Official Filter Fix

  • Written by: xLunaP

    Admin note:

    The game doesn't have a filter anymore, so this post will remain locked since it's not needed anymore.

    Also be aware it might break your files and you'd have to re-download the game.



    Due to recent content update I have updated the file, those of you who have already installed the previous do no need to grab this unless you re install.


    Alright so I promised a while back I'd put this up but was busy w/ school then we had a content update with Tachi so had to repack the files.

    For those of you that have had your clients since January, you don't need to grab this since you should be fine. This is for anyone that downloaded after January of this year. Also copying over a full client to someone is bad since certain files go unregistered causing issues with the system and you're more likely to crash or have hangs. This is to rectify that with only replacing the required files.

    Anyways here is the updated Filter fix for the game.

    For those of you with issues like this....


    This will let you change that to this...


    Recent updates to the client after March introduced a filter that wasn't designed to fit the needs of players. GM's have done nothing to rectify this, regardless of countless pm's and tickets. After discussing with them where the issue is I gave it 2 months, and since nothing has been done, yet each time I open a ticket I get the "first time we've heard of this " response, I decided to supply my own fix. After running it by the GM's I obtained permission to post.

    Here is the link to the file that contains the required package files.

    September Filter fix v2

    The file is large, since it contains all the required packages, and I don't have my tools to reedit the few files that are required since I"m away. Thus here is an actual pack.


    Download to your computer.

    Move the file into your "C:\Aeria Games\AuraKingdom\pkg\" folder

    Make sure that the game client is closed before overwriting.

    Make sure its in the PKG folder. There extract it and select "Yes overwrite all files"

    You will need 7zip, Winrar, or winzip to extract this. I highly recommend 7zip.


    Make sure that the game client is closed before overwriting.

    Afterwards as a small amount of users have claimed, please use the File check option to ensure it repairs any additional files you may have, this will prevent any texture issues. Not everyone has experienced this however the file check option is the best way to verify, + it doesn't take long at all to run, this way you don't have to reload the client 2x (in the event of)

    After this any updates will continue to keep the unfiltered items so you don't have to worry.

    Once the next content update comes out I will update this again for those that have missed it.

    Content updates include, new classes, maps , etc, not items.

    Hope this helps, as I"m sure the community is pretty annoyed w/ this. This has been tested w/ multiple clients prior to posting.

    Any questions feel free to pm me in game xLunaP