[Phoenix] Hydras

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is Endy, and I am the leader of the guild Hydras! I'm a pretty active person;; you might not know me that well on Phoenix though~ (IGN: Endyy)

    Requirements & Rules

    We don't have any specific requirements regarding level and class. We're fine taking you at level 10 if you think you will be active enough on the game- active meaning coming on at least once a week. Any class if fine as well.

    We want you to be active in game and discord! If you think you might be away for a while, it would be good to notify in-discord or in-game~

    Please be friendly to other guildmates- we don't tolerate drama, and if we find out you've been stirring up trouble consistently, you will be kicked.


    We're a pretty laid back guild, and we've been around for quite a while, but never grew very big until recently. We mainly focus on gathering a friendly group of players to laugh and talk with. We usually try to stay away from drama;;


    How To Join:

    Either message me in-game (IGN: Endyy) or send me a mail if I am offline!

    We also do open recruitment sooo


    Hope you join us!! We are happy to welcome any of you to the guild. rudecat5

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