[Guide] Guardian Knight System

  • Howdy, howdy! It's your ex-gee es Nana with her -probably- last contribution to this great community.

    We always noticed there wasn't a guide for the Guardian Knight system, but we never did it! Today I was wandering around the forums and thought, "well, why not?", so here I am.


    So, what's the Guardian Knight System?

    This system allows you and 4 of your friends to get a stronger bond between each other! The advantages of this system are basically stats and the possibility of getting some cool partner interaction skills and special action emotes.

    That sounds cool! How can me and my friend become Guardian Knight?

    When you hit level 30, you will get a quest (automatic!) to talk to Romeo.


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    So just go to Navea or Guild Hall and talk to him. The reward will be Magic Candy. And before continuing, let's talk about Bonding Value.

    Bonding Value is the point system this feature has. In order to become GKs, you need to have a bonding value of 60 with your friend.

    If you open your friendlist (O) and hover over the gift box, you'll see your actual bonding value with that person.


    Magic candy (and later, other items that I will tell) helps you at first with this.

    To send the magic candy you just have to click on the gift box to open a new window, click on the item and click "Gift".


    Once you've done this, get close to your friend and right click on their character panel to send them and invite!


    If they accept, you'll become Guardian Knights! Ezpz.

    Guardian Knight Life

    Now it's time for you to start doing the quests you'll see on your Guardian Knight panel in order to level up.


    The current Levels and Bonding Values for the Guardian Knight System are the following:


    And the stats each level offers are:

    • Level 1: DMG +128
    • Level 2: HP +86
    • Level 3: DMG +229
    • Level 4: 2% Discount from Guardian Knight Merchant
    • Level 5: HP +155
    • Level 6: DMG +366

    Remember each Guardian will give you these stats, they are cumulative!

    How to successfully level up

    1. Do your daily quests (the number will increase as you level up)

    2. Run dungeons together. The best are Gaia Sanctuary and Gaia Trial. Each boss you both hit and kill will give you points.

    3. Send each other a daily Rose (same way as the magic candy). To get said rose you just have to go to Navea and do the quest from O'Leary. It gives 20 bonding points.

    If you are lucky enough and have some Bouquet of Roses (they give 60 points), better send this!

    I want more Guardian Knights, but none of us can get the Magic Candy again

    Fear not! Remember the Rose? You just have to send it to eachother a couple of days to reach 60 points and then become GK.

    Guardian Knight Currency

    Whenever you complete a daily quest, you'll get Guardian Medals. You can buy stuff from Juliet (Navea or Guild Hall), and as any other specialist merchant, you'll be able to access the shop and all its content as you level up.


    This is where you can get the special skills and emoticons I talked about above.


    And after leveling up my Guardian Knights to max level, what do I do?

    Aura Kingdom has a Marriage system. Click on the gif to redirect yourself to the guide!



    Hope it was useful, special thanks to GS Rikun who I used to take screenshots without any consent <3

    If I missed anything, see some mistake/type etc, don't doubt and hit me up!


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