Teacher Tanuki Presents: Downloading and installing

  • Written by: gm_tsukifee



    Downloading and Installing

    Good morning Class,

    Today, I’d like to talk about downloading and installing Aura Kingdom. Some players have difficulty downloading the client or installing it once it’s downloaded.

    When you download the game, especially from Aeria Ignite, Make sure that you enable access by clicking, “Allow” on any Firewall programs that might pop up. Common programs that might block the download, installation or patching are, “Netsession firewall”, any proprietary anti-virus software or a lack of administrator privileges.

    The Aura Kingdom Downloader uses, “Akamai Netession”. This is a P2P download manager that helps speed up the initial download. If your firewall is blocking this file, (usually located under C:\users\WINDOWS_USER_NAME\appdata\local\akamai\netsession_win.exe) The download will likely take substantially longer to complete. To fix this problem, add an exception to your firewall settings to allow full access to this file. The full file path will of course depend on your windows user name. If you set the game to install to a different directory, you will have to locate this file manually to add the exception.

    Please remember, when you are installing the game or Aeria Ignite, to install them with administrator privileges. If these applications do not have administrator privileges, Akamai Netsession will not install correctly, which will cause further problems when attempting to download and patch the game.

    If you have other technical issues, please check out our tech forum.