Food Achievements Tracker

  • Written by: TheCockroach


    Hello everyone!!

    I think we all know how annoying it can be to have to go to your Achievement window and figure out which all foods you have and haven't crafted are. I had this same issue, and decided to make a list to help out with that (and to "eventually" release that list to the public as well).

    But after I made my list, a friend of mine, xSpringChicken, mentioned that he wished he had a better way to keep track of his Food Achieves also, so I linked him to my doc, and made him his own page. Well, after that, he kept pushing me to hurry and finish the list up. So I started working on trying to do so, and he also added quite a bit himself also. And before we knew it, between the two of us we had it finished in no time. So now that's it's finished, I'm going to release it for use by the public as well.

    This is the link to it.

    To use this sheet.

    1. Login to your Google account.

    2. File - Make a copy

    And tadaaa!! Your own personalized copy of this sheet! (don't forget to save it)

    Then all you need to do is change the "N" to "Y" in order to mark your progress on crafting.

    Now this Achievement Tracker wasn't originally made as a guide, it was made just for tracking achieves. But in the end, it did end up being somewhat of a guide as well I suppose. It also isn't perfect, but it's pretty close to it!! So I hope you, the AK community, can and will make good use of it, as I am very proud of it. If anyone notices anything wrong with it, and/or has comments about it, or even suggestions for it to help make it better, then please feel free to comment and let me know!!



    Additional Note:

    When I first came to make this post, I found this very nicely done and extremely useful post about Food Crafting by WingsOfAzrael here. And one thing my Google Doc lacked at the time, was a better way to locate the ingredients in the different maps, as i just had general areas listed for the locations. So I borrowed the maps from his thread and added them into my Food Achievements Tracker G-Doc as well. It's a very good guide though, and all the maps are listed on one page there also.

    So please go visit WingsOfAzrael's Food Crafting Guide here and thank him for all the hard work he put in on it.




    Additional Credits:

    WingsOfAzrael (Candeo, Triato, Denamerch, Ventos, Star Sand & Oblitus maps)

    xHardcore (Cresent, & Helonia maps)

    aminru (Navea & Catakara maps)