change all three of those to ‘Take no Action’ Apply then Ok. Do this for Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Superfetch, and Windows Search.

    6. Once you’ve done that for all 3, Restart your PC.

    So that's it! Really simple, Really fast and it works a charm.

    Note. This will not harm any of your files/data or your PC. It is simply stopping a few programs on start up that collide with Aura Kingdom loading correctly.

    If you have any questions or need help you can message me here or inbox me.