Event Suggestions

  • As the original threat made by GM Kuma back then, tell us what events you would like to see.

    Can be GM or GS events, in-game, Discord, forums or Facebook! ^^

    We will be glad to hear your suggestions and host great future events for you <3


  • I suggest some pvp event. It has not to be a p2w event( although I prefer to use my pvp sets). We can make rules like pve set only or white and blue gear only. Or try to kill a tanky person together.

  • :AK2:

    Here are my suggestions for Aura Kingdom contests/events:
    1. In real life Eidolon Cosplay. (dress and take a selfie that you look like your favorite eidolon. ) :AK19:
    2. Screenshot your most funniest moment in Aura Kingdom (wacky, epic fail moments etc.) :AK10:

    3. Post an image/screenshot with your friend(s) of a ingame moments and try copy it in real life. then side by side the two images of ingame and real life picture with your friend(s) must look alike. :AK4:
    4. T shirt design contest. [Print a Aura Kingdom related on a T shirt and take a selfie] :AK5:
    5. Deign your Future costume contest (I know this happen before but why not. for future New Costumes, wings, mounts, weapon costumes, facemask costume..)
    This must be a Drawing/Photoshop:AK9: